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June 13, 2009

Try, Comfort Zone & Life

we can travel to the end of the world trying to search for new experience, trying to find the best suitable lifestyles that we are not even sure whether we are going to be happy with..

we can try and fail each time trying to do so, trying to find the fit that we may look back and say,
"i really love doing that, i will keep on doing it forever"..

we can try to meet new people, new enviroment each time we step foot on the unfamiliar ground but one thing that we may miss out is the facts that we already have a comfort zone and it will stya the same,the way that we like it..

we can try to make changes in our life, in our state of mind, in our believe, in our attitude but one thing that will drag us back to the exact same point is that we are who we are..

we do try to rebound in relation but in the of it, when its over, we still kept on thinking about the true girl that melt out heart..

we try to be someone else but the person we fool the most is ourself..

so, step on the solid ground... whats so good about changes?
why we wanna destroy something that is so damn comfortable just to a lil taste of newsies?
yes, we may end up liking it, but the feeling wont be as good as the one that our heart already stick to..

the same reason i can change some part of my life. the same reason why every semester break i'll be end up working in Swenz Kopitiam anyhow, its been more than 2 years already, because thats what im good at.. yeah, i love working there. i do love the post as bartender in that coffee house. why? i cant explain. maybe its because of the smell of the fresh coffee after i done boiling it, eventhough i hate coffee so much.. maye its cause of the design of the shop that make my heart stick well. maybe because all of the workers that i well known eversince.. maybe its because the fact that i started working there eversince i got out of skool. maybe its cuz i started working there eversince i was 17.. maybe cuz Cayson is such a good boss cuz he still hired me eventhough when he dun really need an extra worker there..maybe its cuz of the salary..i dun really know why but Swenz Kopitiam is my comfort zone.. dun expect me to work anywhere else.. i do try but i failed to fit in.yes, i am taking my diploma in administration but who know the future right? maybe i'll end up opening my own coffee shop n name it aCe+ kopitiam, who know? cuz i see myself working in office 8 hours a day, typing on keyboard making some customers care call.. i really dont see that.but i do see myself as a boss of a shop, as an owner of a great coffee house, but its just my imanigination though. life aint what we dreamt, life is what we are. still, life is to be enjoy not wasted so, we'll see.

June 11, 2009

A Price Of Being Mr. Nice Guy

Which part of "I DUN WANT A RELATION RITE NOW" that u dun understand huh? even if i wanna to, i will never ever get involve with u? cmon, whats hell is wrong with u? i tot we cool it off already.. u r just frens. nothing more. please stop making all the freaking move of flirting on me, please, it aint work. n please dun get to low okay. what? do u think im really gonna fall for that? showing of with some guys that kinda cute to try to make me jealous? WTF? i dun have feeling for u lah, how come im gonna get jealous? use ur head! n please dun get over my head.. WTH is wrong with u.. i told u before, we r just friends. u r not my only friend oky. i have a lot others. i cant sent the whole time with u 24/7.. plus, sometime i do need a time of my own. cmon whats more do u want? almost half of my day, everyday i spent with u, i neglect all other hang out offer from my others friend just to hnag out with u? doesnt taht mean something? or u r to blind to see it? just cuz i refuse to hang out, u wanna end it all? no more friendship? huh? now want can i say is one thing, GO FUCK URSRLF BITCH!!! i am tired.. tired of all the fucking tiny lil things or big things. all the mushy2, all the flirty2, all the manja2 gaban... now, u'd get want u want. lets edn ur friendship okay, thats exactly what u wnat rite? fine! SO LONG SUCKER!!!

p/s- safena isfazura haji ishak.. irespek gila babi kat u sbb u ble ja jadik kawan i yg baek, tanpa menyakitkan ati i. thanx. really appreciate it!!!

June 10, 2009


Every Exit Has An Starting Entrance,
Every Starting Entrance Roll With A Locked Door,
A Locked Door Untangle By A Simple Pick Of Key,
Key Aint Grow On Tree It Need To Be Search,
Key Searching Start With A Full Determination,
Deternimation Will On Be Crown With Full Of Dedication,
Dedication Start With A Starting Point,
Starting Point Aint Gonna Be There Without The Will Of Heart.
So Set Ur Heart Straight If U Wanna Find The Exit Point

June 7, 2009

Hidupku, Hatiku

Hidupku Sepi Tanpa Kontroversi
Hidupku Bosan Tanpa Penyesalan
Hidupku Kosong Tanpa Omong
Hidupku Sunyi Tanpa Bunyi
Hidupku Rapuh Tanpa Pernah Jatuh
Hidupku Tiada Erti Tanpa Entiti
Hidupku Bahagia Tanpa Rahsia
Hidupku Indah Resah
Hidupku Kabur Tanpa Suluh
Tapi Hatiku Tiada Yang Mengerti
Tapi Hatiku Tiada Yang Faham
Tapi Hatiku Tiada Yang Baca
Tapi Hatiku Tiada Yang Cukup
Tapi Hatiku Tiada Yang Cela
Tapi Hatiku TiadaYang Mampu
Tapi Hatiku Tiada Yang Kasih
Tapi Hatiku Tiada Yang tahu

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