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July 25, 2009

Cuti Oh Cuti!

maybe i should firstly thanks the deadly scary H1n1 virus.. cuz of the virus 5 or 6 UiTM campus had been closed.. since our campus is free from the virus, or maybe i should say not in time yet to be hit, but out of nowhere our campus stil have to be closed starting tomorrow for one week to standardize everything. the news just popped out yesterday n everything were being chaotic since that we have to leave campus by tommorow. everyone were busy with the plan of getting home. as for me, i got nothing to be worried about since my home is just half n hour away from my campus. penang ngn kedah jauh mana la sgt kan. i dunno how to express my feeling bout th cuti. why? cuz seriesly i dunno wat to do since im gonna be alone at home with no one to hang out but no worries something will always come up. it always do. so, as for now, im just gonna sit back n relax, enjoying the chaotic enviroment of suspension among student who r worried n rushing the way to make sure they reach their home safely n well get their home. even farah diba had gone crazy cuz her event ELC Carnival had been canceled special thanx to the suprise holiday. well guys, happy holls. gte home safe n stay safe. chow!

2 Spits On My Face:

faradiba anuar said...

ceh biadapppp..
UiTM jahat.

aCe+ said...

FD- orait pa. ble balik umah.ahaks.. sorry bout ur program.ahaks..

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