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May 16, 2009


19th time EPL Champs, The Greatest Football CLub On The Planet, Manchester United!!!
thats, 11th Cup Of ManU Under The Wing Of Sir Alex Ferguson.
Gud Job Guys! Glory2!
Champs League ahead okay, Win That Too!

FUCK Beyonce'!

penah dengaq lagu Beyonce' If I Were A Boy? meh try dengaq aku punya lagu plak, ni lirik dia.

Album-Hapa Kejadah Semua Ni?

If I were a girl even just for a day
I'd put my make-up on
And try to be nice and cute
And go on shopping spree with my gals

And waits the boys to chase me
I'd kiss it with who i wanted
And I'd tried not to be queen control freak'
cuz i will always fall in love with the dicks

If I were a girlI think I couldn't understand
How it feels to love a boy
I swear I'd be a better girlfriend

I'd listen to him
'Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
'Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

If I were a girl
ill try to understand that boys do have feeling too
I would reply all of his texts
Tell him that i love him
So he know that he is the one

I'd never put myself first
And never make the rules as I go
'Cause I know that he'd be faithful
Waiting for me to fall, fall in love

If I were a gir
lI think I could understand
How it feels to love a boy
I swear I'd be a better girlfriend

I'd listen to him
'Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
'Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

It's a little too late for you to come back
cuz theres someone else for me
Think I'd forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you
You thought wrong

But you're just a girl
You don't understand
And you don't understand, oh
How it feels to love a boy
Someday you wish you were a better girlfriend

You don't listen to him
You don't care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted'
Cause you're taking her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed
But you're just a girl

May 15, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

esok, atau dgn lebih tepat kurang sejam dari skrg cukup detik 16 mei. wow! teacher's day. hm.. apa aku nk cakap ek? i guess happy teachers day la to all my previous teachers. thanks didik aku jadik org yg berguna.berguna ke? well, at least im not ended up living on the streets selling pots aaint i? so , i consider myself dodged the bullet big time. thanks kat cikgu2 yang curahkan ilmu2 suma kat aku, walaupun kebanyakkan ilmu akademik x aku guna utk teruskan hidup aku, tapi at least ilmu moral n jalan yg disuluh oleh cikgu2 aku dulu aku ikut. aku an street smart material, cikgu aku pun ckp cmtu, xmen r akademik. tanpu cikgu2 suma mungkin aku xkan jadik aku yg hari ni,, thanks again! apprecited it, a lot!

Im Writing Words From Gossip Girl,Devious Is It?

Shoulder Pads May Come And Go, But A BFF Is Forever,
Because Even When You're Not Sure Where You're Headed,
It Helps To Know That You're Not Going There Alone,
No One Has All The Answers,
And Sometimes The Best We Can Do Is Just Apoligize,
And Let The Past Be The Past
Other Times,
We Need To Look Up To The Future,
And Know That Even When We Think We Seen It All,
Life Can Still Suprise Us,
And We Can Still Suprise Ourself..

(Gossip Girl,Season2, Episode 24-Valley Girls)

Punctual? Not My Style!

cmon la kan, aku dah stat keja balik kat Swenz Kopitiam dah 5 hari dah since aku stat cuti sem tapi skali pun xpenah sampai sblom pukui 9 or 9 tepat. paling awai aku sampai pun 9.05. tapi lg besh, 9.20 baru aku tunjuk muka kat Swenz. Manager aku, Joyce senyum ja usha aku. ha3. the truth is, aku mmg xpenah sampai awai pun.dulu Misah Dok keja lagi dia yg slalu tlg paunch card kat aku, skarang Misah dah balik Sabah xdak org nk punch kat aku, aku ngn Ah May ja pun keja morning shift n plus skrg dah ada manager jaga time morning shift xble dah nk wat kedai tuu macam bapak kami punya. hai la Misah, pasai pa u brenti babe. kalu u stil keja, boss xkan ambik Joyce keja jadik manager pny, bos akan bagi kat u.skrg ni sapa nk tolong punch kat aku Misah.sob3. lebuq r, attendance allowance aku cmni.babi tol. xpa, esok aku try mai awai tgk. kita tgk ble ke, macam harapan ja? ish3!

aku ngn misah

Song-Right Here

I know I've been mistaken
But just give me a break and see the changes that I've made
I've got some imperfections
But how can you collect them all and throw them in my face
But you always find a way to keep me right here waiting
You always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting
And if you chose to walk away
I'd still be right here waiting
Searching for the things to say to keep you right here waiting
I hope you're not intending
To be so condescending it's as much as i can take
and you're so independent
you just refuse to bend so I keep bending till I break
But you always find a way to keep me right here waiting
You always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting
And if you chose to walk away I'd still be right here waiting
Searching for the things to say to keep you right here waiting
I've made a commitment
I'm willing to bleed for you
I needed fulfillment
I found what I need in you
Why can't you just forgive me
I don't want to relive all the mistakes I've made along the way
But I always find a way to keep you right here waiting
I always find the words to say to keep you right here waiting
But you always find a way
To keep me right here waiting
You always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting
And if I chose to walk away would you be right here waiting
Searching for the things to say to keep me right here waiting


May 14, 2009

Happily Ever After

One Silly Nite, I Was Driving My Ride Through The Dark Roads, Without Any Lights Along The Way. To Be Honest I Dun Really Know Where Im Heading To. I Just Drive, Drive, n Drive. After A While, I Stopped My Ride In Front Of A House Full Of Guests.Its More Like A Party, Type? I Dunno. I Walked Out The Car, Crashing The Party, Im Not Even Sure Whether I Am Invited Or Not, i Dun Really Give A Damn. As I Entered The Houses, I Realized. There Are Some Familiar Faces But I Cant Recall Their Names. One Of Them Smile At Me, I Just Walked Away From It Leaving That Guys Confused On His Own. I Take A Drink, Im Not Even Sure Whats The Drink Was, I Just Drank It.I Seated At A Corner of The Tippies, Away From The Crowd, Lighting Up My Ciggys, Looking Up To The Sky Trying To Get Rid Of My Boredom. As My Mind Flewing Away From My Soul, Something Bring It Back. A Person.Lovely. Shes Wearing A Virgin-ly White Gown With A Stunning Hairban. With A Curlyy Hair, Nicely Comb To The Left Shoulder,Black In Colour.With A Nice Brown Shoe With A Lil SnowFlake On It.Shes Holding A Glass Of Drink. I Dun Think Shes A Malay Cuz Shes Aint That White, N Aint That Dark, Nicel Brown Just Like A Malay. I Think Shes A Mixture, Malay+Portuguese.Serani I Guess.Shes Beautiful, I'll Had To Give Creadit To That Cuz Shes Make My Heart Melt.Slowly, She Sat In Front Of Me With A Pretty Smile On Her Face, The Prettiest Smile I Ever See In My Life.As My Ciggys Still Aroung My Fingers, She Closen HerSelf. Closer n Closer. Her Face Almost Touched Mine.She Whispered Something To Me. Still, I Cant Recall What It Is. Its A Weird Awkward Moment For Awhile, Maybe Cuz Of Hers Whispered.Im Speechless. After Awhile, She Grap My Hand. She Pull Me Into The Crowd, Into The Dancing Floor n We Started To Dance. I Hate Dancing, n Thats Why Im Not Good At It. Still, She Perfectly Suited Me Up In The Dance.Its A Romantic Dance, I Dunno What They Call It. As Scouting For Girl Song's, "She's So Lovely" Played, We Still Dancing Ur Body In The Crowd. Ur Head Is So Close To. Then, She Reast Her Head On My Shoulder. I Can Smell Her Perfume, Lavender.Nice! Shes Just Like A Lil Kitten Whom Want Some Attention n want Some Love. Its Her Lucky Nite, Im All Hers. Suddenly Out Of No Way, She Pushed Me.She Cried. Her Tears Almost Ruined Her Lovely Cute Face. Then Shes Run Away.Away From Me.Far Far Away. I Was Stunned For Awhile.Maybe Its Cuz We Dun Fit Together, Thats Why Shes Run,Thats What Crossed My Mind. But Then, I Realized, Why Dun We Just Give It A Try, We'll Never Know Whats Up In The Future. Thats When I Decide To Chase Her. I Run To Find Her. It Take All A Lot Me, Trying To Find Her. After A Few Hours Of Searching, I Found Her. Still The Same, Still In The White Gown, Cutely.She Sat Down In Some Dark Alley, Alone.She Looked Up N Saw Me. Suprisingly She Didnt Run Away.She Stayed. I Can Still Saw Tears On her Face.I Slowly Walked, Closer n Closer. i Stoodstill In Front Of Her. Waiting For Her Next Move. Shes Just Freezed Over. I Have To Make A Move. I Slowly Put My Both Hand On Her Shoulder. I Sat Down. Facing Her Cute Face. Looking Through Her Eyes. I Can See The Sincerity,The Love Flame, The Adrenalim Pumping. After Staring Each Other For A While, We Hugged. I Whispered Something To Her. I Can Still Remembered The Exact Words That Come Out My Mouth. "I Love You". We Stare Each Other Again For Another Time. This Time I Realized, She Watching My Lips So I Stare Hers Too. Her Lip Look So Soft, Flaming Red. Then after Awhile Of Waits, WE KISSED!

p/s-That Was My Dream Last Nite! Nice isnt It? If That Girl Really Exist, I Really Really Want To See Her, I Can Still Remember How Shes Look Like..

Band-Melastik Bintang

hari dan hidupku takkan seindah dulu tanpamu.
ada hikmahnya hidup tanpa kasih darimu, sygmu, senyummu.

seharusnya aku terus melangkah kaki dgnmu
melindungmu, menjagamu, lebih berbanding diriku

dan ku akur silapku
terlalu sempit mindaku, akalku, sangkarmu
namun salahkah aku? kau sering berselingkuh, selalu, terlalu

andai ada penggantimu
akanku peluk dinginnya
melindungnya, menjaganya, lebih berbanding diriku

seharusnya aku terus melangkah kaki dgnmu
melindungmu, menjagamu, lebih berbanding diriku

andai ada penggantimu
akanku peluk dinginnyamelindungnya, menjaganya,
lebih berbanding diriku

Song-Whole Again
Band-edge Of Fire

I will love u till the day I die
I would tell u how much I'll need u everyday
for my life long to love some one like u
with a heart silhouetted the perfect passion

I would try to be a better lover
I don't care if I lose my all
cause it's u I've been dreamin' for this life time
so here's my heart, waitin' for u to take it baby

come and take my heart tonite
cause it's u I've been waitin' for all the while
come and take my heart tonite
make me whole again

I see clouds filling up the moon
and the greens turnin' into blue and faded
I would say things were wrong & now I'm missin' u
I will have to make amends cause it'll be till the end

do u think I would stop for what I've been leavin' out these nights girl
I've been cravin' u'd be mine all mine
u are all that have made my life,
I won''t let u down this time
baby I want u back here in my life forever

I would try to be a better lover
I don't care if I lose my all
cause it's u I've been dreamin' for this life time
so here's my heart, waitin' for u to take it baby

come and take my heart tonite
cause it's u I've been waitin' for all the while
come and take my heart tonite
make me whole again

May 13, 2009

Calculator Please, I Wanna Know The Exact Time Of My Death

Numbers,Numbers,Numbers, What The Hell, What The Fuck,I Know Im Beaten N Outnumbered, Cuz Its Just Aint My Luck. lets talk bout numbers shall we? even though im fucking hates calculation, since no time i guess, but still this post it need to be include with asks why! please , i just hates maths. "439.8.3512.20.19".. woo, what the hell is all this numbers mean. this aint lost Tv series okay, its numbers of my life.haha. no sweats. its actually involve with ciggys. cigarettes. well, i just realize this morning its been over a year since i started smoking. a year 2 months n 13 days to be exact. so, if we said that i spent a pack of 20 ciggys a day which i round as RM8, times the exact amount of day of me smoking which is 439 days, i'd been spending Rm3512.00 since last year just on smoking.n im only 19 years old. shocking facts? its a true story of a smokers. still, i dun wanna stop.ha3.gimme one gud reason to stop other then waste money, maybe ill consider stopping. if ur point is life treaten, dun bother, cuz i dun plan to live any other argument? speak out! i wanna hear it.ahaks.

p/s-RM3512 tu ble lepas ambik EX5 sebijik okt.ish3.adam,adam.

Walk The Talk, Can We?

Malaysian punya prangai. talk, talk, talk, thats all WE do, but do we even walk it through? nah! kita sembang ja dengaih kadang tuh. wats the most exciting n talkabout topic among malaysian? POLITIC of course. kedai mamak, kedai kopi tepi jalan, stall burger, kopitiam, MC'd, KFC even secret recipe is not exceptional, suma org pi sana makan2 sembang jumpa member2 n then talk bout politics.xkira bangsa, xkira tempat, politics, politics, politics. kes latest yg jadik hot topic must be kes Nizar dapat blk jawatan as a MB for perak. peh! terbaek kot! kan dah cakap dulu, konpem ble dpt blk pny kat Pakatan Rakyat. bukan nk take side, cuma bagi aku BN pakai cara yg agak xbersopan utk take over admin Perak.cmon lah Nizar time tu mentri besaq kot, napa plak xble dia nk dissolute DUN.. ooo, kalau Anwar dpt crk 31 org dr BN utk lompat parti ble plak hampa suma plan nk bubaq parlimen tapi kat Perak xble plak. it work both way around la, cuma x manner sgt r cara tuh, but it still legit.ok2 aku bukan nk sentuh bab politics sgt pun cuma nk sentuh bab malaysian pny attiude, malaysian ni kalau apa2 benda pun suma politics gak yg balik n digembar-gemburkan. suma org bercakap pasai politics, sana sini pny berbicara politics.but the remain question here, do malaysian even truely understand malaysian politics itself? susah nk jawap sbb people tense to talk b give opinions but they dun really walk the talk. well kalau nk consider wat happen in PRU12 as walk the talk, ok lah fine ble trima lagi, but still its just a changes made in parliment, how bout the mentality of voters? can we even change that? bukan lah nk besaq pala, aku pun ilmu bukanlah tinggi sgt, sejak2 ambik course Public admin ni barulah tau ckit2 pasai politics, sblom ni pun aku just wat xheran jew pasai politics.course demand ok. ok the question kalau kita tanya mana2 malaysian our government ada brapa branch? ble ke suma jawap? xsuma kan. but still malaysian still like,love,wanna talk about politics. politics teruk la, kotoq la.well, let me stress here,again, politics aint dirty, politicians, can we even change the mentality of the people? i cant answer that cuz im only represent myself, i cant represent the people, so only time will tell..

p/s- i cant wait for the next PRU13, by then im allowed to vote already! which side im gonna voting for? haha2.undi adalah rahsia!

May 12, 2009

If U Call Me Crazy, Watcha Gonna Call This Guys?

p/s- just looking through some pics album in my AcePire n found all this weirdo pics. ahaks. just for laugh lol.

Wanna Bet?

Yup! I am ManU holligans. i am a fans of manchester united football team. n this season is gonna be a double champs title again. u guys thinks liverpool can manage to steal EPL cup away from ManU? think again? they dun even have the guts n skills to do it! all the can wishes for is ManU lost a again, trust me theres no hoping n lucks n football okay. liverpool only can dream of it. a struggle EPL match upcoming is only against Arsenal, which is not that itimidating cuz Arsenal just lost to chelsea man, 3-1 so u think its gonna be a probs to ManU to kick the Gunners ass? piece a cake! Champs League? cmon! its only Barcelona standing in ManU ways from grapping the cup for the second straight time1 whats Barca have that ManU dun? they only have the speed n sprint.thats all. henry, e'too n messi? not a probs at all! Vidic n Ferdinand is the one that gonna make their goal scoring opportunities a waste! plus, ManU have the best forward n midfielder that gonna create a goal. no credit to dimitar barbetov, he sucks! it is a waste of 30mil buying him. he just screwing ManU formation.Tevez is far far better than him. dun sell tevez Ferguson, its a big damn mistakes! waits for champs league man! Giggs gonna hold high the cup once again!

If A Bitch Can Quo This, Why Can't Us?

Every Successfull Person Has A Painful Story,
Every Painfull Story Has A Successfull Ending,
Accept The Pain And Get Ready For Success Ahead.

May 11, 2009


aku ni racism x? maybe kalau kat campus susah nk usha sbb pusing kanan melayu, pusing kiri, melayu, maybe ada la bila pusing2 tu terpandang kaum2 bumiputera yg len slaen melayu yg further study kat uitm, tapi perbezaan ketara ble nampak kalau aku balik penang, melayu, cina india sama banyak ja aku racism ke aku? aku sendri xtaw r nk determine sbb tadi aku dah stat keja dah balik kat swenz kopitiam, xbyk perubahan kali ni. cuma ada muka2 baru yg menyerikan swenz n muka2 lama yg aku xmuak nk usha. tapi tadi sedang aku wat keja aku, ari ni aku mintak jadik waiter, maleh nk wat bar lg, so keja aku serve makanan ja la. kedai aku mmg slalunya penuh ngn customers cina jew, melayu kadang2 india jarang2. as a waiter, tugas aku ambik order, antaq order n bwk bil n then clear table, tu ja. tapi tadi aku pasan yg aku ni bg service double standard kot. aku layan customers melayu first class, customers cina cam besa ja. racism? ntah la. kalau mai bab kaum ni, mmg kita slalu utamakan kaum kita tol x? so betullah apa org kata, malaysian ni mmg penuh ngn banyak race n cultures n nampak macam harmoni abih r tapi itu hanya pada dasar, di dalam entiti malaysia itu sendri keadaan sebenarnya tegang, kalau tercetus apa2, still kita akan stick ngn kaum kita bukan kita nk berdiri sebagai malaysian. ini just pandangan aku, apa yang aku nampak n apa yg aku lihat, mungkin pada pandangan orang len berbeza.ntah la

May 10, 2009

I Love Kids, So What?

comey x budak2 ni? nama depa Aiman Danish ngn NurNilam Diyana. dua2 ni anak buah aku, merangakpa anak sepupu aku. tadi kami baru pi kulim n aku dah lama gila babi xjumpa depa duarang ni. maen belon ngn depa tadi, sonok kot maen ngn budak2, yg kadang buat ak terpikiq nk ada anak sendri,haha.gati gila babi aku ni, blajaq pun xabih g nk gedik nk ada anak. ha3. esok dah stat keja, maleh n excited bercampuq baur.
p/s- suka ati aku la aku nk tulih dlm english ke dlm bahasa melayu ke, apa ang kesah weh, xsuka blah r, xpayah baca. aku nk wat bahasa rojak pun xkacau idup ang kan??

Follow Our Heart, Our Mind Only Gonna Screw Things Up

hell yeah its true, our heart is the one thats pure, instictly speaking, its also true, while our mind plays hard its cold facts, some actual calculation, percentages of succeed n whats matters the most mind will never consired faith. mind is all about facts. so, trust ur heart, follow what it says, u'll find ur way in life..

Wisdom Talk

There Are Two Enternities That Can Really Break You Down,

Yesterday And Tommorow,

One Is Gone,

Another One Doesn't Exist,

So Live Today!

Kegagalan Hari Ini Bererti Pendorong

Namun Kejayaan Semalam Bukan Bererti Kemegahan

Oleh Itu Gantunngkanlah Cita-CitaMu

Setinggi Tinggi Bintang Di Langit

Dan Rendahkanlah Diri Mu

Serendah Rumput Di Bumi

p/s-percaya atau tidak kata2 semangat ni ada kat gambaq clas aku,xperasaan pun slama ni.

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