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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

October 29, 2010

Life Aint Sweet, Outcasters!

Reality mean nothing, perception is everything
We try to denied it but it won’t cling
The says, the words we try to take it for granted
Because in our head it still flustered
Should we care about all of the filthy thought?
They don’t even know us, isn’t that an obvious odd?
They said we the doubter, but we do believe in god
But still, their perspective and speech hurts, a lot

Maybe we don’t belong maybe we just the exile
Trying to fit in, but the world is another plays of child
Maybe it’s them with constructed mind
Or it just us that too blind to find

WE DON’T HAVE the right path to go
WE DON’T HAVE the right voice to mellow
WE DON’T have the perfect click to follow
WHAT WE HAVE IS JUST The cute cover to blow

We try our best to fit in
Still all of the efforts blown away and drowning
Still people see the worst of us
They Lust for more and we starting to fly dust

It’s time to seize back what ours
The rightful marks to be belong and fuss
ALL WE WANT IS Society membership not TO BE freaks
Can we, or can’t we? it just another break
Another swing we must alert ON
To be apart, nah! To be heard Upon

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