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December 29, 2010

Hey Superstar, YOU SUCK!

Band- Madina Lake

Song- Hey Superstar

Album- The Dresden Codex

Your such a beautiful gift from above,
When I fell so hard in love and you always said
Because your taste of fame filled you up
Then I became just hard to know
Cause I'm the idiot

Hey Superstar,
So popular,
When you gonna learn nobody cares who you are
Hey Superstar,
Don't try so hard
Maybe someday you'll see who you really are

I'm such a hideous, ridiculous,
But understand all your misfit and I'm okay with it
But you got swept up inside our new media whole world
And I'm so over it

Hey Superstar,
So popular,
When you gonna learn nobody cares who you are
Hey Superstar,
Don't try so hard
Maybe someday you'll see who you really are

I'll never be rich and I'll never look perfect,
I don't care it's who I am
You'll never be happy, chasing all the wrong things
And you'll never understand

Hey Superstar,
So popular,
When you gonna learn nobody cares who you are
Hey Superstar,
Don't try so hard
Maybe someday you'll see who you really are

December 28, 2010

Arsenal VS Chelsea 3-1

After four straight time being humiliated by Chelsea, finally Arsenal had return the favor. 3-1 cortesy of Alex Song, Cesc Febregas and Theo Walcottt. The Blues seems like they are about to bounce back and win the match with the beautiful free kick n head in by Ivanovic but there's just it. well, well, well, what do we have here? Chelsea with only one win in 8 matches? Its this the sign of the end for the defending champs? Oh my, me likey! Keep playing like that guys, you might not even be in top four and lose the right in competing in UEFA Champs League. I am not Gunners supporters but i do rooting for them to win this match. Why? Because I want Chels to lose, so that my Favourite, Spurs can keep up with the title chase, or at least the top 4 spot. Its only 1 point seperating Chelsea with Tottenham Hotspurs. All Spurs have to do is defeat Newcastle at home soil next week and hfinger crossed that Chelsea lose again against hot-runner Bolton Wanderers. Through it all, I think that Arsenal still lacking in term of defense. Vermaelen really is needed so i do hope that he heals fast enough if they do want to be seriously considered as top contender of English football. Quoted from Shebby Singh which i really like is "Drop all the aspect of age and young factor, Arsenal players are now have experience, so they need to step it up". They do. All in all, its a good post-Boxing Day. Viva La Gunners!

December 27, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup Final- The Shining Story Of Young Tigers

Well, Well, Well. Malaysia bantai team Indon 3-0 smalam kat Stadium Bukit Jalil? Amacam? Ada sapa2 ragu2 lagi dengan skuad bola Malaysia? Tapikan, sapa la ble agak skuaq muda Malaysia yang ni ble shine kan? Since Asia Game ritu dah ble nampak kebolehan skuad baru ni. Aku rasa actually sangat baguih senior team yg sblom ni suma pakat dok injured ramai bru bagi chance kat suma players baru ni suma uk tunjuk bakat kan. Sebab agak la kan, suma player dalam skuad Malaysia skrg average umuq 23. player plaing senior pun Amri Yahya kot. So, finger crossed, hopefully Malaysia still ble shine kat Indon untuk second leg of the final. Xyah teruk2 sangat sebab dah ada 3 gol dala tangan. koman2 pun pi score lagi sebijik and then defense ja sbb seriesly defense Malaysia, Sabree Abu n the gang, mantap siot. Keeper Kelantan pun Khairul Fahmi on form skrg. So, to be frank, AFF Suzuki Cup tu dah ada dalam tangan dah, cuma jangan buat spoil dah. One more thing, main kat indon ni bahaya skit, tol x? hopefully, everything will be fine, and hope that the squad can bring the cup home. fly high young tigers, keep on roaring.

December 23, 2010

WWE- 10 Years In The Making

Remember This Dude? Stonecold Steve Austin. Austin 3:16. The Toughest Son Of The Bitch In Pro Wrestling. He's Now Retired From Wrestling Circuit And Not To Forget He Is Now WWE Hall Of Famer.This Pic Was Taken In 2000 When Austin Was The WWF Champion. One The The Best There Is And The Best There Will Ever Be. He Is Indeed Among The Greatest That Achieved What He Deserve By Putting His Blood,Sweats And Tears To Be Able To Hold One Of The Prestigious Title In World Wrestling. "Thats The Bottomline Cause Stonecold Said So, Hell Yeah!"

Now, Look At This Dude. The Miz. Self Proclaimed "I'm Awesome" and "Most Must Watch WWE Champion Ever In The History". Yes, The Title Had Change In Term Of Its Original Look, But The Miz Held The Same Price Of Title As Austin And Yes He Is The Current WWE Champion. But Whats The Different Between The Miz And Steve Austin? Well, Its Pretty Simple. Even After 10 Years, People Still Talk About How Great Steve Austin Is But 10 Years From Now, Will People Still Talk About The Miz Or Maybe He Is Just One Of Those "One Hit Wonder" Champion? Well, Nothing Against The Miz, He Is A Good Wrestler (Eh..), But Maybe The Problem Here Is That Steve Austin Set The Line Pretty High For A Guy Like Miz To Achieved. I Mean, Come On Austin Career Live On Because Of The Attitude Era Of WWE, One Of The Best Era In The Business, Miz Is Just Trying To Keep The Business Running.Comparison Between Both, Austin Is An Empire Builder And The Miz Is Just An Empire Maintainer. And One More Thing, Austin Is The Past, Miz Is The Current And Hopefully The Future Of The WWE (*Finger Crossed*).

Now Thats Is Someone Who Can Make Us Proud. Luckily For Us, WWE Now Have Two World Champion, Which Is WWE Champion (Hold By The Miz) And The World Heavyweight Champion Hold By This Guy, EDGE. The 10th World Champion. The Ultimate Opportunist. The Master Of Manipulator. The Rated "R" Superstar. The Current World Heavyweight Champion, Which He Won 4 Days Ago At WWE TLC Pay-Per-View. Some Might Not Know This, Edge Sit Along Among Legend. Why? Because He Is One Of The Few That Manage To Hit The Double Digit In Term Of Holding World Title. The Greatest Of It All, The Current Top In The List, Ric Flair, 16 Times World Champion, Triple H, 13 Times. Guess What, Edge Fit In Among Those Guys. You Think You Know Edge, Think Again.

December 20, 2010

The Difference Between Love And Like

In Front Of The Person You Love Your Heart Beats Faster,
In Front Of The Person You Like You Always Get Happy.

In Front Of The Person You Love Winter Seems Like Spring
But In Front Of The Person You Like Winter Is Just A Beautiful Winter.

If You See Right Through The Eyes Of The Person You Love You Blush,
But If You See Through The Eyes Of The Person You Like You Smile.

In Front Of The Person You Love You Can't Really Say Whats On Your Mind,
But In Front Of The Person You Like You Can Say What Ever You Want.

In Front Of The Person You Love You Tend To Get Shy,
But In Front Of The Person You Like You Can Be Yourself.

You Can't Look Straight Into The Eyes Of Someone You Love,
But You Can Alway Smile When You Look Straight Into The Eyes Of Someone You Like.

When Your Love One Cry, You Cry With Them,
But When Someone You Like Cry, You Comfort Them.

The Person You Love Comes To Your Mind Every Two Minutes,
Because The Feelings Of Love Starts From The Eyes,
And The Feeling Of Like Starts From The Ears.

So If You Stop Liking Someone You Just Cover Your Ears,
But If You Try To Close Your Eyes,
Love Turns To Tears And Remain In Your Heart,
Forever After.

December 19, 2010

Blood Fued

We Cross Through Time And Space,
Literally Through It All Just To Find Each Other Again,
After All We Been Through, Still Nothing Is Been Forgiven,
We Still Find Our Way To Shoot At Each Other,
Still Try To Get On Each Other Nerves.

Ultimatum Given, Attitudes And Position Shift,
Still Nothing Ever Really Changed At All,
Its Just One Stupid Cost Of Living,
No Matter What Our Constants Are,
We Still Try To Find Each Other Wrong Doing And Focus On That,
Blood Have Spilled Over, Live Losses Among Another
But In The End, The Differences Rules Over.

United Had Never Been Our Strong Perspectives,
That On Of The Reason Why We Keep On Loosing The Battle,
Over And Over Again,
Faces Changes By When Times Took It Tolls,
Alliances Made Under The Terms Of Survival,
Yet Again, We Are Loosing Our Self,
The Blame It's Not "Others" To Hold,
It's Our Own To Be Perfected,
There's No Cursed, There's No Bad Luck, It's Just Simple Rules Of Believe,
Destiny's Call Upon But No One Willing To Step Up,
Many Tries But Failed In The End,
That's The Costs Every Single One Of Us Pay With Such High Price,
In The End, It Takes Our Life.
Just Because We Can't Let Out Lil' Disagreement Slide Away,
The Blood Fued Continue, Forever!

p/s- Tibute To LOST TV SERIES!

I Am One Pacthetic Loser

No Matter How Prepared You Are,
No Matter How Ready You Set Up Your Mind,
No Matter How String To Try To Put Your Face On,
No Matter How Cool You Try To Act On,
But No Matter What Once You Screwed Up,
Everything Starting To Fall In Line.

Yes I Did Mentally Prepared To Face The Consequences,
6 Month I Tried To Round Up My Mind Around The Facts That I Screwed Up,
But Once The Time To Face The Music,
I Failed,
Emotionally I Loose To The Dying Fact That I'm Lacking Behind,
Yes, I Know I Screwed Up.
I Deserve This Torture!
Please, Give Me More!
I'm Begging You!
Gimme More!!

p/s- If One More Person Asking Me About My Continuation Study, I'm Kill Him/Her For Sure!

December 15, 2010

1Malaysia- The B-Side Story

Kali ni aku betui2 akan tulih dlm bahasa Melayu. Series. Ok, penah dengaq konsep 1Malaysia? Sapa xpenah dengaq baek, nyah dari Malaysia pi pindah dok tempat laen okay? Tolak tepi suma politik2, xkesah sama ada anda pangkah nama2 cabangan parti, kerajaan atau tidak, konsep 1Malaysia sudah jadik sebati dalam kehidupan seharian rakyat Malaysia. Tak kira di mana, tak kira apa masa, konsep 1Malaysia acapkali jadik sebutan dan buah mulut orang Malaysia. Walaupun tidak dipraktikkan secara menyeluruh, tetapi sekurang-kurangnya orang tetap tau apa tu 1Malaysia.

Apa contoh terbaik 1Malaysia? Kalau ikut apa yang digariskan oleh Najib, 1Malaysia ialah konsep dimana semua rakyat Malaysia, berkongsi negara Malaysia bawah satu rumpun yang sama dalam keadaan harmoni dah hidup tanpa prejudis antara satu sama lain. Contoh paling ringkas ialah, ambil satu salah jenis kedai makan, Mamak atau Kopitiam. Kita boleh lihat sendri bagaimana suma penduduk Malaysia, tak kira bangsa atau kaum suma makan dan lepak di Mamak atau Kopitiam. Mungkin jarang untuk kita lihat penduduk Malaysia yang berlainan bangsa lepak sekali pekena teh tarik sama2 tapi masih ada sesetengah yang boleh dibanggakan. Koman2 ada la kan.

Bagi aku, contoh terbaik perlaksanaa konsep 1Malaysia berlaku yang aku tengok depan mata aku sendiri 2 3 hari lepas. Aku baru balik keja dan aku pi Shell nak isi minyak moto kapcai aku. Dah abih isi aku blah r dari situ. Dekat simpang ada satu lori tengah jalan stret dan satu keta Camry rasanya tengah nak kluaq simpang tu. Selamba rock lori tu lori tu jalan stret ja laju dan hampir langgaq keta Camry tu. Dua dua kenderaan berhenti serta merta. Ini adalah apa yang dua2 pihak sembang. Aku ble dengaq dengan clear sebab aku ada depan tu.

Camry: Xda Tengok Ka?
Lori: Sorry2.
Camry- Puki, Bawak Elok2 La!

Apa yang special sangat depa dok sembang yang ada kaitan dengan 1Malaysia? Okay, orang yang bawak lori tu India, yang bawak Camry tu Cina. Perbualan mereka dalam bahasa Melayu, dah orang Cina tersebut guna perkataan "PUKI". Seriesly, aku jarang dengaq Cina maki guna puki. Standed makian yang akan seorang Cina katakan biasanya, LANCAU atau CIBAI. betul x? Tapi Cina tu guna perkataan puki, kata makian yang feymes dikalangan orang Melayu. Apa yang spesel lagi pasai pertelingkahan depa ialah depa gaduh dalam bahasa melayu. Mana nak jumpa org India ngan Cina sembang dalam bahasa Melayu tol x? Itu, adalah contoh paling sempurna di mana konsep 1Malaysia dipraktikkan. Situasi dimana 2 berlainan bangsa bertembung dalam satu pertelingkahan tetapi masih menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan dan menggunakan bahasa makian kebangsaan. Itu, 1Malaysia.

Panggil aku kurang ajar tetapi itulah realiti sebenar penduduk Malaysia.

p/s- Akhirlah, berjaya jugak aku tulih dalam bahasa Melayu tanpa ayat2 yang skema. Maybe ada sesetengah ayat yang ala2 skema, tapi ble la kan? hahaha. Peace out!

December 14, 2010

Turning Point Of A Pure Hearted

All Our life, We Dream
Dream About Having It All
And Yet There Very Few Of Us Few Live That Dream
We All Imagine Whats Its Feel Like To Be A Big Superstar
All The World That We Wake, Just Trying To Survive Another Day
For Years, Thought If I Was Doing The Right Thing I Will Be Rewarded
I Find It Out The Hard Way, That If You Want Something You Take It!
Have I Let A Lot Of People Down?
Of Course I Have
But That's Doesn't Matter
There's No Turning Back Now
At Turning Point, I Will Take Again At Any Course
Celebrate The Anti-Christ Of The Goods.

As I Look Down At The World
From 25000 Feet Above
It Become More And More Clear To Me
That I Was Always, Always In Control Of My Own Destiny
I Was Always Above It All
I Was Always Better Then Everybody Else
As I Catered To The Creatures Of The Night
Looking For Acceptance
They Look At Me And Said, "Your Acceptance Is Meaningless"
It Did Not Bring Me Fame
Because Importantly, It Did Bring Me Wealth
I Am The "Here", I Am The "Now"
I Am The Anti-Christ Of The Goods

December 13, 2010

The Gunners Against The Red Devils

Lama siot aku x sembang pasai bola kat blog aku ni. And satu lagi, lama dah aku xtulih dalam bahasa Ibunda aku. hahaha. okay2, sorry if kalau selama ni blog aku nampak macam bajet semacam ja asyik tulih omputih ja. Bukan pa aku kalau tulih dalam bahasa Melayu nanti ayat jadik skema len macam ja, tu aku maleh tulih bahasa Melayu.HAHAHA!

Alright, back to football. The grandest stage of all is happening tonight at Old Trafford when The Red Devils welcoming their biggest rivalry in football, Arsenal and the Big Guns to their house. A match that involved Manchester United and Arsenal always bring good stuffs together and its really fun to watch those boys fighting their asses to be on the top. Only this time, it is for the top spot. As Chelsea is dropping their ace performance, it seems like The Gunners and The Red Devils is the only available contenders for the title as champion in English football. Let face it, Chelsea draw with my favourite team Tottenham Hotspurs last night, and the biggest news is, bigger than Frank Lampard making his appearance back is that Didier Drogba miss the penalty and Heurelho Gomes magnificiently save the penalty right after he carelessly miss to punch out Drogba shot earlier which cause him the ball hitting the net. So, the only question remain is which team gonna remain on top right after the epic match tonight?

Lets check the statistic shall we? Starting with Alex Ferguson boys, Man U starting 2010/2011 campaign with 15 match without a lost and now holding the second place in the league table with a game in hand(thanks to Blackpool's field been frozen over). the players? Dimitar Berbatov which such perfect perform, eagerly to take on Gunners with his great record scoring 5 goal against Blackburn Rover a few week back. Alongside Berbatov, there's come Wayne Rooney. Nothing can be as such headline if Rooney perform well tonight and bring him back to be one of the fierce some striker in the league. He desperately need a goal to shut up all the critics if not he will still remain in shadow, so Wayne please shine tonight.

Talking about great team, The Gunners is especially one of them. Young, eager, powerful enough to be taking serious, Arsenal squad had perform very well this season an they are thrust for glory since they haven't won any silverware, any recognition trophy in the matter fact since 2005 so they want this season campaign to be something that we can be proud of. As the player of Emirates flag, no one is better to be aware of rather than French young gun, Samir Nasri. He is the player that United Defense need to be taken seriously and watch carefully. But Nasri is no Cristiano Ronaldo. Nasri is more a team player then Ronaldo. That's Arsenal. They work as a team, not finger crossing hope for one player to shine an save their asses. Lead by young and charismatic captain, Cesc Febregas, Arsenal is a squad of hungry wolves than ready to strike in pack.Watch Out, Devils! The Gunners are bringing big big artillery to you doorstep.

Once again, which team is gonna secure their spot in top of the table, we are gonna find it out tonight!

p/s- sembang nak buh post dalam bahasa Melayu last2 tulih gak dalam omputih. bajet!

December 12, 2010

Hail The Villains

Any organisation, big or small, future thinking or not, will always involve in our bitchy thing, POLITICS. Like it or nor, politics is like a disease spreads through every inch of the vein which what make a organisation run. But the only thing left to question is whether politic make it smoother or make it even worse. People tense to try out and use politic as a tool to take them higher in term of achievement. Hate them, blame them, but they are the one that should be call smart, because they used any available source in which will be beneficial for career building. It may seem dirty, but yet again, is there anything pure in organisation?

Put aside the thinking of hard work in your line of work, because it doesn't really matter at this point. Try as hard as you can, you'll still going nowhere because without any influential back-up, you always reached a dead end. To be able to reach the top, you need a helping hand. A helping hand, with "strong" enough to pull you up, climbing faster then anyone else to the top of the authority. Back stabbing? its just butter and bread. You have to be cold heart enough to play the game.

One way of another, politics will get you. all you can do, is survive n don't take part. Yes, it may lead you nowhere, but you are still secure, you are still in the game, you are still surviving from any chance of being sacked. If you try to be the righteous one, believe me, you are exposing yourself. Because you can't fight it, politics is untouchable. You'll end up in the wrong side of the fight once you choose to do the right thing. Its okay, to let down your belief and principles, because in organisation, there are no rules book. Everything that happen surround you, its a judging eyes.Beware, and stay survive!

p/s- DPA, you want me to be an political science student, there you have it! I'm in the game!

December 6, 2010

What Really Cooking Behind

Call me stalker, but I'm just an observer. I prefer seeing thing with my own bloody eyes and think for the thing from all perspective there is. Yeah, some might labeled my kind as stalker but we are not. We loved seeing things that serve to us by everyone else and think. Weird huh? It's perfectly normal.

Lets drop the stalker stuff before I started rambling. Few days back, when I was working at Swenz kopitiam, a family came in. 5 happily seen family. A father, caring mother, one cute daughter and tough-act son. To be frank, from my eyes, they seem perfect happy family. Sharing dinner with laughter and such joy. Kinda make me think about my family when we had our family outing. From what i heard they just got out of cinema watching movie, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. They'd been talking about the movie all the time. When they walked out the restaurant, all I can think about that I wanna have a family of my own just like that, seriously.

A few hour later, a couple walked in my working place. Suprising enough, it's the dad from that happy couple with another woman. Guess what, she's Indonesian. Yeah, I in shocked. The very same happy dad that good with his kids walking proudly with another secret girlfriend to the same restaurant that he take his family for dinner a few hour ago. Come on dude, at least take her some place else okay. You just had dinner with your lovely wife here. damn it.

I know, one of my stand is don't judge people so I am not going to, all I'm gonna say is this, why in hell all married dude in Malaysia will always end up having affair with Indonesion girl? Ae they that hot? I don't know.

December 4, 2010

I Wish I Can Tell You This In Person

You've got a lot to say
for the one that walked away.
I give you take,
its the way it's always been

how do i know?
if i should stay or just go
the bottom line is this way that i'll never know

you've got a lot to say
for the one that pushed me away
i give you take
some things they'll never change
please change

these things take time to grow
it's been said that time heals wounds
but no, i won't be controlled
and so, this story goes

I know that I could be this way
I know that I could walk away

Please, stay away
Please, stay away
Please, stay away from me

December 3, 2010


Noor Hajar Binti Mohamad Rasdi

You Break Her Heart, I'm Gonna Break Your Leg.
You Mess Her Head, I'm Gonna Kick You Ball.
You Touch Her, I Swear To God I KILL YOU!

November 27, 2010

One Step Closer

Don't Ever Say I Didn't Give You A Chance, I Spread Plenty.
Don't Question My Heart, Because I've Gain Caution Fully.
Don't Hesitate Now, Because Time Is Running Out.
Don't Criticise Just Yet, Because You Don't Want To Shout It Out Loud.
Don't Blame Me For What Might Happen Next, I Did What I Must.
Don't Runaway, There's A Lot More Lust.
Don't Pretend No More Because Thing Have Changed.
Don't Crush Down To Earth Because It Might Not Stay The Same.
Don't Fight It To Hard, That Just Seem Silly.
Why? Because I've Move On And I Am So Sorry!

November 26, 2010

Stalking Is Somebody Hobby But Don't Make It A Daily Unpaid Job

Not that I'm keeping score, but you stalk me more than I do. Facebook, Tagged, Blogger Formspring, even my unactive Twitter account. Well, who's paranoid now? hahaha. Well, all I can say right now Karma aint that bitchy it just a simply concept of what goes around comes around. Goodluck on your search of finding what ever you're looking for. Trust me, it aint there. Keeping on rolling baby. Like I said, it just another cute cover to blow. ahaks.

p/s- I know You be smiling when you read this post. YES, it is for you!

November 25, 2010

Love The Way You Lie

Love is just another impression right?
So, just play along see where it lead you.

November 22, 2010

21 Aint Forever

146 days left. People keep on saying that age is just a number. Hell even I used to say that. Believe it of not, this statement only useful if it is under the matter of love. But in term of life, it does matter a lot. Take an example of working for a big damn company. Do you think all the corporate greedy guys willing to risk hiring any 20 and below years old to run the big show? Never in a million light year. Another interesting quote crossed my mind. "21 Forever". Well, as for this one, it's just silly. It's for those who never want to move on with their life to the next level and choose to stick with the basic and keep on living in fantasy. Good luck to you guys. Keep on living in or fantasy, living in fear to be exact.

146 days from now, I'll be 21. Why on earth is that matter to begin with? Well, as for me, I always put 21 as a benchmark. A benchmark within two things, two different world actually. The world between teenagers and adult, and 20 for me is the thin line between both or the changing period (which where I am at). But yet again, a question arise. Is it 21 really the time for people to change their status from teenager to adult? For me it is. Why? Because as you turn 21, you are eligible to vote in election. Government had already set up the age line which is 21 to be mature enough to make a decision of choosing the entitled and power house to rule the nation. Well, if the government said so, it must be count for something right? (BULLSHIT)

21. Wow! in 146 days I'll be turning 21. Through out this years, at the age of 20, I always assume that this is the time for me to involve, to change myself from the creepy lil teen whom always confused in life, whom always disagree and protest a lot, whom always didn't give a crap about anything toward some one whom matured, serious in life, successful, and wise. Well, me myself put that line to be cross. I set up the goal for myself and in 146 days i need to achieve that goal. Can I? To be completely frank, I can't give a straight answer. Yes, I admit I'd change a bit for who i am 2 years ago. I did realise the changes that happen to me personality-ly and from the perspective of life itself but I don't know whether I will be the man i thought I will in time. There's a lot work be done, there's a lot more changes need to be happen and I am still confused a bit. To hell I am.

Changes need sacrifice and as for now, there's a lot of stuff that I am not willing to let go just yet. Yes, I am still living in my own fantasy world and I am not planning on leaving it just yet. Procrastinating is my best buddy. Once I'm willing to be serious, to be responsible, to be the man of the hour, that is the time that Adam Ar-Rashid has step into the world of adulthood. My best guess is, I am still a young teenagers who live his life to the fullest and not ready to face the big world call reality. Once I done that, there no looking back. So, I am waiting for that time to come. A time for me to completely change. A time that when i look back I can simply say, "YES, I AM AN ADULT NOW"

p/s- I am still hoping to get a poetry collection book for my birthday. I didn't get any for my 20th Birthday so for my 21st I am crossing my finger! please, anyone!

November 21, 2010

You Just Another One Of My Mistakes

You are so beautiful,
You are the kind of girl
that has the chemicals that makes me fall in love
Beautiful, you are the kind of girl, that has the chemicals
That makes me fall in love Fall in love

November 20, 2010

Believing Against The White Flag

In the motion of fighting a losing battle, some smart ass may conclude that rising a white flag is the best way to put an end to the miserable lost cause. It's not completely idiotic move actually because why keep holding on if you know that in the end you are going to lose anyway, right? That's what most of us preferred. Hell, history proved that this is fact. People rather surrender to stay survive if they already know that there's no point in resisting if the bigger picture shown that we are not going to win in the end. That what survival is all about, surrender if there seem to be no hope left.

This is no a story about bloody war. This is just a story of fictional battle that every single one of us face everyday. We give up easily. We choose to stay down when reached to the point where's it seem to be a dead end. I'm not making a point where I'm the hero that keep on fighting until my final breathe. I'm not making a legend out of myself which hope to be remember in near future. I'm just a normal guy. I did surrender sometimes in my life when things are hard. I'm no hero. But the fact is, who does? We are all not Clark Kent.

The real reason for this post it that I wanna tell about an on-going battle I'm facing in my life. Nothing serious, it just a stupid fling. Yes, all fact directed me to the extent of proof showing that there is no hope in winning this battle. I know the fact that I'm going to lose in the end of the struggle. Usually, at this point, I'd raise my white flag already. But somehow, I'm still fighting. I'm fighting to win even though I know I'm going to lose. Still, my fighting spirit ain't going to fade away. That's faith. Yes, I do have faith that I'm going to win after all. I'm betting against myself, I know, but somehow, something keep me going. I am not planning of giving up, ever. I want to keep fighting. Because I do believe that I can pull it off. I am going to WIN! Mark my words.

p/s- Dear You, I'm not giving up. Brace yourself. I will succeed!

November 16, 2010

Can U Read This?

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mni d deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

November 10, 2010

The Ring Is Still On My Finger

Yes, pathetic maybe the right word to be call upon. Yes, false hope is maybe what I really counting on. Yes, dignity sacrificial is needed in my situation. Yes, desperate my had become my gene nowadays. Yes, I maybe a bragging bastard. Yes, I am acting cool when I'm supposed to be pissed off. Yes! Yes! Yes! Call me what ever you want, I don't give a shit. Pathetic is only a state of mine, not an action. maybe I am waiting for something that will never happen, period. But, I kept my hope high. Because I am a believer. I am someone stupid enough to dream. I am. Faith had become one of my new character building. Till the day i die, I'm gonna try to touch the sky.

November 5, 2010

Malaysia Will Remain Harmony Unless Theres Politics Involvemennt

Choose any chillax places. Place where you be in when you want to relax and hang out with our friends and buddies. Mamak stalls? Coffee houses? Even street hawker stalls? There's always hemegenous kind of people mixing together having a nice quality time of chit chat and small talk. Yes, Malaysia is one of the most harmonious country where any race can sit together under the same roof and sky while not giving each other the hatred glance. taka any Premier League match at a mamak stall. You'll see various type of Manchester United fans, Malays, Indian and Chinese sitting there's together, cheering when Rooney score a goal, cursing "BODOH!" all together when the Red Devil's army miss a shot. The most precious moment yet to share is half time break. All together will shout their opinions out on the first half performance. There's will always be a sweet disputes about the club latest news but when the second half whistle is blown, all together will unite again as one. Sweet isn't it?

Well it isn't as meaningful moment of unification if there's politics talk is involve. Take the same chillax place, Mamak stall. Every minutes, every moment there's always been a politics talk in those stall. People clashes opinions on everything with politics tag line on it. Politics was and will always been the irrational mechanism of Malaysian. On top of the that, politics cause a lot of interracial disputes but the main problems is that Malaysian cannot live on without politics. Politic had and always been bread and butter of Malaysia. Imagine the harmonious lifestyle if we take politics out of the equation. Malaysia will remain strong as ever.

p/s- Congrats to the winning party at Galas and Batu Sapi. And Happy Diwali!

November 3, 2010

I Don't Deserve

Band- Linkin Park
Song- Burning In The Skies
Album- A Thousand Sun

I used the deadwood to make the fire rise
The blood of innocence burning in the skies
I filled my cup with the rising of the sea
And poured it out in an ocean of debris

I'm swimming in the smoke
Of bridges I have burned
So don't apologize
I'm losing what I don't deserve
What I don't deserve

We held our breath when the clouds began to form
But you were lost in the beating of the storm
But in the end we were meant to be apart
Like separate chambers of the human heart


I'm swimming in the smoke
Of bridges I have burned
So don't apologize
I'm losing what I don't deserve

It's in the blackened bones
Of bridges I have burned
So don't apologize
I'm losing what I don't deserve
What I don't deserve

The blame is mine alone
For bridges I have burned
So don't apologize
I'm losing what I don't deserve

I used the deadwood to make the fire rise
The blood of innocence burning in the skies

November 2, 2010

I Aint Beautiful

Don't Ever Presume To Know Whats Inside My Head. To Ever Think You Know Whats Its Like To Walk In My Shoe. I'll Always Be One Tough Act To Follow. And Yes, I Tend To Push People Away From My Life. But Note This, It Is For Their Own Good. I Can't Stay Responsible For Whats Might Happen To Them. Because I Am Explosive. I Am Incurable Curse. I'll Suck Everything Deep Inside A Hell Hole Once Their Close To Me. Stay Away! I Am Giving You A Choice. I Am Doing This For Your Own Good. Yes, It May Seem Cruel, But It What Must Be Done. Hate Me Now, I Can Endure That. Because Hate Has Become My Fruitful Meal. I Just Can't Let You Drown Inside My Darkness Side. I Can't Let That Happened. That's Why I Choose To Push You Away Rather Then Let You Get Any Closer To Me.Be Friend And Be A Close Friend Is Two Different Terms. I Know That You Can't Handle Me. You Are To Good To Be Mine. I Am To Fucked Up To Be Yours. You Can't Handle Me. And I Can't Assure Your Safety Once You Near Me. And I Can't Afford That To Have. I Rather Let You Go. Even Though The Scar Will Continue To Show. Well, That's The Price I Have To Pay For Being Me.Yo Don't Know Me.

October 30, 2010

We Shouldn't Be Together, The Horoscope Compability Said So

Aries + Virgo

Fire + Earth = Lava

The cool, critical, perfectionist Virgo is a difficult kettle of fish for you, Aries. In fact, Virgo is so different from you that you may feel completely at odds with them, even irritated by them. You could also find yourself getting pretty angry with their moral attitudes.

And looking at it from the other side, your fast, furious and impulsive nature will throw Virgo into a complete tailspin. You aren’t too concerned with what people think, and you don’t mind the occasional in-your-face shock tactic. This just won’t work with Virgo.

This is, therefore, not a combination for the faint of heart. Think deeply before you jump into this one.

Although the snapshot above shows you and Virgo as quite incompatible, there’s still hope. You can learn a lot from the order and meticulousness of Virgo: you could benefit by applying some of their practicality and orderliness to your own life.

As with the other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo relates best to the financial and work areas of your life. There are many lessons to be learned by both of you here. If you’re open enough and willing to accept the advice Virgo has to offer in this field, you could learn how to prudently apply your wisdom. And likewise, if Virgo is open enough, they will learn about risk-taking and bringing more vital energy to a task.

If you do choose to work with each other, the combination could be very successful, because Virgo will support you completely. You see, Virgo is very interested in two ideas: service and perfection. You might describe them as fastidious, but you mustn’t be too judgmental.

One big plus is that Virgo will be more than happy to listen to all your ideas, and to take them seriously. They will then home in on them and refine them into something that works in practice. On this level, both of you could be quite surprised at how fine a job you do together.

Your straightforwardness and your honest, unadorned style are very unlike the complex, intellectual and deductive mind of Virgo. The two of you often have similar ideals, but you will present your views and live out your principles in vastly different ways.

This difference in style is also very noticeable in the sexual relationship between you. Virgo is prim and proper — probably overly so for your raw and primitive approach. But remember, Virgo was born to serve, as you were born to lead, so there could be a kind of compatibility between you. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions, especially in matters of love — it may just work!

If you do feel attracted to a Virgo, possibly due to some karmic longing, those born in the third portion — between 13 September and 23 September — will be the most suitable for you.

Try to avoid partnerships with those born between 3 September and 13 September. This is a really tough combination.

Virgos born between 24 August and 2 September are moderately compatible, so you might want to give it a try with them.

October 29, 2010

Mummy, I Am A Killing Plague

If I Am A Precious Diamond,
You Are Surely My Diamond Cutter.

If I Am A Fresh Meat In The Market,
You Are Gonna Be My Lovely Butcher.

Sometimes I've Become A Really Bad Mega Disaster,
But You Are Always There To Be My Well Arm Protector.

Advice And Guidance From You Make Me See The World Clearer,
Now I Can Totally Recognise All The Gladiator And Traitor.

If I Am The Killing Plague, I Know You'll Be There As My Cure,
Even Thought The Always Hard Words, I Know Your Love Is Pure.

If I Am A Heart Breaker, You'll Be There As My Savior
But If You Are Drowning, Can I Bring You Back To The Shore?
That's The Ultimate Question, One That I Can't Quite Figure.

Life Aint Sweet, Outcasters!

Reality mean nothing, perception is everything
We try to denied it but it won’t cling
The says, the words we try to take it for granted
Because in our head it still flustered
Should we care about all of the filthy thought?
They don’t even know us, isn’t that an obvious odd?
They said we the doubter, but we do believe in god
But still, their perspective and speech hurts, a lot

Maybe we don’t belong maybe we just the exile
Trying to fit in, but the world is another plays of child
Maybe it’s them with constructed mind
Or it just us that too blind to find

WE DON’T HAVE the right path to go
WE DON’T HAVE the right voice to mellow
WE DON’T have the perfect click to follow
WHAT WE HAVE IS JUST The cute cover to blow

We try our best to fit in
Still all of the efforts blown away and drowning
Still people see the worst of us
They Lust for more and we starting to fly dust

It’s time to seize back what ours
The rightful marks to be belong and fuss
ALL WE WANT IS Society membership not TO BE freaks
Can we, or can’t we? it just another break
Another swing we must alert ON
To be apart, nah! To be heard Upon

October 28, 2010

The Nexus

Band-12 Stones
Song- We Are One
The Nexus Theme

We walk alone In the unknown
We live to win another victory
We are the young Dying sons
We live to change the face of history
so be afraid
It's the price we pay
The only easy day was yesterday
So hear our voice,We have a choice,
It's time to face it

We are one We are one We are one
We will stand together
Number one Number one
The chosen ones
We are one We are one
we will fight forever
we are one and we won't tire

We are the bold United souls
We live to win another victory
Our sacred scars Show who we are
And tell the story of our memories

Don't be afraid It's the price we pay
The only easy day was yesterday
So hear our voice We have a choice
It's time to face it

We walk alone In the unknown
We live to win another victory
Our sacred scars Show who we are
It's time to face it

October 27, 2010


~Mymy Mox~

The End

October 25, 2010

Double Standard Orthodoxy

"Seriously?" Yes, that's the first thing zaps straight to mind when one of my friend asked me to help her out a bit to deal with this orthodox dude. I mean come on. Double standard education is so yesterday's news man, grow up please. i reserve my comment on POLITEKNIK standard because, well isn't it obvious? Plus, I do have several Politeknik buddies whom struggling there, so i don't wanna drop a bombshell on them.

What do I interested on is the facts that he still using the "double standard" ideology between IPTA vs IPTS. Isn't it cherry? In my own believe, i don't really think that if you had some huge advantages of being IPTA students instead of IPTS students. In my thought, what really matters is how you bring yourself for the world to take you seriously. Diploma or Degree is just a ticket or key for you to enter the working environment with a little "Golden Boot". How you survive, it is you own technique and some dumb luck come into play. Where you receive your education doesn't really matter at that point, because if you can give a HELL YEAH performance, trust me, you'll be fine in the real world. Take for example any of under-graduated students. Does their academic achievement during high school really matter once they step in the campus? It's a big NO. It is all depends on your DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude.

Well, to Rs Ali Ariffin, sorry man, you are a douchebag. you are to proud of yourself just because you are a mechi. engine student? hahaha. That's dumb. And your comment doesn't show your level of mentality meet the requirement of being an engine student. You just make it worst. People will look down on you even more, because our comment only provoke more and worstly it effect Politeknik. You just ain't got it dude. At this point, me myself questioned the creditability of your statement of being engine students. Sorry dude, YOU SUCK! even more then all those Nursing babe that you criticised.Adios!


Don't ask why i post this pix up. and yes, she live in the past and she belong in the past. but somehow she still able to pull some string around the present.she still in my head, laying low waiting for the right moment to pop out. messing around with my thought. its not really her whom poking me around, it is the memory of her. heart-broken? no. that's not the right term to put it. but the memory we shared, is one hell of unforgettable one. how i ended up still thinking about her even though it had been a few year? i guess maybe she is the only one that truly honest when we were together. seriously, if you ask me now, i don't know how and what honest relationship is. yes, there are some honest girl, try to get inside my heart, but i am the one who did not play along. so yes, i don't know what honest relationship is all about. if, hypothetically if, magically she appeared right before my eyes, i'll be numb. yes, that's the kind of string that she can pull on me. oh how i wish we can finish what we had started awhile ago. but honestly, i am not ready for face her just yet, because.. the reason is not something that i'm willing to share. simple conclusion, she is different. not special, but different.

October 22, 2010

Clash Of The Titans. Money VS Talent. aCe+ Football Review

Money can buy talent but can't create one. That's why in 5 years period, Arsenal still gonna be one of the top gun in BPL, but Man City if they wanna do so, they need to keep on their crazy "Spending Spree" to be able to maintain their top 4 spot.

Two different club, two different place, two different ideologies. its WengerNomic VS ManciMoney. Arsene Wenger earned a degree in economic which explained his wise spending in term of strengthen Arsenal squad. Why? Because Wenger believe in creating a strong based n foundation in the squad. Take Jack Wilshere for example. Out of nowhere talent, fresh from the academy but yet promising future. Wilshere had become Arsenal's top 11 this season whereby he still wearing his academic boot last 2 season. Thats the ideology preferred but Wenger. Thats the reason, Arsenal won't be thirst for talent in the future because they are the camp that create talent. But in the meantime, on the other side of the war, we got Roberto Mancini "uprising" squad. "Goddamn Big Spender". Yup, that's the nickname I'm giving to him. Statistic speak for itself. Boeteng, Bonatelli, D.Silva, some of the name that Mancini lured to Eastland to be apart of his "Dream Team" and yet, its pay out. Man City is the second on the league and didn't show any flaw that they are stop moving up. In just 2 term of BPL, Man City was able to do so. How? Big buck bought talent. That's how. But the remaining question is "In 5 years period, can Man City Maintain their dominance in BPL?" Yes they could, but the money have to be out and out from time to time. As the richest club in the region, yes the can do so. They can even bring Wayne "Whore"Ney to the squad. Yes, that's fact.

Well after all, its just an icing on top of sweet tooth cake for this week clash between Arsenal and Man City. But remember, Arsenal's capn quoted "One can't buy team spirit, and we got plenty". that's right, no question that Arsenal do have the team spirit, and so Man City. but if "Understanding" issue risen, Arsenal win because there no clinical doubt for their team in that perspective. For what it worth, i am rooting for Arsenal this week. I'm not a gunners fan, but i do love to watch their game because Arsenal always give a good show. Go gunners.

October 18, 2010

Funny Feeling

October 15, 2010

Deal With The Devil

This Time, It Will Be Different. I Will Make Sure It Will Be Different. I'll Promis Myself It Will Be Different. But Yet Again, I'm A Promise Braker.So, Lil Devil! Come Out And Play. Pull Your String With This Dumb Puppet. Lead The Puppet To The Darkness Once Again. Make Way For The New Lucifer To Rule Over Hell. The Puppet Need His Master.

October 13, 2010

One Two Three Go!

Like I said before, If I Let It Go Will The Scar Continue To Show? yes. i guess it does. pathetic? wow. seriously i never ever thought i'm have that in my traits. well, never gonna happen again. what can i say, im just a normal guy. i have my ups n down. well that move, its my down time move. i shouldn't sent those okay. so fucking pathetic. time to move to the next chapter i guess. recovery!

October 11, 2010

Thanks For The Memories

awk org yg sy penah syg..
org yg slalu jd keutamaan dlm idop sy..
everyday,everytyme... but...

i feel hate u sgt sgt sgt ..
n cant accept u anymore...!
rasa cm nk buang u jauh2 mungkin..
even everyday i still remmbr u..
apa2 pon..
simple word i can say, tenx adam.. .

p/s- as worst as it is, the only perks i can take from this is that the fact she did love me eventhoughshe do denied it before

October 10, 2010


‎"We Hereby Declare That This Project Was Conducted By Our Own And The Report Is Original Except For Those Duties Identified And Recognised"

Most Of The People Lied When They Put Their Signature To This Statement.
Most Not All Of Them

My Bestie

Bestie. I'll Sure Will Miss You A Lot When We Take Part Next Semester For Our Degree. Im Surely Will Still Stuck Here In Kedah And I'm Not Sure When Fate Has Store For You. U Know How Much I Wish That U'll Still Be Here In Kedah Because You Are On Of The Person That I Precious The Most In This Hellhole. You Are My Bestie, I Can Talk To You Bout Everything, I Can Joke Dirtyly Uncensored When I'm With You, I DOn't Need To Behave Myself When I'm Around You. I Just Need To Be Myself.Oh God, Where Or When I'm Gonna Find Another Safena Isfazura In This World. Hope Through It All, Our Friendship Will Remain The Sama Bestie.

October 7, 2010


I Guess My Bestie Was Right, I'm Better Of Single Rather Than Being In A Relationship.

October 6, 2010

Say You'll Haunt Me

Song- Say You'll Haunt Me
Band-Stone Sour

Little supernovas in my head
Little soft pulses in my dead
Little souvenirs and secrets shared
Little off guard and unprepared

I was never good enough to find
I was never bad enough to mind
In the middle I will do my best
Take me in your arms and leave the rest

Together, together we'll be together, together forever

Little variations on my page
Little doors open on my cage
Little time has come and gone so far
Little by little who you are

I can see the patterns on your face
I can see the miracles I trace
Symmetry in shadows I can't hide

I will give you everything to

Say you want to stay you want me too
Say you'll never die, you'll always haunt me
I want to know I belong to you
Say you'll haunt me

The Second Phase

If You Are In Front Of Me Right Now,
I Will Grab You And Hug It All Out,
I Turn You Around And Hug You From Behind,
Never Ever Let It Go Like You Are All Mine,
From Behind I'll Kiss Your Cheek,
And You Will Wonder What Just Happen, Thick And Slick,
Then I'll Turn You Away And Kiss Your Forehead,
And I Smile And Say What Need To Be Said.
ILU <3

October 5, 2010

Welcome To My Black Tuesday

4 classes.
2 presentattion.
1 test.
1 research to finish.
3 chapter to cover.
3 slide to master.
welcome to hell

October 3, 2010

Sebiji Kurma Yang Chantik


October 2, 2010

Cause Of Being The Target

Public Enemy Is-
Chaos Upriser..
Authority Hater..
Hate Lover..
Ass Kicker..
Change Demander..
Attitude Adjuster..
Society Failure..
Lust Keeper..
Faith Believer..

I'm Not Public Enemy

October 1, 2010

FIght Against AUKU

September 27, 2010


September 25, 2010

Pesan Ibu Kepada Anak Lelakinya

Ok. Satu ja mummy nak pesan. di mana pun kita berada pa pun kita buat jangan lupa kewujudan Allah. dari dia kita datang dan pada dia kita akan kembali. di sana kehidupan yang abadi, dunia ni persinggahan ja. carilah bonus dan dividen di dunia utk di bawa ke sana. Mummy saja nak pesan kat anak2. semoga suma anak2 mummy dalam perliharaan dan belas kasihan Alahh, amin.

p/s- mood-terdiam seketika

Im Sorry

u bz..
smpai ignore i..
im sad.. very sad...
i berhadpn ngn byk sgt mslh, i realy need u ..
dekat n dekat ngn i.. but...
just dreaming..
u ade hal u,,yg perlu disettle, also same with me..

xtually i just nak perhatian dr u.. when i sad n have poblem.
near with me please my dear..
im crying while im send diz text 4 u..
but u cant noe n see it.
i try jd kuat mcm u,, tp x bley.. hmm...
ape2 pon whish me luck 4 my test tmrow.. ◄:((►

mish u damn so much..!

p/s-im so sorry okay babe. i busy sgt lately.

September 24, 2010

Mistakes Is An Teaching Tool

Why are you being for afraid?
Touch the ground for God sake.
Life offer a lot and you get what you take.
please, make THIS mistakes

September 22, 2010

I Am An Anarchist

Inside The Aquarium Part 1

Dalam satu akuarium, ada dua ekoq ikan, ikan mas dan ikan kalui. ikan mas betina, ikan kalui tu jantan. Ikan mas nama M ikan kalui nama A. A kuat makan, perot dia muncit gila. Itu yang M sayang sangat kat A, sebab A suka wat gila.M plak suka wat hot, tapi dia memang chumel pun. M ikan mas kan, besa la.A tu si jantan, memang suka wat gila lebih2. Disebabkan M xde lah nak jumpa ikan2 lain sebab dia dok seakuarium ngn A , dia stay ja la ngan A. A ja yang slalu temankan temankan M, begitu juga M, slalu temankan A.A plak berpewatakan ganas sangat.A slalu buli M, tapi M xkesah pon.A suka kejaq2 M dalam akuarium tu dan A suka main2 mata dengan M. A gatai dan gedix, M plak ganas jugak pada luaran, tapi sangat lembut dan manja secara dalaman. M sangat juai mahai dekat A. A memang asyik mencuba takel M.tapi M still dok juai mahai.Mentang2 dia ikan mas.


September 21, 2010


Strike is one of the way to express our dissatisfaction and a fight to defense our rights. but the society view strike as act of violence and state of terror. is it that wrong to demand our right in a form which is legally approve by Fed Con? Strike is must, Strike is unity form of fight. strike may cause chaos and riot, but it is a way to show. It is a way to grab the attention of the public of what really happen. Strike is a force of action which is a fight tool against any type of discrimination and abusive of any form of action. but why do strike is been illegalise? afraid of what may be happened or afraid of what may be told? anyway around, strike will alway ended up badly. but that is the price that need to be paid and that is the sacrifice that is require in term of getting what we want and achieve what we desire. so, STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE!

September 20, 2010


This is not a statement. Its an Attitude. Live ur life to the fullest. Make it fruitful, make it colourful, dun ever step back, never ever make it dull. Because we only live once, so make it count. Die Young? yeah. Think bout it. The idea of die young is more of a reminder that death is upon us. One way or another, it'll coming to get us, one by one. The question is, how? Smoothly or the hard way? anyhow, its coming. The other thing is, do we really wanna live to the oldest time we can far reach, cuz at that time, we are old, weak, helpless so we are nothing but a burden to our kids or even grandkids. so, it is far better for us to die young. This is not statement, its an ATTITUDE. disagree? Fuck the hell off.

September 17, 2010

This Is How We Roll

A Week. Yeap. Thats The Only Time Frame I Have To Spent With Her. Seriously. But, It Is All Worth It. We Hang, We Bang, We Chang We Go Nuts, We Kick Each Other Butts, But Most Importantly No One, I Meant No One In Our Clan Know That We Share A Feeling For Each Other. That's The Beauty Of It. Babe, Seriously Now I Totally Understand Why You Wanna Keep In Below The Radar Of All Our Friends. I Really Can't Imagine If One Of Them Find Out About Us.It'll Be A Disaster, Totally. But Inside, I Still Can't Fight It. I Still One An Open Air Relationship, No More Faking, No More Covering Up, No More Lying, No More Nothing. I Just Wanna Be Able To Hold Ur Hand In Public. That's All. But Its Hard, I Know. You Can't Get All You Want, I'm Cool It It. I've Got Only Another 46 Hours To Spent With You, And I'm Gonna Used It Well. See You Tommorow.

p/s- i know we both choose to ignore it, but just now when i'm about to kiss ur cheek goodbye, u turned to kiss my cheek, n our lips touch.yes, we can ignore it babe, but it happened!

September 14, 2010

Justin Bieber Still Suck, But This Song Has A Meaningful Lirix

Artist-Justin Bieber
Song- Kiss & Tell
Album- My World 2.0

Now I can see it girl,
You ain't gotta say nothing
Your lips are callin me,
Like they wanna do something,

I feel the chemistry,
With everything we make,
A little kiss is a definite possibility,
Seen you a couple times,
Had a couple conversations,
Since you’ve been on my mind,
Made a couple observations,

Like you’re a fly chick,
You could be my chick,
Play by the rules and
You could get what I get,

Just keep it quiet,
Keep it on the hush
(Yeah, yeah)
And what we do keep it just between us,
(Yeah, yeah)

I don't want to see tweet about JB,
Cause the only people that you know,
Is you and me so,

Baby, I know that you’re cool
With rockin with me,
But I can't have you tellin everybody
You got me all twisted with your lips
Like this,

So tell me, tell me,
Are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell,
Tell me are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell
Tell me are you gonna kiss me
Then tell everybody,
That you got me twisted
With your lips girl,
Are you gonna kiss and tell,

Its called a date short,
No one has to do with it,
Just you and me girl,
Tell em' we’re doin it,

Don't need that TMZ,
All in our privacy,
Use em' lips for kissin girl,
If you wanna ride with me,

And if you wanna tell somebody,
Then we can call the whole thing off,
(No Problem)

You can go your way,
And I'll go mine,
But I rather spend a little time with you,

Just keep it quiet,
(Yeah, yeah)
Keep it on the hush,
And what we do,
Keep it just between us,
(Yeah, yeah)

I don't wanna see tweet about JB,
Cause the only people that you know,
Is you and me so,

Baby, I know that you’re cool
With rockin with me,
But I can't have you tellin everybody
You got me all twisted with your lips like this,

So tell me, tell me,
Are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell,
Tell me are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell
Tell me are you gonna kiss me
Then tell everybody,
That you got me twisted with your lips,
Girl are you gonna kiss and tell,

Tell, said are you gonna kiss and tell,
Tell, said are you gonna kiss and tell,
Tell, said are you gonna kiss and tell,

Don't tell your homies,
Don't tell you mama,
Don't tell your girlfriend,
That’ll start some drama,

Stay off that facebook,
I'll treat you real good,
You keep this private,
And you can get what I get,

Baby, I know that you’re cool
With rockin with me,
But I can't have you tellin everybody,
You got me all twisted with your lips like this,

So tell me, tell me,
Are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell,
Tell me are you gonna kiss, kiss and tell
Tell me are you gonna kiss me,
Then tell everybody,
That you got me twisted
With your lips girl,
Are you gonna kiss and tell,

Kiss and tell,
Whoa, whoa

I’m not about that,
If you’re gonna kiss and tell
Noo, no, no
If you’re gonna kiss and tell,
If you’re gonna kiss and tell,
That’s not me

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