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November 8, 2008

Deja Vu all over again..

its just like acc114.. its gonna happen again 2morrow.. for ECO162-microeconomic.. well i gonna have to stayed up.. have to all out.. hope what happen to acc114 wont happen to eco162.. really hope so.. wish me luck k..

i've been tagged by sarah bukhari...

My Top 5 Most Favorite Foods :
+my mum's cooking+
+Nasik Kandaq+
+Chicken Chop+
+Chicken McDeluXe+
+Junk Food+

Top 5 Things I Love Doing :
+Do Sumthing Crazy+
+Tease Da People I Love n Care+
+Try Sumthing New+
+Dress Up+

5 Things I Love Doing When I'm EMO : (u guys gonna hates me when im EMO)
+Smash Things Around+
+Kick Somebodys ASS+
+Yelling Screaming n Cursing+
+Smoking (I cant help myself )+
+Jamming (used to)+

Top 5 Types of Gurl I Adore :
+Not To Skinny+
+Make Me Smile+

5 Things I Love Doing When I'm Happy :
+Sing Along+
+Teasing Around+
+Make Jokes+
+Smoking (Sorry. its a part of me alredy)+

10 things I Wish To Do Before I Die-
+Travel n Live In Argentina+
+Date a Vampire Believer Gurl+
+Jump Off From Second Floor+
+Kiss Some Cute Gurl Randomly+
+Kick somebody On The Groin On Purpose+
+Naked In Public+
+Smoke Ten Packs Of Cigarettes Straight+
+Throw My Cellphone From Second Floor+
+Touch A Gurl Boobs On Purpose+
+Create An Anarchy Scene+

5 Things I Wish To Happen :
+Have "My Type Of Gurl" Gurlfren+
+My Family Dun Have To Work Anymore+
+My Family Stay Happy Ever After 4ever+
+World Become A Peaceful Place To Live+

My Top 10 Most Addicted Song :
+Cute Without The E-Taking Back Sunday+
+Never Too Late-3 Days Grace+
+When My Heart Stop Beating-plus44+
+Silly Lily-BunkFace+
+Aku Tetap Diriku-The Official+
+Hey There Delilah-Plain White Ts+
+Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade+
+Lipgloss n Black-Atreyu+
+Im So Sick-Flyleaf+
+Walking Disaster-Sum41+

5 People I Wish To Tag :
+Sarah Yasmin+
+DiDie ~Innocence~+
+Suria Muncha+
+Fatin Syafira+

the story bout MUET..

well all my confidence bout getting band 5 just got flash out da toilet..

Reading comprehension-FUCK!!!
Writing-ok lah..chart punya aku xprepare lgsng nk jawap so xble r nk complen lebey2.
Listening- FUCK!!!!

MUET mmg susah.. so prepared well before u sit 4 it.. jgn arap r nk ble score based on ur previous experience of english.. kena well prepared, byk exercise, tido yg secukupnya kena byk baca n kena FOCUS esspecially 4 listening..dun get distracted-SERIOUSLY...reading pun kena focus leklok gak..

so long n gudnite..sebab aku nk tido dah skrg sebab xcukup tido smlm..

gudbye 4 now..

November 7, 2008

my kind of music..

ealier today, when ijat stop by n he was looking into my music folder n we were talking bout the stuff inside Joe external n he kinda critics my music isnt hard enough to compare to joe's.. well, its keep me thinking all nite.. is it? no offense to joe, but i have to agree his music type its hard, too metal, some of the band that he layan, i dun even noe, some i do noe n i just not into that..

so, the question remains, is my music type isnt hard enough?

well first i had to say i love music n all the genre, but mostly into rock,less RnB n FUCK indon's..

to be honest, i just like all the type of take a lok at my top 10 fav band..its all mixed up.. theres nu metal (linkin park). pop punk/alternative metal/hiphop rock-Sum 41.. theres My Chemical Romance (to be honest i dunno how to genre-lize MCR), Billy talent (canadian Juno award approved punk rock band), avenged sevenfold (thanks to Boy, im addicted to this band alredy), Nickelback-slowrock,radio friendly roCk, Greenday-otai punk rock, good charlotte- teenage post-punk turns mainstream pop punk roCk (i still love ur music,though), Blink 182 (i noe they slipt up n the reborn of +44 n Angels And Airwaves, still i love both of the new band) n last but not least Bullets For My Valentines- pure new era or heavy metal (Scream Aim Fire is their best album)

so its my type of music isnt hard enough? well from my own top 10 fav band i can see there's a lot of punk rock band but still Linkin park is my number one in the list n Nu-Metal rules the list (eventhough LP latest album kinda different from previous 2 but still its a good album).. so, what im trying to say is, im into metal stuff too. Soilwork,Atreyu, Chimaira, The Black Dahlia Murder, As i lay Dying, Tomahawk Breaking Benjamin- can they be considered as metal band, i dunno.. Metallica, SOAD-god!!! i love systems.. u see, i kinda into metal music too but not too into like Joe.. so i can say dat, my music stuff is kinda universal.. all stuff invovle.but, i have to give credit to punk rock because its really got into me.. maybe i just kinda attach to punk ideologies.. seriously, dats why i dun mine kena saman ngn pak guard n naek court for my mohawk hairstyles in Uitm.. yes, i did dats.. but later on that issue.. btw, here is the pic.. my mohawk hairstyles.. i love it to death.. dun woory, it gonna come back this semester break or should i say in 2 more weeks? hehehe..

November 5, 2008

back to square one..

well, i am who i am..
i cant change myself 360 degree in just one day..
i take a loy more then just 1 fucking miserable exam paper..
it takes a lot more than 48 hours of stayed up to study..
it takes a lot more than just 4 cups of nescafe with 9 pack of it.
it takes a lot more than 2 pack of winston 18's.
what do it takes?
i dunno noe..
what i do noe, dat im back to square one..
the same situation just differences exam paper..
well, 3 more paper to go..
pad160-principles of management
pad170-politics n government..

my carry marks of all 3 paper it-24..
all three..

im i prepared for the exam?


is it yesterday all over again?

I DUNNO.....

im just who i am..
the lazy,playful,chubby asshole that just wont change for anything..
only one things dats going to change me..

sorry, i just wanna keep dats to myself..

November 4, 2008

only 55..

yup..dats all i need for my final exam of accounting 1-ACC114..
55 out of 100..
so dat i will get 33 over 60..
only then i can pass my most fucking subject dis semester..
i only got 16.55 over 40 for my carried mark.
so, fuck it..
i fucking hell hate acc114..
i have no basic, i hate any academic required number (including mat112-business math).. fuck dat..well, dats da reason why i apply DPA-diploma of public administration because i thought dat there will no no calculation subject in this course.. well, i guess wrong.. there a lot.. mat112, acc114, statistic which i have to face in 4th semester, accounting 2-next semester (only if i pass acc114 first)..

so, tomorrow i have my acc114 final exam n its 1.10am n i have to face my fucking nightmare in exact 7 hours n 50 minutes.. i havent revise anything yet..

wel my solution?
5 pack of nescafe 2 pack of winston 18's n pray to god.. in kinda realistic so i wont pray dat sumthing will happen tomorrow i wont have to sit for the exam, so what else can i do.. i only need 55 mark.. my target is bank recon, final ratio, final account, depreciation or maybe core in objective section.. well, gotta go.. i will fight to the end.. i dun wanna repeat this paper.. a lot at stakes..


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