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October 30, 2010

We Shouldn't Be Together, The Horoscope Compability Said So

Aries + Virgo

Fire + Earth = Lava

The cool, critical, perfectionist Virgo is a difficult kettle of fish for you, Aries. In fact, Virgo is so different from you that you may feel completely at odds with them, even irritated by them. You could also find yourself getting pretty angry with their moral attitudes.

And looking at it from the other side, your fast, furious and impulsive nature will throw Virgo into a complete tailspin. You aren’t too concerned with what people think, and you don’t mind the occasional in-your-face shock tactic. This just won’t work with Virgo.

This is, therefore, not a combination for the faint of heart. Think deeply before you jump into this one.

Although the snapshot above shows you and Virgo as quite incompatible, there’s still hope. You can learn a lot from the order and meticulousness of Virgo: you could benefit by applying some of their practicality and orderliness to your own life.

As with the other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo relates best to the financial and work areas of your life. There are many lessons to be learned by both of you here. If you’re open enough and willing to accept the advice Virgo has to offer in this field, you could learn how to prudently apply your wisdom. And likewise, if Virgo is open enough, they will learn about risk-taking and bringing more vital energy to a task.

If you do choose to work with each other, the combination could be very successful, because Virgo will support you completely. You see, Virgo is very interested in two ideas: service and perfection. You might describe them as fastidious, but you mustn’t be too judgmental.

One big plus is that Virgo will be more than happy to listen to all your ideas, and to take them seriously. They will then home in on them and refine them into something that works in practice. On this level, both of you could be quite surprised at how fine a job you do together.

Your straightforwardness and your honest, unadorned style are very unlike the complex, intellectual and deductive mind of Virgo. The two of you often have similar ideals, but you will present your views and live out your principles in vastly different ways.

This difference in style is also very noticeable in the sexual relationship between you. Virgo is prim and proper — probably overly so for your raw and primitive approach. But remember, Virgo was born to serve, as you were born to lead, so there could be a kind of compatibility between you. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions, especially in matters of love — it may just work!

If you do feel attracted to a Virgo, possibly due to some karmic longing, those born in the third portion — between 13 September and 23 September — will be the most suitable for you.

Try to avoid partnerships with those born between 3 September and 13 September. This is a really tough combination.

Virgos born between 24 August and 2 September are moderately compatible, so you might want to give it a try with them.

October 29, 2010

Mummy, I Am A Killing Plague

If I Am A Precious Diamond,
You Are Surely My Diamond Cutter.

If I Am A Fresh Meat In The Market,
You Are Gonna Be My Lovely Butcher.

Sometimes I've Become A Really Bad Mega Disaster,
But You Are Always There To Be My Well Arm Protector.

Advice And Guidance From You Make Me See The World Clearer,
Now I Can Totally Recognise All The Gladiator And Traitor.

If I Am The Killing Plague, I Know You'll Be There As My Cure,
Even Thought The Always Hard Words, I Know Your Love Is Pure.

If I Am A Heart Breaker, You'll Be There As My Savior
But If You Are Drowning, Can I Bring You Back To The Shore?
That's The Ultimate Question, One That I Can't Quite Figure.

Life Aint Sweet, Outcasters!

Reality mean nothing, perception is everything
We try to denied it but it won’t cling
The says, the words we try to take it for granted
Because in our head it still flustered
Should we care about all of the filthy thought?
They don’t even know us, isn’t that an obvious odd?
They said we the doubter, but we do believe in god
But still, their perspective and speech hurts, a lot

Maybe we don’t belong maybe we just the exile
Trying to fit in, but the world is another plays of child
Maybe it’s them with constructed mind
Or it just us that too blind to find

WE DON’T HAVE the right path to go
WE DON’T HAVE the right voice to mellow
WE DON’T have the perfect click to follow
WHAT WE HAVE IS JUST The cute cover to blow

We try our best to fit in
Still all of the efforts blown away and drowning
Still people see the worst of us
They Lust for more and we starting to fly dust

It’s time to seize back what ours
The rightful marks to be belong and fuss
ALL WE WANT IS Society membership not TO BE freaks
Can we, or can’t we? it just another break
Another swing we must alert ON
To be apart, nah! To be heard Upon

October 28, 2010

The Nexus

Band-12 Stones
Song- We Are One
The Nexus Theme

We walk alone In the unknown
We live to win another victory
We are the young Dying sons
We live to change the face of history
so be afraid
It's the price we pay
The only easy day was yesterday
So hear our voice,We have a choice,
It's time to face it

We are one We are one We are one
We will stand together
Number one Number one
The chosen ones
We are one We are one
we will fight forever
we are one and we won't tire

We are the bold United souls
We live to win another victory
Our sacred scars Show who we are
And tell the story of our memories

Don't be afraid It's the price we pay
The only easy day was yesterday
So hear our voice We have a choice
It's time to face it

We walk alone In the unknown
We live to win another victory
Our sacred scars Show who we are
It's time to face it

October 27, 2010


~Mymy Mox~

The End

October 25, 2010

Double Standard Orthodoxy

"Seriously?" Yes, that's the first thing zaps straight to mind when one of my friend asked me to help her out a bit to deal with this orthodox dude. I mean come on. Double standard education is so yesterday's news man, grow up please. i reserve my comment on POLITEKNIK standard because, well isn't it obvious? Plus, I do have several Politeknik buddies whom struggling there, so i don't wanna drop a bombshell on them.

What do I interested on is the facts that he still using the "double standard" ideology between IPTA vs IPTS. Isn't it cherry? In my own believe, i don't really think that if you had some huge advantages of being IPTA students instead of IPTS students. In my thought, what really matters is how you bring yourself for the world to take you seriously. Diploma or Degree is just a ticket or key for you to enter the working environment with a little "Golden Boot". How you survive, it is you own technique and some dumb luck come into play. Where you receive your education doesn't really matter at that point, because if you can give a HELL YEAH performance, trust me, you'll be fine in the real world. Take for example any of under-graduated students. Does their academic achievement during high school really matter once they step in the campus? It's a big NO. It is all depends on your DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude.

Well, to Rs Ali Ariffin, sorry man, you are a douchebag. you are to proud of yourself just because you are a mechi. engine student? hahaha. That's dumb. And your comment doesn't show your level of mentality meet the requirement of being an engine student. You just make it worst. People will look down on you even more, because our comment only provoke more and worstly it effect Politeknik. You just ain't got it dude. At this point, me myself questioned the creditability of your statement of being engine students. Sorry dude, YOU SUCK! even more then all those Nursing babe that you criticised.Adios!


Don't ask why i post this pix up. and yes, she live in the past and she belong in the past. but somehow she still able to pull some string around the present.she still in my head, laying low waiting for the right moment to pop out. messing around with my thought. its not really her whom poking me around, it is the memory of her. heart-broken? no. that's not the right term to put it. but the memory we shared, is one hell of unforgettable one. how i ended up still thinking about her even though it had been a few year? i guess maybe she is the only one that truly honest when we were together. seriously, if you ask me now, i don't know how and what honest relationship is. yes, there are some honest girl, try to get inside my heart, but i am the one who did not play along. so yes, i don't know what honest relationship is all about. if, hypothetically if, magically she appeared right before my eyes, i'll be numb. yes, that's the kind of string that she can pull on me. oh how i wish we can finish what we had started awhile ago. but honestly, i am not ready for face her just yet, because.. the reason is not something that i'm willing to share. simple conclusion, she is different. not special, but different.

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