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September 12, 2009

Fuck M

It’s all started with a lil’ confession
What in the world will it ever lead to love?
Stupidity blind the true feeling
Maybe it’s not worth it once I thought
I slipped it away fighting for the chance
Proving myself to one who won’t give a damn
Giving it all hearts still paying the price

Aren’t you sweet my lil princess?
Gets all the attention reflect of my image
A reputation takes a lifetime to build, crash and burn
Still that not the main concerns
What you do care?
It’s not you who been laugh at
It’s me, the dumbest ever
A badass with no brains
Yeah, that is me
Putting a big fake smile to the world
Let them see me laughing, joking, and smiling
The pain won’t be seen
Sure it won’t, don’t you worry about it
But the heart is dying
Dead and dry

Another try maybe?
No, I had enough
At least for now
But the world will be stop seeing me
That’s an oath
Wake up Adam
There’s plenty fish in the sea
Sure you can catch one
Once your “rebuild-your-heart” projects it done

You Will Be The Death Of Me

My V blood runs in your entire body
It worth killing for cause it’s extraterrestrial purely
You sucked it deep and you want it badly
I drain mine out for you cause that what you deserve gravely

I’m a vampire, that’s just who I will ever be
But weird enough you cause you are physic wannabe
We Being Together aren’t too bizarre To Believe
Once our World Collide, There’s nothing to live

Night is my plays morning is my shits
When the sun blaze for damn sure I’ll be hit
Silver is my weakness, fight it just like maths to geek
Who cares that’s all I got, the only reason I take the big leap

I’ll walk through the sun even if I know it’ll burn me till death
Only for you my love, unspokenly more or less
I don’t have a heart to give but still I wanna confess
But love conquers all in the course of clean or mess

You will be the death of me
Even that I once had live
You will be the death of me
Even if I am too far to reach
You will be the death of me
And you will be the one who live
You will be the death of me
Even it isn’t for you to see
You will be the death of me
Even if I am breathing
Sookie Stackhouse,
You will be the death of me.

p/s- Tribute To Tru Blood Season 01 TV series.

Tales Of A Senseless Heart

Hati Ini Kotor,
Tak Layak Untuk Kau Pegang.
Hati Ini Hitam,
Tak Layak Untuk Kau Simpan.
Hati Ini Penuh Dengan Tar,
Tak Layak Untuk Dekat Dengan Hati Kau.
Hati Ini Pesong,
Tak Layak Untuk Meluruskan Kau.
Hati Ini Sesat,
Tak Layak Untuk Membimbing Kau.
Hati Ini Rapuh,
Tak Mampu Untuk Menanggung Derita.
Hati Ini Gersang,
Kepingin Memiliki Hati Kau.
Hati Ini Keras,
Masih Mahu Mencuba.
Hati Ini Degil,
Terus Memberi Walau DiLanyak-lanyak.
Hati Ini Cekal,
Gagah Untuk Menanggung Sakit.
Hati Ini Bebas,
Mampu Membelah Awan Biru
Hati Ini,
Mahu Di Lanyak Berulang-Ulang.
Mahu Jatuh Berkecai Bak Kaca.
Mahu Kalah Pada Yang Sama.
Mahu Diterjah Berkali-Kali.
Mahu Di hina Dan Di Keji.
Mahu Di Sepak Dan Di Terajang.
mahu Jatuh Tersungkur Dan Terkangkang.
Mahu Di Kurung Dekat Dengan Kau.
Mahu Di Lekat Hampir Dengan Kau.
Mahu Jatuh Cinta Pada Kau.

How Well Do You Recycle?- Ambik Dari Eny


1.Do you recycle?

A)Yes(Please proceed to the next question)
B)No(Please state why)

A- aku juia paper kat lori yg slalu lalu dpan umah kira recycle r gak kan

2.How important is recycling to you?

A)Very imporant
B)Fairly important
C)Not very important
D)Not at all important

C- a very honest answer ni.

3.Which of these statements best describes your attitude towards recycle?

A)Recycle even if it requires additional effort
B)Recycle if it does not require additional effort
C)Recycle to get some extra money
D)Don't know

C-money minded la katakan

4.How would you normally find out the information about recycling?

F)Local community

B- kan ada iklan pasai recycle kan

5.Do you know what pre-recycling is?

A)Do not buy anything at all
B)Reduce tha packaging of trash/rubbish
C)Always use own bags when shopping
D)No idea

D-seriesly xtaw

6.Do you ask for/take a bag when buying small things?
eg.candy,chewing gum,mineral water,etc...


B- mengada2 r beli chewing gum pn nak plastik gak.

7.What do you recycle?


A-surat khabar lama!surat khabar lama(dlm sleng cina)

8.How do you recycle?

A)Put the recycleable items into the correct bins provided
B)Go to the recycling centre
C)Give the recycleable items to someone who collects them
D)Wait for the recycle items to be collected

D-skali lg, honest answer.

9.How often do you recycle?

E)Depends on the recycleable items quantity

E- umah aku bkn slalu beli paper.

10.Overall,how would you rate your recycling?


D-honest answer skali lg.



C-none of the above.aku kunsa.ahaks


D)21 and above

B- still teen okay

September 11, 2009

20th Burfday Wish

mak aih baru celebrate bday 5 bulan lepaih aku dah ada bday wish dah, dasat tol aku ni. ha3.
so, utk bday aku next year aku nak poetry book. bukan novel, tapi books of poem. anyone whta willing to buy me that?

Tru Blood

skrg ini, sbb terlalu lama utk tggu cita2 TV series favorite aku di-season-barukan. cita2 seperti How I Met Your Mother(bulan depan season 5), Chuck (bulan depan season 3), Supernatural (bulan depan season 5), Lost(TAHUN depan season 6, mak aih lambat gila), My Name Is Earl (xdak confirmation lg bila season 5 nak tayang), The Office (season 6 next month) prison break (oo lupa dah abih dah cita ni), n of cos terpaksa tulih cita ni , Gossip Girl (aku xcheck pun lagi bila season 3nak kluaq). okay start dr bulan july i guess suma cita ni abih dlm masa yg agak serentak so aku terpaksa carik cita baru untk mengisi masa lapang aku. n guess what the new TV series yg aku tgh layn is TRU BLOOD. behs kot cita ni. cita pasai vampire maintreaming n poeple is trying to accept the vampire into the human community. n then one vampire bill compton felt in love a human, sookie stackhouse. besh cita ni. love,sex,violence uncensoring fun n explicit. season 2 dah kluaq dah tapi still xsempat abih download g. try ar layan cita ni, besh, tapi spoiler alert, TV series ni 18SX okay.

THis Will Be The Last Post AboutYou, Ms SIBHI

okay, this will be the last post ever, i will be mentioning bout u Ms SIBHI, yeas, i noe u r reading this. guess what, i do get saf approval for our so called " futuristic engagement", n thats all i need. my besfren approval so the future wedding is on, if all the terms n regulations of our deal is fullfilled. so u better bring our A game sista, cuz i will be bring mine. see you in 20 year my dear.


who r u??
everyone wanna know..
but i make a oath.
so im not gonna tell!..
gudluck searching guys!

September 10, 2009

The Proposal

wow! believe me or not, i did popped out the question. seriesly! im not kidding around.suprisingly, she said yes! guess what, i do have a wife in the waiting man! ahaks. wait2! does that make that i have a fiancee now? wow! wanna know how i propose? here how it goes.

"Ms. SIBHI, will do do me the honor of being my back up wife?"

n she answered

"yes! i do!"

what a sec. what is back up wife u might ask. well, i n her make a deal if in the future 28 years from now to be exact, when i turn 39 n she turn 40, if i still single n looking, n shes the same, we will tight the knot with each other. well it not a lost cause. it just sort of a back up plan. well, i mena if im already 39, theres be nothing left for me, all my friend probably already married, im to old for be doing all the craps im been doing now so i better make a back up plan for that rite so thats how the deal was make. n she agreed! we shook hand. so now, i dun hav eto worried about the future if only still single.ha3. crazy huh? its pretty great if u think deep though.

p/s- im not gonna tell who is Ms. SIBHI is.

Dari Tanjung Dawai Ke Seberang Jaya Ke RnR Sg Dua

Bukak Posa Di Tanjung Dawai Mlm Plak Gi Karoke Kat Seberang Jaya Pastu Lepak N Buang Masa Kat RnR Sunagi Dua Sampai Soq.

September 7, 2009

Is It Just Me, Or The World Is Stop Spinning?

Im just blanked. i realised the major changes about myself but i just sit back n do nothing. this semester is my fourth semester, 2 more to go till i grad as diploma holder, but im not behaving or even acting to be as a diploma student. what teh hell man? yes i not, im not a very hardworking type but stil, i try to push myself to the extend where i thought i can handle. obviously, i cant. im just the sam eold aCe+ who skip skool, skip tuition, prepared not even 40% to face the big dman, whats else? what else do u want to fuck up about ur self? maybe i am making a wrong decision by taking this diploma shits. maybe i should just follow my heart back then, i am doing so damn well in the working reality check business. at least i am standing on my own feet n survive on my own. but now, what the hell? i vene have to call my mum for money to buy some big ass book which i noe im not gonna read whats the point of being a student then? plus, what do i'd done here as a student? study? ha3. impossible. enjoying? yes! hanging out? yes! wasting my student loan money? yes! killing my brain cell? yes! so what the hell? maybe CHUCK was right after all. "follow your heart, your brain just gonna screw everything up.". yes, i totally agree with chuck statement. yes, just follow our heart though, our smart brain just gonna come out with a lot of solution, a lot of stats figure to mess around the situation, so just follow your heart, cuz there is where the love. i just hope is still not too late for me to turn around nad make everything rite. but though, i dunno what i want. till then, i just gonna follow the flow and sit tight. for now, im just waiting for the moment n i am living for the moment

September 6, 2009

The Girl With A Lonely Soul

I'm sitting down in a up a ciggy"s"..i look around.plain ol simple.nothing change.nothing new. my sight lock on one corner..a girl. typical waiting for someone. few mins later, she move. to the other corner.still.depressed.lonely. i puff the final smoked. couraged myself to approach her. this is what happen.

"hye, sorang ja?"
"*dead silence*"
"resah semacam ja, tggu orang ke?"
"*still.. dead silence but she look cool with it*"
"jgn risau. satgi dia mai la"
"*looking at me n say*- angenal dia ka?"
"*aku wat2 taw jawap*- kenal sgt. member dah lama dah"
"apsal dia babi sgt hah?"
"awat plak?"
"ni dah kali ke tiga kot dia tinggai aku camni"
"dia ada hai kot"
"palahotak r.aku taw sgt mana dia pi. mesti tgh bromen ngn betina tuh"
"ala, bukan dia sengaja"

i thought she was talking bout her boyfriend or what, but it turn out that shes talking bout her daddy. ha3. disguise? thats my style!

p/s- aku xngorat pun minah tu okay. just nak brief conversation. aku ni kan suka wat kawan.ahaks

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