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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

September 21, 2008


In this lonely day nothing standstill upon the way
Beautiful sky in blue vanish and turn to grey
Fear full in when people choose not to stay
The one who’s weak become a bait for a prey

Demolition past through like a wind blows by
No one shall cry because tears have dried
The one who still live which to die
But not for me, it just a beginning not goodbye

I’ll fight them all with all the guts I got
MY SHADOW GUARDIAN always there behind my back
She will never let me be ambrosia or anyone whack shack
I’m like a brick wall that no one can ever crack

Amendable creature that you are
You make me strong and come this far
Pull me up when I’m feeling down
Hold me back when I’m about to drown
Thank you, because saving me from darkness of time
Now my life worth more than a dime

I do know that your power have limitation
I’m sorry; it’s just to much temptation
I’d push you too much under desperation
I just want to make the world free from destruction

My hope right now that’s someday you will come back
Be by my side like Sally and Jack
I’m willing to give my soul for eternity
As long as you’ll come back and we stay in this fraternity
We can make this world bright again and full of entity
Most important is love of us can conquer all, entirely…

1 Spits On My Face:

fara_D said...

seriously do.
aku suka giler poem kau yang nii.
sumpah do menyayat hati aku do.
tak tipu.
nak copy bulih dak?


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