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May 25, 2010

Stupidity Equals Single

Ok, Nows since the heat been cooled off, i will story at ya. SINGLE? some dont believe me saying that its just another tactics of me to hit a girl, to lure a gurl to my place. fuck you guys. thats what i reply. i dont need to justify myself, so say whatcha want, i dun give a damn at all. juts to be clear, if i really wanna used facebook as a tool of hitting girls, why on earth did i stated there that i'd been in relationship, better of said single if thats was my purpose, idjit.

believe it or not, yes, im single. like i said before, Adam Ar-Rashid is mean to be single, always. but my heart wont let me. it kept falling, n falling n falling for a wrong pair.i dunno, maybe its just my stupid luck or maybe its a punishment for me, but still i dont know how to stop. i keep on going n trying. stupid huh? yeah, maybe i am that stupid. or maybe i just that plain, or even maybe my herat is a soldier though cuz i keep on trying even i know its a lost cause.

oh ya, i forgot. this post is not about the story why i change my relation status in facebook to single. sorry.

p/s- FYI for that certain someone, i you do love me, why u didnt post any of the pics of you with barry, why upload something else. huh. yeah , i am that stupid

2 Spits On My Face:

Sharifah Aishah said...

lepak la bro... u xjumpe yet kot miss right..

aCe+ said...

yeah, stil on teh search.ahaks

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