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February 26, 2010

I Miss The Time When U Help Me Light Up My Ciggys

even though what i love to do, she against it but i glad she notice the simplest thing about me. well babe, its winston my dear but mildseven. yeah, i smoke winston only , others its just for fun. now i remember the first time meeting u, i was smoking mildseven crap out of me n its nice that u notice n remember the brand of ciggys even though u hate it,fuck it a lot when i smoked. well one other thing, i never asked me to stop, lesser thats the only thing u wish for. n u didnt act patehticly when im smoking around u. how pathetic? u know some people when they didnt like smoker around them, they'll close they nose, all the acting cough. well im only up for a lil middle finger for those motherfucker. u dun like it, step away, fuck ur self up n move. smokers will alway be smokers dued. but not u babe. eventhough deep inside u fuck it much, but u'll stay for the the sake of me. i wonder, why? but i dun wanna ask cause it leads to arkward conversation. well, eventhough its all over, still i miss all the gud ol times

February 24, 2010

Confused Is An Expression Of Lying

Pain Is In The Eyes Not In the Heart.
But What If The Heart Is Fracture?

Pain Is An Emotion Not A Feeling.
But What If The Meaning Is To Close to Differ?

Pain Is An Expression Nevertheless.
But What If The Expression Is To Good To Be Truth?

Pain Is In The Mind Not In The Life
But What If The Life Is Sucking From Beneath?

Pain Is Drowning Is The Surface
But What If The Surface Is So Damn Suffocated?

Pain Is Lying Not The Motion Of Not Telling The Truth.
If Its Then, I Am In Pain

February 23, 2010


"I watched you trample that gift. I've watched you kill other over race and greed, waging war over dust, rubble and words in old books. And yet in the midst of all this darkness, i see some people who will not be bowed. i see some people who will not give up. Even when they know hope is lost. Some people, who realize that being lost is so close to be found."


Where Is Jia?

well lets rewind the timeline a bit. i'll take u back to the last semester. i found this lil fella.well its not a crush of anything but i had to admit, shes someone. we never really talk a lot but we always bumps into each other all around campus last semester. we even met at Center Square for that matter. she alway make me smile when we bumps into each other,always everytimes. we even snap a pic together in one of the event i organize last semester. believe it or not, i dun even know her name right until today. funny huh? well, thats last semester side of story.lets snap back into reality n forward back to current timeline, this semester. well to be frank, its not that im hoping or what, but we never bumps into each other, not even once this semester. n last nite, when im all alone by myself, shes kept playing around my mind for quiet sometimes. she kept me wondering,where teh hell shes been. is she transfer to other campus, its she avoiding me, or maybe its just taht our path in campus is just not the same anymore n we didnt have the chance to bumps into each other anymore, but still i never saw her at any of the event i organize this semester, why? so today i make the "bold move". i ask straight to one of her collegue about her. well, its still unsatisfying cuz from the conversation i had with her collegues all i know is her name, Jia.when i ask bout her, wheres her allabout her collegue when offline. well, i guess shes will stil be in my mind for quite sometime until i get the solid answer bout her. yet again, this is not a story of a crush, its jus sumthing that bothering me. thats all.

February 21, 2010

Aku Xsuka Lagu Indon Tapi Lagu ni Meaningful & Ditujukan Kepada Anda

Band-Kangen Band

Sejenak ku terdiam dan membisu
Membuatku lelah dan tanpa arah
Coba mengertilah coba pahamilah
Arti cinta sesungguhnya

Dan letakkan hatimu disini
Ku berjanji kau tak ‘kan kusakiti
Sejuk sepi sedang nampak hanya bintang
Hanya kaulah yang ku sayang

Ku latih kau terbang diatas awan
Agar kau tegar dan tak terkalahkan
Jadilah jagoan seperti yang ku inginkan
Agar dapat ku banggakan

Namun sikapmu kini telah berubah
Membuatku resah dan serba salah
Kau berdiam diri membuat nadiku berhenti
Katakanlah hei kekasih

Coba kau pikirkan, coba kau renungkan
Apa yang kau inginkan telah aku lakukan
Coba kau pikirkan coba kau renungkan
Tanya bintang-bintang hanya kaulah yang ku sayang
Coba kau katakan apa yang kau inginkan
Apa yang kau butuhkan telah aku berikan
Coba kau katakan apa yang kau inginkan

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