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October 25, 2010

Double Standard Orthodoxy

"Seriously?" Yes, that's the first thing zaps straight to mind when one of my friend asked me to help her out a bit to deal with this orthodox dude. I mean come on. Double standard education is so yesterday's news man, grow up please. i reserve my comment on POLITEKNIK standard because, well isn't it obvious? Plus, I do have several Politeknik buddies whom struggling there, so i don't wanna drop a bombshell on them.

What do I interested on is the facts that he still using the "double standard" ideology between IPTA vs IPTS. Isn't it cherry? In my own believe, i don't really think that if you had some huge advantages of being IPTA students instead of IPTS students. In my thought, what really matters is how you bring yourself for the world to take you seriously. Diploma or Degree is just a ticket or key for you to enter the working environment with a little "Golden Boot". How you survive, it is you own technique and some dumb luck come into play. Where you receive your education doesn't really matter at that point, because if you can give a HELL YEAH performance, trust me, you'll be fine in the real world. Take for example any of under-graduated students. Does their academic achievement during high school really matter once they step in the campus? It's a big NO. It is all depends on your DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude.

Well, to Rs Ali Ariffin, sorry man, you are a douchebag. you are to proud of yourself just because you are a mechi. engine student? hahaha. That's dumb. And your comment doesn't show your level of mentality meet the requirement of being an engine student. You just make it worst. People will look down on you even more, because our comment only provoke more and worstly it effect Politeknik. You just ain't got it dude. At this point, me myself questioned the creditability of your statement of being engine students. Sorry dude, YOU SUCK! even more then all those Nursing babe that you criticised.Adios!

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