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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

December 6, 2010

What Really Cooking Behind

Call me stalker, but I'm just an observer. I prefer seeing thing with my own bloody eyes and think for the thing from all perspective there is. Yeah, some might labeled my kind as stalker but we are not. We loved seeing things that serve to us by everyone else and think. Weird huh? It's perfectly normal.

Lets drop the stalker stuff before I started rambling. Few days back, when I was working at Swenz kopitiam, a family came in. 5 happily seen family. A father, caring mother, one cute daughter and tough-act son. To be frank, from my eyes, they seem perfect happy family. Sharing dinner with laughter and such joy. Kinda make me think about my family when we had our family outing. From what i heard they just got out of cinema watching movie, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. They'd been talking about the movie all the time. When they walked out the restaurant, all I can think about that I wanna have a family of my own just like that, seriously.

A few hour later, a couple walked in my working place. Suprising enough, it's the dad from that happy couple with another woman. Guess what, she's Indonesian. Yeah, I in shocked. The very same happy dad that good with his kids walking proudly with another secret girlfriend to the same restaurant that he take his family for dinner a few hour ago. Come on dude, at least take her some place else okay. You just had dinner with your lovely wife here. damn it.

I know, one of my stand is don't judge people so I am not going to, all I'm gonna say is this, why in hell all married dude in Malaysia will always end up having affair with Indonesion girl? Ae they that hot? I don't know.

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