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January 24, 2009

She Cried

I have a foster sis.iman.cute, happy go lucky, indie,ready to rock the world.i love her, n for god sake i noe she love me.but today, i made her cried.yup, she just realize my true color.the real me.the stupid SOB, the dick shit, the bastard..she stil in shocked, she said that she cant sleep all nite cuz thinking bout me,the one n only blood an unrelated bro she had.the one that swore to protect her from danger, the one that promise gonna make her life better.sorry not who i used to be..yes is been 5 years now.but in that timeline i've changed, a lot.sorry..i wish i cant covered it up last nite, my true self.but i dun wanna lie to u,i dun wanna u to fantasize how great i am, but the truth, i am not. im sorry for the tears i caused u. dun i promised, this is the far as i go, n i wont go any further.i cross the line, but i wont be too far.i gonna keep my promise.i will protect u, i will hunt the son of bitch that hurt u, cuz thats a part of me that is the same as u imagine.the part which i love u..thats true.
the moemnt rite after she cried.

January 23, 2009

DIA Black Sheep

kalau ada seseorang di dalam kawanan kumpulan kita, ahli kawanan kita, member of the floor,tapi dia lain dr yg lain.amat berbeda.dia tidak boleh bergurau senda, beramah mesra dengan kita sebagai mana kita mampu bersama rakan2 yg lai dlm goup yg sama.mengapa dia amat berbeda dari yg lain.mungkin betul bak kata pepatah masuk kandang kambing mengembek masuk kandang lembu(cmna ek nk tulih bunyi yg lembu buat)..mungkin kambing yg berbeda ini adalah punca segalanya..takkan mungkin sepuluh yg lain salah n dia sorang yg betul..mungkin terjadi tapi agak mustahil..apakah yg membuatkan dia amat berbeda? perwatakannya, letererran dia dlm bertutur bahasa inggeris, atau dia mmg bermasalah utk bersosial.dia hanya boleh masuk dlm group2 orang yg spesel..ya, mungkin dia bukan aneh tapi special.MUNGKIN!!! mungkin kami yg agak low utk berkwan dgn dia..kami ni mungkin macam HARAM JADAH bak kata Hakim..betul kami agak haram jadah..kami penuh dgn kekurangan..kami pangkah memangkah antara satu sama len utk mencari keriangan.ya, KAMI MEMANG HARAM JADAH, tapi itu tidak bermakna kami tidak berguna..kami suma rakan yg baik.kami suma sanggup tukarkan perwatakan gila2 kami kalau situasinya serius n apabila ada rakan kami yg memerlukan bantuan, kami tampil mengulurkan tangan.tanya saja Ijat dan amini.bertapa ramai tangan yg menghulurkan bantuan dikala mereka dlm kesusahan.ya, itu kami..HARAM JADAH YANG BOLEH HARAP!.tapi mengapa "dia" tidak boelh masuk dgn masuk.join kami? adaka disebabkan perwatakan nya yg sombong? atau disebabkan kami suma ni sukar didampingi untuk suai kenal? itu bohong sama skali..kami charming.suma skali..kalau tak, masakan Syahid rumate aku yg baru masuk awal tahun ni n baru berkenalan dgn kami slama hampir sebulan boleh join kami,boleh lepak2 dgn kami, boleh bergurau senda dgn kami..rokok? jgn jadikan itu sbg asalan..ayie dan kuddus boleh je join ngn kami walaupun diorang x, apa masalahnya? mungkin kami bkn masalahnya..tepuk dada tanya selera!!
U r the black sheep in the group!

Straight To Hell All The Way

8 bucket of alcohol..40 bottles of Heineken..A club name DREAM..14 people..8 guys n 6 girls..lord RnB HipHop Music..frenly DJ.Gud Lighting.Sensational Dancing.vomiting on the breaking freaks action.nice dance floor..crazy people..drunk..10 pack of malboro..a few pills.3 girls strip sex in the toilet..generous dude who want to buy it all..thats all it takes to turn on people.thats all it takes for a gud girl to turn bad.thats all it takes to destroy teen.thats all in takes for everything to went wrong.


January 21, 2009


new new year approaching, again i face this fucking situation.people will never stop asking, wouldnt they?

for the last time,


bare that it mind!!!

A Thin Line v1

is there a different? is there a similarities? i noe its there..based on what i saw, based on my experience with people, there are a differs.still, some people didnt realzie it before..some do now..for me, loudmouth is kinda person who talk a lot, fucking a lot..its just like there no pause or stop in the vocabs.but, all the word coming out their mouth, most of it, r bullshits.nonesense.ussually this type of people, they have ahappy go lucky kinda characteristic, gedik2, kinda bitchy, kinda magnet attracting people to hate the.. what best come out of this people is there will be no arkward silence, at least on one side of the party.but, if is goe on too damn long, its kinda annoying, for some people.this, people, often been hated or loved..theres no middle party or neutral.obviously, we'll noe what type of people that gonna BFF these kind of people, n we definitely noe who disguise for me, i got no probs with loudmouth as long as they dun cross my line.
outspoken..conficent, no afraid of anything, soe not even death, words of wisdom, this is they type of things..usually a de-facto leader, commander in chief.(not pak lah of cos).people like CheDet.someone who is somebody in the society.for those who r not a leader, its only bcuz of the fact that they neglect it..they r man of intel n info..full of them, but choose not to share it unless they have to..silence is gold, the principles they alway choose to hold,talk only if needed..wasting time n hanging around , not their type of routine.some of them prefer being no one cuz of the pressure they have to deal with..ot maybe they noe ita a lost cause so why wasten it?
we are who we are.we are who we choose to be..we can be anyone, as long as we believe in urself..even loudmouth something useful, even outspoken sometimes is a what?life is is unpredictable..get use to it..

January 19, 2009

Since blah blah blah

..ijat accident..quiz public uncle hussain menang AJL..azam kantoi ngn pak guard.. kami g umah syahid..mkn laksa..mkn cendol..overnite kat penang..aku blk umah utk 5 jam..meeting sport day..nabilah fucking around my blog.. well, thats pretty much whats going around seen uitm wifi fucked me up..shits!..well, gtg..ATM waiting for me..chow..

peace in, rox out!

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