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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

November 2, 2010

I Aint Beautiful

Don't Ever Presume To Know Whats Inside My Head. To Ever Think You Know Whats Its Like To Walk In My Shoe. I'll Always Be One Tough Act To Follow. And Yes, I Tend To Push People Away From My Life. But Note This, It Is For Their Own Good. I Can't Stay Responsible For Whats Might Happen To Them. Because I Am Explosive. I Am Incurable Curse. I'll Suck Everything Deep Inside A Hell Hole Once Their Close To Me. Stay Away! I Am Giving You A Choice. I Am Doing This For Your Own Good. Yes, It May Seem Cruel, But It What Must Be Done. Hate Me Now, I Can Endure That. Because Hate Has Become My Fruitful Meal. I Just Can't Let You Drown Inside My Darkness Side. I Can't Let That Happened. That's Why I Choose To Push You Away Rather Then Let You Get Any Closer To Me.Be Friend And Be A Close Friend Is Two Different Terms. I Know That You Can't Handle Me. You Are To Good To Be Mine. I Am To Fucked Up To Be Yours. You Can't Handle Me. And I Can't Assure Your Safety Once You Near Me. And I Can't Afford That To Have. I Rather Let You Go. Even Though The Scar Will Continue To Show. Well, That's The Price I Have To Pay For Being Me.Yo Don't Know Me.

2 Spits On My Face:

A r i M o h a m e d said...

the more you try to push people away the harder they will try in order to stay

aCe+ said...

ari- thats is sooooo true. i just don't want them to get hurt

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