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February 26, 2010

I Miss The Time When U Help Me Light Up My Ciggys

even though what i love to do, she against it but i glad she notice the simplest thing about me. well babe, its winston my dear but mildseven. yeah, i smoke winston only , others its just for fun. now i remember the first time meeting u, i was smoking mildseven crap out of me n its nice that u notice n remember the brand of ciggys even though u hate it,fuck it a lot when i smoked. well one other thing, i never asked me to stop, lesser thats the only thing u wish for. n u didnt act patehticly when im smoking around u. how pathetic? u know some people when they didnt like smoker around them, they'll close they nose, all the acting cough. well im only up for a lil middle finger for those motherfucker. u dun like it, step away, fuck ur self up n move. smokers will alway be smokers dued. but not u babe. eventhough deep inside u fuck it much, but u'll stay for the the sake of me. i wonder, why? but i dun wanna ask cause it leads to arkward conversation. well, eventhough its all over, still i miss all the gud ol times

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