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November 1, 2008

thanx a lot..
for making my life so fuCking miserable!!!!!!!
raise ur middle finger n say
fuCk U!!!!!!!

happy go lucky..

some say,
im da kinda of guy which in the hepi go lucky type.
is it true?
well, i have to say just..
susah gak r org nk tgk aku muka com @ susah ati @ tak lalu nk makn ker..
im just not dat kind of guy.. why should u be upset eventhough u got a problem?
just relax, calm down let it pass by.. u wil have to face it anyhow so why be upset?
just stay hepy 4get bout it for a while n when u r ready fight it like hell.
trust me.. no matter how hard, no matter how deep, no matter how difficult we can overcome it..
or its just gonna be hanging around u or hunt u down..
but why should u let it bring u down?
it shouldn't..
dats why i choose to be hepi go lucky just stay hepy all da time.
eventhough there r so much pain in me, soo much probs, soo much responsible laying on my shoulder, so many things to face, so many fucking person i hate dat i have to face everyday damn day, but will i let it bring me down?

hell no..

yes sumtimes it get into my head.. but just for a while.. if u ever find me down, just leave me for a me.. i'll be back on my feet as good as gud as fun as great as i used to be..
because in just human..
i do have feeling..
sumtimes i loose control of myself.
trust me, when i do, i dun wanna be near me..
because im a very hot tempered, a short fuse, a loose cannon, not a wise one when im angry..
i tried to keep it deep deep far as i can push it down..
i dun wanna let anybody see the real me..
the jerk,the bastard, the asshole dat i am, n who i alway be..
i cant buried it 4 good.. its just who i am..
but i can promise one thing, i can control it..
even in the hardest situation..

dats why i choose to be


because sumtimes its easier to pretend to be a person dat u r not just to fit in, otherwise i will die alone.. it is hard but i can try.. yes! im trying..

it just who i am..

adam (pronoun as adem)

the person dat u noe as
-a happy go lucky
-jovial type
-trying to be cute
-sumtimes crazy
-chinese look wif a pure malay heart
-vegetables haters

so which one of this are my real characteristic?
the one dat isnt fake?

to be honest, i dunno anymore..
its get mixed up alredy..
i am who i am..
what u see, thats me..


October 31, 2008


i dedicated this entry to all my frens.. may all the memory we share together will alway be as good as it is.. matter what.. i luv all of u no matter where u r.. honestly, i really miss the time when we r still in skool where we can fool around,skip tuition class together, skip skool, even skip puasa n eat popcorn in cinema (i will never 4get dat..seriously),hang out together at oldtown or McD or Swenz Kopitiam..
wish u guys a gud luck in wat ever u r doing..
luv u'all!!!!

kenapa aku suka mencarut?

smlm bila aku review blk blog2 entry aku bru aku pasan, byk gak2 curse2 words yg aku buh.. mcm x cencored pn ada.. tp mampuih p r.. ni blog aku kn, aku ble tulih pa ja yg aku mau.. but, a question remain,


kalu nk ikut, setiap kali aku bertutur mesti ada curse, well at least mesti ada r "bodo" k ,"babi" tuh plg normal r.. yg plg latest skali skrg nih "rise ur middle finger n say FUCK U".. so why?

maybe dats just who i am.. a cursing dude.. tp yg pasti dpn mak pak aku aku jaga setiap bait kata yg kluaq dr mulut aku.. nk mati, clap ckp jew t mampuih makpak aku berletiaq nnt.. so aku hanya curse2 ni ngn member2 jew.. esspecially member2 rapat.. ngn member2 kureng rapat tuh or gurl kureng r gak.. kalu ngn ajam,meor,aimil,adi,kuddus,hakim,ayie,ijat,fizi,shah,baby,boy,awe suma tuh kerap r mencarut.. plg byk ngn ajam ngn meor r..hahaha

kdg2 aku pikiaq gak, musti ada yg terasa ati bila kena maki ngn aku, atau pikiaq "gila gampang mamat nih manjang maki aku jew".. well, the thing is, kami org2 utara nih (PENANG,kedah ngn perlis) nih pertuturan kami mmg kasaq.. sampai kdg2 kalu kami bersembang ngn kwn2 se'utara' org2 len dr negeri len igt kami gaduh walhal kami hanya berseloroh..hehehe. but dats not an excuse to me for being a cursing dude..

so again, why i like to curse?

mencarut dlm eng pn slalu gak..besa r bru dengaq cool ckit kalu kata fuck,shit,asshole drpd babi,butoh,cibai n mcm2 lg.. so to be honest i dun noe how to answer dat question..


p/s-pasni aku nk post plak napa aku suka merokok.he3

October 30, 2008

i will fight...

give up?
was its worth?
after all u been through to get to this far?
after all the problem n trouble u face?
after all the consequence u pay?
i ask..
was it worth?
hell no..
i'll keep fighting no matter what..
i put a lot on the line to be here..
blood sweat n tears had been wasted
i will fight!!!!
no matter what..
this is my time to shine..
eventhough i noe sumone else will outshine me
i dun care..
i will fight..
give up is not an option..
to all the one dat doubt
rise ur finger middle finger n say


October 29, 2008

lets get it started

well, tommorow its the beginning of the end..
the end of this semester ok. dun get it wrong.. im not giving up, yet..
2morrow my final exam will start wif bel260-preparatory course for muet..
then on 3rd nov i have ctu 151-tamadun2 islam
on 4th nov acc114-accounting 1
on 8th nov i got my muet writing n listening test
on 9th nov-eco162-micoreconomic
on 12th nov- pad 160-principles of management
n last but not least on 16th nov pad17o-goverment n politics

n wats next?

i can finally fuck the world up.. hahaha

oh ya. i totally forgot.. i have a part time work waiting for me
swenz kopitiam.. i'll be spending my whole sem break in there.. n wel, earn some money..

hehehe.. wish me luck ok..

peace in n roCk out!!!!!

October 27, 2008


What were you doing before this?
+before this is too general.. i play NFS most wanted,surfing,smoking, pangkah2 ayie..+

If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
+Im Not sure..+

If you are the opposite gender, what would you do?
+Get married n have a lot of kids+

What would you do with a billion dollars?
+BILLION? bg kat mak pak aku r sng cita..suro diorang handle..aku bkn ble pgg duit byk2 nih.. joli jew t..+

Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?
+u r kidding me? always.. i think all my ex's r my besfren b4..sum r bcome my besfren after the break up+

Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
+being loved by someone..its special+

How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
+till i find one+

If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
+xbek ambik org pny..lgpn dah sah2 kat dahi dia dh dicop "hakmilik polan bin polan kan.hehehe"+

Have u ever been labeled as a snatcher?
+face to face? never... behing my back? i dunno.. but im not a snatcher.+

What takes you down the fastest?
+its anything happen to my mum+

How would you see yourself in ten years time?
+10 years meaning dat i will b 28. so i guess a stable career, own a house n car.. n get ready to get marry+

Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
+bukak mata n usha laptop aku ada x atas meja..seriesly i do dat.. takut kot kalu ilang kena curik..dah r student2 kat malinja ni expert2 bab mencurik nih+

Would you give all in a relationship?
+all in? im not sure..depends on my spouse i guess+

If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
+im not sure.. just read my poem "My Triangle Love Story"+

Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
+depends.. sumtimes i can just let it go sumtimes i hold the grudge till the end of time+

Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
+im not sure.. again.. both have its own pro n cons+

Describe yourself in one word

October 26, 2008

tupah's trip 25th Oct 2008

kalau ada sapa2 member korang ajak gi mandi kat tupah JALAN KAKI, just do this..

so dis fuck you gesture is specially dedicated to meor..
siot ang meor. adventure konon p tupah jalan kaki.. dkt sejam punya kena jalan.. siot.. blk lg satu hal..
tp sep bek trip to besh r gak.. anyway, it kinda cool.. aku bkn xpenah p tupah sblom2 nih.. byk kali gak r.. tp slalu g ngn family or ngn sepupu aku r.. ni kira first time r p ngn member.. dah r time study week, bkn nk pegang buku, pi plak jalan kaki, unplanned bru plan pagi tuh ja pun.. tp is fun.. so, thanx guys for joining da trip.. baby, hakim,kuddus n ayie.. meor?
ang utang kami bogel in public.. ang janji ang akan wat kalu trip jalann kaki tuh lebih dr 40 minit.. sejam kot kena jalan..

yg sengal, yg gila2, yg sempoi-DPA2D

awai2 dulu aku menyesal gila2 babi wat2 bodo nk register course time awai2 sem yg menyebabkan clas lama aku (DPA2B) full n aku secara officially kena kick dr clas tuh n kna masuk clas yg bru bukak DPA2D & dilantik sebagai clas rep.. tuh awai2.. setelah lama berada dlm clas DPA2D ni aku jdk suka,sronok,happy,girang n suma yg +ve2 la senang crita.. kami suma click skali, kalu ajak hang out suma join, ble maen kutuk2 sesama sendri n no hard feeling, its been a sweet memory i this class..seriously.. tny farah diba, dia pn rasa cm2.. kalu kat DPA2B suma ada grudge sesama sendri, ada yg xpuas hati, ada group masing2 n xble nk bercampur sesama sendri (gurl offense).. so thank you God.. aku dah eppy kat clas baru nih.. & kami akan tangkap gambaq class next sem, for sure.. n we will show the world how sengal we r.. hehehehe..
the cast of the act-DPA2D
+adam+ its me
+ajam+ my bro.. dewa neraka
+adi+ ciput, bangla, cemerkap suma dia la
+aimil+ kakek, pakcik no.2
+ijat+ hahaha..pakcik atok, org tua suma la yg tua2..
+amini+ budak dekan yg gila2.. bru "shun"!!
+fizi+ yg bisu..seriesly.. dlm masa 2 jam dia hanya bertututr 32 perkataan..
+boy+ the stylo among all..
+awe+ mat budu..
+mirul+ si pipi tembam.hahaha
+saf+ my kunckles buddies..huhuhu
+farah diba+ the hmm.. well u noe how to describe FD rite? hahaha
+fatin+ the acc114 speciallist..thanx babe 4 teaching me account
+ezzati+ minah jelir lidah 2 saat n then wat muka masam..hahaha
+wani+ the blue dolphin..menatang kesayangn dia
+siti+ mek tim
+ieyda+ sejam rm30 (hahaha..jgn marah)
+imah+ kat nita mulut muncung..

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