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July 2, 2009

Secrets, Secrets, Are No Fun, Secrets, Secrets Hurt Someone

eventually we'll ended hurting someone that close to us.
but the knowing and the keeping of the damn secrets ended up hurting ourself..
so, in that case just let it out from our chest n hurt ourself no more n suffer the consequences..
but, are you strong enough, tough enough, ready enough to face it?
if not, maybe the best thing is just to keep on hurting ourself n make others happy..
we are just normal..
we full n greeds n self-center-ness..
i dont thing people gonna hurt themself for securing others feeling..
some might but most dont..

p/s- in The Office Season 03 whereby this title is quo, Micheal Scott ended up telling his girlfriend about the strippers lapdance cuz he dont wanna keep any secrets from Jan. as it turn out, the secrets doent hurt her a bit. so, good for him.

4 Spits On My Face:

Sharifah Aishah said...

btul gak kan, kdg2 bile kite simpan, benda tu mkn diri. bile kite confront, end up kite sakitkan hati org len plak. adeh.. pening2

aCe+ said...

sha-haha. so kena la pandai wat pilihan yg betui utk rahsia tuh. kena tgk keadaan n tgk org sekekliling sapa. jalan terbaek, xyah la simpan rahsia.

enyheartsdiamond said...

so trueee~

aCe+ said...

eny- right? ha3.

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