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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

June 24, 2010

You Not Mine To Own

yeah, im totally rite man. to be frank i dont actually really believe soem of the shits writing i put in this blog. some of it , i rite just for the reason to make other thinks n if lucky they cna use it in their dialy life.but now i have to admit that i am right. the line between like and love is really fukcing thin. u can slip out easily from one side to another. yup. thats what happening to me man. i've turn the feeling of like as a frens n develop a love one. thats a bummer.big one. its all started with just a lil game we choose to play to fool others. well, that game well serve but in the end i caught feeling in between. thats suck. i dun wanna ruin our beautiful frenship by xpressing my stupid feeling. i really dont wanna to. yeah it may not sound like me, because as u all may know by know, when someone caught my eyes n heart, i directly speak n xpress my feeling straight forward. but now, with her, i dun wanna to because i know the outcome of it. its gonna get ugly n i'll ended up hurting the person i like or love the most, n mostky i'll hurt myself n feel stupid for pursuing it. please God. let this feeling slip please. i really need a break. i dun wanna destroy my precious frenship right now. beacuse once i go for it, its not only me n her caught in the net, many more will be affected by it. but yet again, like the song of escape the fate, "IF I LET IT GO, WILL THE SCAR CONTINUE TO SHOW?"

June 23, 2010

Theres A Very Thin Line Between Love And Like

yup. its true. it is a very thin line between both. thanx to you my fren, i can see it clearer now. love is more like a feeling, feeling of xtra care and protective for someone we knew.a feeling of wanna be with someone and wanna hold her/him close to us. plus, its make us dont wanna be separated between each other. when we are in love, the own the world, and the world seem a lot better in our point of view. we'll be thinking about him/her every single second and we just wanna spent our goddamn second with her/him. love is also the this that sparks when we with someone. when that happen, yeah guys its in the other hand is so freaking similar with love. yeah, we like someone, it can turn to love within a minute. like is more to feeling the chemistry we share with someone.chemistry that so similar were like thinking alike. yeah i know thats its quite similar with love but its too completely different stuff. thats why its call a very thin line guys. what it worth, i dunno what im crapping about.adios!

For You MyMy Mox

Mymy Mox,
You Are My Heart You Are My Soul,
You Are The Reason That Keeps Me Roll,
As For Now, My Heart Been Sold,
Own By You As Far As We All Know.

Mymy Mox,
You Are So Sweet
You Are So Innonence
Your Smile Alone Make Me Scent
You Keep Me Away From This "SINGLE" Bench.

Mymy Mox,
I sang DOY You Sang My Humps,
Kareoke-ing With You Make My Heart Pumps,
You Make Me Crazy And I Feel Like Wanna Jump,
You Make Me Speechless And All I Can Say Is "UHM".

Mymy Mox,
9 Years Apart Keep Us Away,
Once We Reunited We'd Take A Sweet Cute Sway,
Our Heart Bond Together Now As We May,

Mymy Mox,
There's Only Lil Time Left For Us Together,
After This. We'll Be Apart Away From Each Other,
All We Can Do Is Hope That Our Love Will Remain Stonger Than Ever,
Eventhough We Are Distance Apart From Each Other.

Mymy Mox,
You Are My Yayunx You Are My Sweet Miss Model,
You Are My Dayang Nurfaizah And You Make My Heart Fragile,
I Love You So Much And Alway Miss You.
I Love You So Much I Wanna Hold You..


June 22, 2010

Now Thats What We Call Controversial

June 20, 2010

Another Piece Of Shit

All It Takes Is A Lil' Leap Of Faith..Facts Never Gonna Bring Cherish News..Its Only Gonna Bring Us Down..All That Wee Can Do Is Believe That We Can Somehow Bounce Back And Get Back On Our Feet..But Many Fail To Do So..Many Fall,Crash And Burn..Many Were Unable To STop The Unstoppable Doing..A Few With A Very Strong Will Will Keep On Fighting.. They Never Stop Believing.. But Still, To Have The Strength Of It,Not All Possessed.. Its Something That We Born With Not Gain..Something We All Desire And Dreamt Day And Night.. But For Some Of Us, Dream Is Just Another Fantasy..A Fantasy That Help Us Get By Through This God Forgiving Hell Holes.. Something Which We Refuse To Take For Ganted Unless It Slip Out Of Our Damn Hand.. Fantasy May Seem Childish But Believe It Or Not It Is Something That Evryone Need.. A Need To Summon The Courage.. The Courage To Fight Back.. Fight All The Misery That Take Our Ball To The Next Level..Some DO Not Know That We Are Already On The Level Of Damnation.. Thats The Clische ' About Fantasizing.. It Take Us Away From Reality.. It Take Us Away From Realisation.. Can We Fight It?..Will We Fight It?..No Can't Do Ville,Baby Doll.. Why?..Because We Are All Coward.. Too Coward To Fight..Too Chicken To Step Up..Fight, Yes That What We Need..But Can We Face The Whole Army Of Doom All By Ourself,Using Our Own Bare Hand And State Of Mind?..Yet Again, Whose There Available To Give Us A Helping When We Most Needed?..Because In This World, Its Every Man For Himself..

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