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December 28, 2010

Arsenal VS Chelsea 3-1

After four straight time being humiliated by Chelsea, finally Arsenal had return the favor. 3-1 cortesy of Alex Song, Cesc Febregas and Theo Walcottt. The Blues seems like they are about to bounce back and win the match with the beautiful free kick n head in by Ivanovic but there's just it. well, well, well, what do we have here? Chelsea with only one win in 8 matches? Its this the sign of the end for the defending champs? Oh my, me likey! Keep playing like that guys, you might not even be in top four and lose the right in competing in UEFA Champs League. I am not Gunners supporters but i do rooting for them to win this match. Why? Because I want Chels to lose, so that my Favourite, Spurs can keep up with the title chase, or at least the top 4 spot. Its only 1 point seperating Chelsea with Tottenham Hotspurs. All Spurs have to do is defeat Newcastle at home soil next week and hfinger crossed that Chelsea lose again against hot-runner Bolton Wanderers. Through it all, I think that Arsenal still lacking in term of defense. Vermaelen really is needed so i do hope that he heals fast enough if they do want to be seriously considered as top contender of English football. Quoted from Shebby Singh which i really like is "Drop all the aspect of age and young factor, Arsenal players are now have experience, so they need to step it up". They do. All in all, its a good post-Boxing Day. Viva La Gunners!

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