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January 31, 2009

I Love Merbok

seriesly, merbok its one of the place that give me the chance to explore myself n learn new stuff..well to be honest its Uitm Kedah that open up the greatness, but merbok takes the ya merbok

Kill Me When Im 60

dalam waktu kita meningkat usia, mesti pernah sesekali kita diajukan soalan "kalau diberi pilihan, berapa lama kita nak hidup di atas dunia ni?" saban kali ditanya, jawapan yang diterima untuk soalan tersebut seringkali berbunyi seakan2 sama.. "1000 tahun","100 tahun", "SELAMA-LAMANYA"..kanak2 yg sedang membesar.fikiran masih terlalu mentah untuk memikirkan masa depan.ya, aku mengaku zaman kanak2ku amatlah seronok dan menggembirakan..aku membesar dalam keadaan yang sempurna walaupun ada sedikit lubang2 kecacatan dalam hidup aku tetapi aku menbesar secara normal.ya, aku sekali lagi mengaku, aku juga pernah menjawap "SELAMA-LAMANYA" acapkali diajukan persoalan itu kerana aku enjoy hidup aku semaksimum yang mungkin.tapi kian masa berlalu, kian aku meningkat usia,kian aku mengenali dunia realitinya yg sebenar, mungkin aku menyesal memberikan jawapan tersebut.aku sudah xmahu hidup selama2nya.kalau diberikan pilihan sekalipun, 1000 tahun pun tidak, 100 pun tidak..mengapa? aku sudah membuka mataku untuk melihat pahit gentir kehidupa yg sebenar, bagaimana susahnya hendak mencari sesuap nasi, bahkan segelintir manusia hendak memenuhi bait kata peribahasa "kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang" kabur.bagaimana pula nasib ku? adakah aku bakal mengalami nasib yg sama.bagaimana pula nasib dikala aku tergolong dlm koloni GOLONGAN EMAS?? seorang kawan aku pernah berkata dan aku amat bersuara kerna aku juga ada memikirkan benda yg sama cuma xmahu bertuturnya kerana tidak mempunyai sesiapa yg berkongsi fikirannya sama dengan aku. dia berkata "why da hell i wanna live through my 60's or 70's, by that time i'll be to old n to weak to do anything on my own..i cant feed myself, i cant sleep myself, god noe i cant even pooped all by myself.i'll just be another pain in the ass for my family to take care of, i'll better die young, piece of cake, end of story!"..mungkin ada kebenaran dlm kata2nya.mungkin aku juga sama. mungkin aku hanya berfikiran begitu hanya utk mencari alasan kukuh utk terus merokok bagi org yg menghalang aku dgn menggunakan alasan kesihatan terjejas.mungkin, siapa tahu.

January 30, 2009


ada org marah aku dok kritik Anti-Flag.bajet punkers sejati abih r nk gak menangkan Anti-Flag? hahaha.aku bkn kutuk la weh..aku bg pendapat jew.apa yg aku rasa ttg new album diorang..kalau ang rasa len tu pendapat ang.pendapat aku len..sorry, i stick with my opinion..
p/s-next time comment r.aku nk gak hate asyik2 comment menbina jew.!!!

January 29, 2009

Anti-Flag.My Side Of The Story

every punk rock fans looks up for Anto-Flag.they all said that Anto-Flag is the true pure punk fighters that keeps the ideologies alive.but when I listened to the latest album,"Bright Lights Of America (2008)" i had to say, im kinda dissappointed with this new masterpiece.the fire of punk rock in Anti-Flag kinda mellowed down.its not as pure as it used to be.What Happened Anti-Flag?? wheres the FUCK U AMERICA? FUCK BUSH? FUCK PRESIDENT? FUCK PRESS? with a good guitar riff n jamm.yes, its still punk rock genres but its sound more like radio frenly type.more like good charlotte, Boys Like Girls, even sound like We The Kings with the cursed against the be honest, i think sum 41 now with their latest album Underclass Hero(not so latest) is better that Bright Lights Of America.n even plus 44 kinda impress me more.ialway look up for Anti-flag cause u play punk rock with no lovvy duvy stuff in ur music, thats the reason i listen to ur music in the first place.i kinda against punk band with love love.pluss 44, sum41(special case cause they turns to alternative metal for quite sometimes),simple plan,even rancid.what happened, i keep asking myself..maybe Anti-Flag is evolving, towards something more, trying to attract new listeners.but after 7 masterpiece of great album, why making a change now? u guys have a strong fan-based around the world.all american haters, even not a punkers listen to ur music just to show their support against all american wrong it bcuz bush is stepping down, n obama is the new commander in chied of the World Police? nah..this album is in preparation before the presidential election.justin sane, what happened? Chris Barker, what happened? maybe the next album will bring back the glory of Anti-Flag..for that, i have to wait for another year or two..whatever it is, dun worry.u guys are still the best punk rock band in the world, n i support u guys all the way.

p/s-maybe i have to listen to Bright Lights Of America for quite something first before judging the album.maybe..

The Bright Lights of America (2008) RCA Records
1."Good and Ready" 3:59
2. "The Bright Lights of America" 3:32
3. "Vices" 4:59
4. "The Modern Rome Burning" 4:19
5. "If You Wanna Steal (You Better Learn How to Lie)" 4:04
6. "No Warning" 3:00
7. "Spit in the Face" 4:09
8. "We Are the Lost" 4:17
9. "Go West" 4:19
10. "The Smartest Bomb" 3:48
11. "Shadow of the Dead" 3:51
12. "The Ink and the Quill (Be Afraid)" 4:34
13. "Tar and Sagebrush" (Not written on cover) 3:12
14. "Caution to the Wind" (Bonus title available on iTunes) 3:57
15. "What Do You Think About Western Civilization" (Bonus title available on iTunes) 3:17
16. "I'm So Sick of You" (Bonus title on double LP version of the album) 1:01
17. "Wake Up the Town" (Pre-order bonus title released April 1st online) Benjamin Kowalewicz from Billy Talent 3:44
18. "Tanzania" (3:34) 3:34

January 28, 2009

Consequence Of Lying N Benefits Of Telling The Truth

People tends to lie instead of being honest when it come to the stuff which the truth is kinda gonna hurt people.but one thing that people didnt realize is that lying all the way its more hurts urself more n more if we gonna keep the lies alive while if we tells to truth the moment of killing the pain is lesser arkward than being a liar.lets face it, if we going to lie for the rest of out life isnt that going to hurt us better than being honest? i meant, yes of cos the person we lied to gonna be pissed for quiet sometime but they'll come around.but when we lie, we have to accept the fact that we noe the truth n our life or relation its all based on, coem straight.dun lie.face the demon for god sake, be a man that stand up for a lot easier.even if the person wont accept us for the rest of our life, but we noe deep inside that we are doin' the rite, human a soft hearted.they'll come around just a matter of time.n whne they come around, they'll gonna love u more cuz u being honest bout the truth, thats going to be a better clean of relation.
people make mistakes.but they dun have to take the blame to, the other party-the party where been lied to, please give the lying dude another me,when they come clean thats mean they regret the acts a lot n they cant take the shame anymore, thats why they r being honest.dun let them live in shame of the wrong action.maybe they dun think wisely when they commit the crime/wrong doing.they r a gud person with a wrong timing n wrong place to be.apologize should be match with forgiveness not blame.

Tagged Myself-Thanks Fairuz

1) Name 3 songs that reflects you and your life:
+Walking Disaster-Sum 41..+
+Curses-Bullets For My Valentine+
+So Cold-Breaking Benjamin+

2) Name 3 songs that you hated before you like it like crazy:
+Come Back Again-Couple+
+Elvis Aint Dead-Scouting For Girl+
+Rejection Role-Soilwork+

3) Name 3 things that you did before this:
+Talk To My Foster Sis Iman+
+Taking My Heavy Breakfast+
+Light out My Ciggy's'+

4) Tell 3 characteristics of your dream house:
+On The Ground+
+Full Of Hapiness+
+Full With People That i Love n Care+
-in house matter for me, size doesnt matter.

5) Name 3 movies that you hate:
+type? all indon movie.+
+nah, i like most of them, some kinda boring but still keep me awake.he3+

6) You’re sick of:
+People Asking Me Why I Dun Eat Vegie..Dun ASK!!+
+Judgemental Thinking n Judgemental Look+
+People Full Of Craps+
+Being Broke+
+Fake Friends+

7) The perfect gift for your birthday:
+Just A Bday Cake.Not Need To Be Fancy.The Thoughts Is Good Enough For Me+

8) You love :
+My Family-My Mummy, My Lil Sis,My Big Sis, n My Dad..Accordingly+

9) Would like to say sorry to :
+No One.+

10) Tell 3 characteristics of your crush :
+CUTE..The Most Important+
+Down To Earth+

11) Who do you usually turn to whenever you’re having problems?
+No One.Im Kinda Person That Settle My Own Probs.Cuz Usually The Probs Alway Caused By Me+

12) 3 things about yourself that you want people to know:
+Im A Sensitive Kinda Dude..REALLY..+
+I Am A Gud Listener.Ask All My Gud Frens If U Dun Believe Me+
+Thats All I Guess+

13) Are you right-handed or left-handed?
+Im A Righty+

14) What are you wearing right now?
+Short pant n my 2006 5 Science T-shirt+

15) 3 bad habits that you have:
+Im Kinda Forgetful Dude.So, Sorry For Any Inconviniency+
+Im Wether LoudMouth Or OutSpoken.Which I Dun Realy Noe So I Consider It As Bad Habit+
+When I Want Something, I'll Make Sure I Get It, By Any Mean Necessary.+

16) Have you ever tell someone that you love her or him till you cry? Who is it?

17) Name one place that you really want to go but you’re not going there EVER!-
+NONE.. I Wanna Go To Argentina N Im Gonna Make Sure I'll Step My Feet On That Freakin Soil One Damn Day+

18) What’s your favourite character in The Series of Unfortunate Events?

19) If you are about to die in 3 months, what is your last wish?
+Fullfill All My Crazy Dreams+

20) The tagging is over. You will :
+Light Up Another Ciggy's'+
+Take A Bath+
+Eat My Lunch..Im Starving+
+Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 1 n 2 For The Third Time+

January 27, 2009

Perihal Rehat

rehat yg panjang, yg cukup utk menenangkan jiwa slalunya membuatkn manusia jadik pemalas? setuju..aku amat setuju..manusia ni mmg pemalas..kalau tgh dok keja stret 4 jam non stop ni hal, tapi one dah stop, kalau duduk 5 minit pun kita akan jadik malas nk bangun n sambung advice, kalau nk wat sesuatu tu bek xpyh la rehat2 kejap, buat truih sampai abih pastu rehat puas2.adrenalin mmg akan bantu kita wat bila kita rehat, adrenalin tu akan stop, sbb tu kita jadik malasa nk bangun.sama utk rehat dlm konteks cuti..kalau kita cuti lama sgt, kita akan malas utk bgn tido dan bersiap2 utk pergi kerja..dlm konteks study pun sama.kalau dah lama sgt rehat, khususnya cuti smester, mmg akan liat utk sambung rajin2 kan lah diri anda.jgn jadik malas ok..apa yg penting, KITA ENJOY!!!

A Thin Line v2


addiction is a very complex probs to face, mostly by teenagers.sorry to say, this addiction probs alway find its way to hit teens, n as vunerable n weak as we are, we alway got shot.drugs,pills, even ciggys is actually an addiction,but most people denied it cuz they alway compare ciggys with drugs."rokok bukannya ketagih gila2 mcm dadah."..of cos if u compare it on that way..try another way both killing u softly.rite? its both burn out ur cash.n of cos, rite now nobody gonna see it, yet, even, addiction is one of the social probs that need to be handle by the person affected themself.
obsession, one of the act that kinda different with addiction but its have its specialty n disguise.i dun realy noe how to explain it but i have a case to present.take me for obsess with t-shirt.whenever,where ever i see a nice, gud looking t-shirt, i'll buy 'em witout thinking twice.angie jolie can also be an e.g.she obses with knives.she have a bunch of knives collection.thats obsession..
i noe.addiction n obsession is kinda alike but there are differences.its all depend on us how we see things.

January 25, 2009

Welcome To The Teenage Life

To all folks or should i say oldies, this is an awful truth u guys should noe or learn bout teenage's dark, dirty n some might say crossing the line.yes, maybe who guys can say, easily that u guys once are young,having fun,enjoying life pushing it to the max but the reality is thats from the past.teenager in this lifetime far far worsethan before, more2 seduction of destruction towards us.smoking,drinking, free sex, drugs is a common activities.murder,rape, snatch theft, thats uncommon but happening.sorry, this entry are not for our excuse for being bad, it just as a reminder that we r facing a lot of difficulty to survive this phase of life.some of us, didnt.some, turn out just fine but been neglected by one of the failure,n stil trying to find the light at the end of the me please, i need to get bax on track.

Dilema Prasangka

kenapa aku kdg2 tidak mengotakan janji? sedangkan aku cukup fuck orang yg xtunaikan janji.n aku dah berjanji pd diri sendri aku tidak akan jadik cmtu.aku ciba utk tunaikan kotakan laksanakan apa yg aku war2kan pada dunia, apa yg aku canang satu kampung, tapi masih ada sesetgh situasi aku mengecewaka kan org? menghampakan? tidak menunaikan kata2 manis aku yg aku akn bersama together2..kenapa? tapi cuba bayangkan kalau aku berjanji untuk sama rompak bank, rogol orang, ragut, pukul orang, bunuh orang, patut ke aku tunaikan? memang benda tu salah tapi aku dah berjanji dan aku xsuka mengecewakan org?

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