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February 15, 2011

Tottenham Hotspurs And Arsenal, The Heroes Of London

Yes, and yes. Yes I support a football club from London, Tottenham Hotspurs. Yes, I like to watch Arsenal games because they always play magnificently, and mostly because my pop is a big Arsenal's fans so sometimes i watch Arsenal game just to enjoy the beloved game together, more or less bonding a father/son moment. Ask any Malaysian who love football, most of us preferred club from BPL. Only a few stood by chanting for the outside club from Serie A or La Liga.Why? Because in Malaysia we are over exposed to BPL the English League. Youngsters like myself and most of my friends exposed too much to English football eversince we know the round of the ball. We growing up to living the dream with Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal or the newlycrown top 4 like Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs. Its not on our guilt if we cheer for any English clubs.

For us in Malaysia, the supporters of English Club and others there no better place or championship where bring us together other than UEFA Champions League Where all the best of the best of Europe square off for the prestigious trophy. Its already been halfway of the championship and now its only 16 team left to fight for the title of champion of Europe. All 4 clubs from English League successfully become top 16- Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs and Chelsea. For Man U and Chelsea, I'll say they have an easy ride to get through the knock-out phase, meanwhile top Londoners clubs, Spurs and Arsenal, they need a bit of luck to pass through it. Arsenal got it tough when they are again for the second season been drawn with Barcelona, one of the so-called best team in Europe. Seriously, nothing against the Catalans teams, but i am rooting for Arsenal. It really nothing, because I do like Arsenal as whole but like always, I give my support to any circumstances of anything which been place as underdog. As for that match, yes Arsenal is an underdog. They did try their very best last season but ended up been trashed out by Barcelona 6-3 on aggregate. I wasn't really think that Arsenal can get it through though because they need a miracle to beat Barcelona but at least I wanna see an improvement, at least a closer loosing aggregate, 1 ball per se. Go gunners!

Now, Lets talk about my team, TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS! Their draft pick for the knock-out stage is none other than Serie A leader, AC Milan. Tough fight you say? Maybe. But remember, the first time Spurs check in at San Siro in Champions League Tournament, they took the world by the storm with superb come back eventhough by that time, they against Inter Milan with a 10 men. Yes, some might say its all thanks to alone effort of Gareth Bale alone, but remember, back in Whithe Hart Lane, Spurs did trash Inter Milan 3-1. So yes, the match between AC Milan and Spurs, its not unbalance, its perfectly fit well match which its anybodies game to grab hold to. A lil spoiler alert and harsh test for Spurs because they lost several key player like Gareth Bale, the Spurs hero himself, Rafael Van Der Vaart and twinkletoe Luka Modric and it is tough to go and face AC Milan as cripple as that, but Spurs is a fighting team. Watch out for the sprint of Aaron Lennon, stylish play by newly found fitness and touch, Niko Kranjcar. Not to forget, Spurs got chokefull of talented strikers, Peter Crouch, Jermaine Defoe, Roman Pavlyuchenko on their side, so nothing to be afraid of. Plus, AC Milan got problems of their own whereby Antonnio Cassano, Mark Van Bommel and Urby Emanuelson is also being sidelined.And they only can rely on the strike force of Imbrahimovic, Pato and Robinho, no one else left on the bench to come for the save. Through it all, it seems to me as a fair game. Good luck Londoners!

p/s- I know that Chelsea is one of the London club, but i hate Chelsea. Sue Me!

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