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July 4, 2009

Im Outta Here!

Bye2 penang..
after this, kedah will be the place i'll call home for the next 4 month..
see u again this upcoming Raya!

The L Word

well, she promise me to say the L word in campus. so, thats make me really damn excited to go back to kedah..

angel.., im waiting for it!

July 2, 2009

Secrets, Secrets, Are No Fun, Secrets, Secrets Hurt Someone

eventually we'll ended hurting someone that close to us.
but the knowing and the keeping of the damn secrets ended up hurting ourself..
so, in that case just let it out from our chest n hurt ourself no more n suffer the consequences..
but, are you strong enough, tough enough, ready enough to face it?
if not, maybe the best thing is just to keep on hurting ourself n make others happy..
we are just normal..
we full n greeds n self-center-ness..
i dont thing people gonna hurt themself for securing others feeling..
some might but most dont..

p/s- in The Office Season 03 whereby this title is quo, Micheal Scott ended up telling his girlfriend about the strippers lapdance cuz he dont wanna keep any secrets from Jan. as it turn out, the secrets doent hurt her a bit. so, good for him.

29 Second Of Douches Conversation

Makan La Kawan Ang!

Silap tuh Bro..

Makan La Teddy Bear Awek Ang Bagi Tuh!

tu Baru Betui!

Im Not Dark Knight, Im Just Awake At Nite


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July 1, 2009


makaih! tajuk aku nk gempak ja.. padahai bukan quit apa pun. aku just dah officially xjadik employee Swenz Kopitiam dah.. tadi last day aku keja. hm.. berat gak ati nk tggaikan kedai tuh. sedaq xsedaq dah dekat 3 taun aku keja kat situ walupun on n off.. still, i cherish a lot fo great memory. walaupun tiap kali sem break aku mai keja ada ja org baru keja n org yg aku kenai sblom ni suma dah blah, still i manage to coop n slide around the corner. hm.. i guess im just gud in mixing with people huh? ahaks. bangga plak. there no such thing as sweet gudbye rite? tadi suma wat muka chom sbb aku dah last day. hm.. ala chill la. nnt aku sem break aku mai len r. kalau hampa suma keja lagi la november ni.ha3. ni some of the pics yg aku sempat snap tadi. xsempat nk ambik group pics.
aku ngan Loiuse
aku ngn Azfal
aku ngan Jannis
aku ngn Harry

Last Day

well, pejam celik, pejam celik, dah dekat dua bulan aku keja kat Swenz Kopitiam time sem break ni n today is my last day. sepatutnya smalam aku dah last day dah, tapi si burfday gurl kat bawah ni yg kami gi celebrate bday dia tuh, Siu Siu ambik cuti smpai esok, so aku kena la keja sari lagi cover utk dia jap.awai2 mmg rasa letih gila babi keja kat sana, sapa yg penah jadik workers Swenz taw r seksanya cmna. tapi kadang2 bebraloi gak. im gonna miss that shop.the people. even my boss, im gonna miss him too.seriesly. no sweat guys.i'll be back next seme break okay, november.till than, so long n gudnite!

My Playlists #1

+Almost Easy-Avenged Sevenfold+
+Afterlife-Avenged Sevenfold+
+I'd Come You You-NickelBack+
+Your Love Is A Lie-Simple Plan+
+Save You-Simple Plan+
+With Me-Sum 41+
+If Today Was Your Last Day-NickelBack+
+The Day I Left The Womb-Escape The Fate+
+What If-Simple Plan+
+I Hate Everything About You-3 days Grace+
+All Down Hill From Here-New Found Glory+
+Die For Your Government-Anti-Flag+
+Warmness On The Soul-Avenged Sevenfold+
+Everything Burns-Ben Moody Ft. Anastacia+
+Almost-Bowling For Soup+
+Tears Dont Fall-Bullet For My Valentine+
+Easy Target- Blink 182+
+Emily- From First To Last+
+Know The Enemy-Green Day+
+Harder Than You Know-Escape The Fate+
+Without You-Hinder+
+1234-Plain White T's+
+Miss You-Blink 182+
+Baby, Come On-Plus 44+
+Who I Am Hates Whose I've Been-Relient K+
+Right Here-Staind+
+Fine Again-Seether+
+Sitautions-Escape The Fate+
+Until The Day I Die- Story Of The Year+
+SomeSay-Sum 41+
+Cute Without The E-Taking Back Sunday+
+You Found Me-The Fray+
+Kristy Are You Doing Okay?-The Offspring+
+Time Is Running Out-Muse+
+Ready,Set,Go!-Tokio Hotel+
+You Of The Nation-POD+
+Rescue Me-BuckCherry+
+Walking Disaster-Sum 41+
+When Your Heart Stop Beating-Plus 44+
+Never Too Late-3 Days Grace+
+Love Is Dead- Tokio Hotel+
+Fallen Leaves- Billy Talent+
+Surrender- Billy Talent+
+The Smartest Bomb- Anti-Flag+
+Make You Smile- Plus 44+
+Everytime- Lincoln Hawk+
+Just Like You- 3 Days Grace+
+American Idiot- Green Day+
+The Press Corpse- Anti-Flag+
+Before I Forget- Slipknot+
+Boulevard Of Broken Dreams- Green Day+
+So Cold- Breaking Benjamin+
+Curses- Bullet For My Valentine+
+Chemicals- Finger Eleven+
+Good Riddance(Time Of Your Life)- Green Day+
+Homecoming- Hey Monday+
+Join Me In Death- H.I.M+
+Scars- Papa Roach+
+Misery Business- Paramore+
+Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's+
+Rise Up!- Drowning Pool+
+The End- Roadrunner United+
+Haertbeat- Scounting For Girl+
+You're Going Down- Sick Puppies+
+Beleive- Staind+
+Meant To Live- Swicthfoot+
+When You Were Young- The Killers+
+Why Dont You Get A Job- The Offspring+
+Face Down- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus+
+Beichte- Tokio Hotel+
+Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional+

June 30, 2009


June 28, 2009

Happy 21st Burfday Siu Siu

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