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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

October 25, 2010


Don't ask why i post this pix up. and yes, she live in the past and she belong in the past. but somehow she still able to pull some string around the present.she still in my head, laying low waiting for the right moment to pop out. messing around with my thought. its not really her whom poking me around, it is the memory of her. heart-broken? no. that's not the right term to put it. but the memory we shared, is one hell of unforgettable one. how i ended up still thinking about her even though it had been a few year? i guess maybe she is the only one that truly honest when we were together. seriously, if you ask me now, i don't know how and what honest relationship is. yes, there are some honest girl, try to get inside my heart, but i am the one who did not play along. so yes, i don't know what honest relationship is all about. if, hypothetically if, magically she appeared right before my eyes, i'll be numb. yes, that's the kind of string that she can pull on me. oh how i wish we can finish what we had started awhile ago. but honestly, i am not ready for face her just yet, because.. the reason is not something that i'm willing to share. simple conclusion, she is different. not special, but different.

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