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July 2, 2011

You're A Broken Machine


"You here to analyze me , doc?
fix me up before I go back to the animal factory?
ask me some probing questions?
find out how I go tick-tock?"

"You wanna know if I kill with ease because my daddy raped his
retarded sister , and I got spit out slightly more useful than
the afterbirth?"

"Or maybe I didn't make captain of the gridiron gang
never had a cherry valance of my own."

"Or maybe cause of the bookworm queens, who later grow up to be PHMD's
stared down their noses at me so much I thought the sun was a big , old

"Or maybe it's cause when I watch a man die at my hand,I finally feel
Theodore Bagwell matters more than all those gnat's asses in the world!"

"Because I know, dear kind doctor, in that moment nothing matters more
in that soon-to-be-dead man's eyes than I!"

"Because I!, I am his gatekeeper to life or death."

Is it that menagerie of misery that make me so special a case study, doc?
is it?"

Lloyd Lowery:

"You know it's not Theodore."

"When we started this case I thought i was going to get some great insight
into why you are the way you are,"

"A look into a complex psyche,
a glimpse into the neurological map of a madman, that could show some light
on some bigger truths, that could maybe help other sick people one day."

"As I got up-close and personal with you and your handiwork, I found a truth."

"It was a small one , though."

"As unexciting as it may sound, some machines just come out the factory broken."



"No Shit."

p/s-Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell. Total Killed-31 People. A Genius,A Madman, A Creative Killer.A Broken Machine.

June 26, 2011

Jack Without Sally

We Were Lucky, Bacause We Were Once Happy

Every Other Couple Seem Suck, And We Were Like Jack And Sally

Our Bond And Chemistry Is Priceless, A Special Thing Of Beauty

On Top Of The World, Others Just Simpleton Peasants, We Were Mighty.

Now I am Just A Face In The Crowd, You Are A Complete Stranger
Hatred Had Now Overruled, And Love Is Something Cannot Be Lingered
Revenge May Seem Sweet, Because It Was Driven By Anger
Driven To The Escalation Point Where We Almost Traded Middle Finger.

When The Dust Is Settled, All I Have Is Myself To Take The Lead
Although I Am Wondering Whether Someday The "Perfect Someone" I Will Meet
But Yet Somehow, I Was Able To Pick Up All The Broken Pieces
Eventhough I am Still In The Search For Someone To Share Blow Kisses.

The Future Seems Scary, Now That I Am Alone To Face It
Deep Inside, I Am Still Wondering That I May Not Be Able To Handle It
Make It To The End Without Have To Experience Another Heart Break
A Hope Of Smooth And Easy Love Without Any Toll To Take.

Jack And Sally, It Is All Now Just Another Sore Memories
Memories In The Past That Keep On Tempting Me Like Crazy
But I Am Stronger Now After That Beautiful Letdown
I Am Now Able To Cross The Ocean Of Doubt Without Being Drown.

Sally, A "Thank You" You Don't Deserve But I Owed You I Guess
I Am Far Off Better Now Without You To Make A Mess
You Are Now Someone Whom Love I Should Not Confess
You Are Now A Scar Of What Used To Be Pain In My Ass.

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