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January 7, 2012

Confused Is Just Another Word For Fucked Up

I Move On. I Step Out Of The Dark. I Am On The Other Path, The Rightful One. I Made My Choice. I Left Everything That Holding Me Back To Move Forward. You Included. I Rise From The Ashes And Reborn. I Am A New Man,Driven To Change The Course Of My Life. And Then Out Of Sudden...

You Were There. Standing In The Corner Of The Street. Not Saying Any Word But I Know Your Intention. Your Expression Tells. You Are Not Happy With "The New Me". You Wish I Go Back To The Way Things Are Before. You Are Hoping That I Could Turn Back. Go Back To Your Grasp, So That You Can Work Your Magic Over Me, Again And Again. A Puppet-Master And I Was Your Little Bitch. Nay, I Was Your Very Best Creation. The One That Kill Without Hesitation. The Beast That Shallow The Light And Turn The World Cold.

Now Here I Am Kneeling On The Ground. Doubtful, Confused, Angered! Leveling With The Demon That Firmly Suggested To Unleash The Worst. Be Like Before, The Voices Kept On Yelling. This So Called Righteous Path Wasn't Made For You. You Are Confused. You Are Not This Type. You Shouldn't. Remember, Remember, Remember. How Cheerful Life Was Before You Changed. Stop Fighting Who You Were Destined To Be. This World Needs No More Saints To Corrected Misled Soul From Hellish Damnation. Just Go Back, Do Not Refuse, You Cannot Fight This Temptation.

Here I Am. Standing In Between. Wishing To Be Good But Yet Stuck In The Darkness. Waiting To Make A Step. Either Left To Hell, Or Right To The Path Of Unknown.

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