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October 17, 2008

memory of majlis berbuka puasa DiPAC in Kg apa ntah...

hello everybody...
sorry dah lama aku x post blog..(gila lama).. asik post poem jew kn.. lately nih kerap plak aku tulih poem kn.. slalunya aku tulih poem bila mood tgh high.. maybe lately nih my mood are unstable.. i guess.. ye r.. test sana, test cni, final lg 2 mggu.. tambah aku ada muet plak slasa nih. peh... btw, bout muet, my last essay dat i wrote my lecturer grade me as upper band 4.. dats mean im close to band 5.. means i have i shot at band 5.. wow, if it is possible it will b great.. but, if i get band 4, its gud enuff for me..(Really!!!!)..


pa lg? hm...


lets talk bout one of my subject


well, it


maybe im suck in it!!!!!

i dunno..


hm.. but its never too late to learn.. i hope there stil time...

ooo ya btw, some of u has be asking bout my latest poem,


whether its bout my life or not.. d answer is.....



i just wanna keep d element of suprise, alive okay.. plus, i dun really like to share my personal life (love life to be specific...) to the public.. i kinda like to keep it to myself all the detail..



wat else happen to me dis week?
i dunno.. nothing interesting.. it just dat there is no prison break this week..


nobody upload prison break season 4 episode 8 online so dats mean there is no show this week in US,, whys dat? i dunno.. buts its okay.. i just have to wait till tuesday, then alip can download it for sure.hehehehe..

okay, dat all.

peaCe In, roCk oUt!!!!!!

October 16, 2008


Unspoken love needs the truth to be revealed,
The truth needs a helping hand from the heart that unsealed
Heart of misery only bring the harm of emotion
Twisted emotion contribute to physical inducement

Somehow affection comes by and we click
The theme song of our love, flyleaf- I’m So sick
Enthusiast of you the reason I feel special
Remoteness between us likes comparison of sand and pearl
But, you had your chance and you blow it off
Second time seems impossible because my heart ain’t soft
Silly, my love for you won’t just fade away
“We are just best friend”, that’s what I choose to say

The present, the replacement, the new face of worship
Just when everything seem right, here come relationship
Time been pushed, feeling determined too soon now it’s done already
Patience could saved it all from the dark love valley
Just friend maybe that what we should be
But I were greedy, “couple-ing” pressure blind me
Still, I don’t want to let you go that simple
Ego hold me back, make me stuck in “Cinta” vessel

The choice that I will make may hurt you both
But still, it’s have to be made even though it’s gross
One is the only number normal heart should hold
But I want you both, secrets that I keep in deep deep cold.

REALIZE.. by Saf


I should realize how the way it should be now
I should realize that I am far behind
I should realize life is not like I once thought
I should realize that are no SUCH THINGS as true friend
I should realize that I am not for him
I should realize that this is what he wanted to be
I should realize being single is actually TOUGH
I should realize that I’m not GOOD enough
I should realize that things never happen like I want it to be
I should realize that all this while, you just playing me
I should realize that I am falling so hard
I should realize that everyone is being UNTRUE

Now that I come back and try to be good,
But, will you be there and treat me GOOD?
Owh, I should have just REALIZE….

October 12, 2008


If there is no tomorrow,
What meal will I have for the last time,
Will it be Chicken McDeluxe or any of it kind
Do I really gonna have appetite or its just dying
Will I enjoy my last meal or maybe I just gonna start crying?

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I ever change?
Can I ever be tame?
Will I keep playing game?
Will my life will ever be the same?

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I ask forgiveness for all the wrong things I done?
Or just sit down pray that all of it will just be gone
Sorry, will that be my last word on my last second
Or I just be as bastard as I am that have no U-turn

If there is no tomorrow,
I know deep inside my heart will crashed
Too much pressure, some haven’t been test
So many thing aren’t achieved
Some, I take it to my grave

If there is no tomorrow,
Will the world stop spinning, people stop running
Allies stop ass-kissing, enemy stop gunning
Is that even possible?
Or the world remain as terrible

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I be afraid, will I even care?
I got nothing to lose, not much to spare
Freaking out never in my vocabulary
Knowing I won’t be able to live, that’s not really scary
what about everybody else, how will they feel?
The fact of knowing the world gonna end, that’s worse then gets kill
Maybe its too late but its never that easy
So, brace ourself, the day will come, we’ll see..

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