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July 25, 2009

Time Of My Life

I Think I already know what i should go for the next one week of holiday. im gonna create a new myspace account since mine had been block, create a facebook, yeah i know how come i still dun have a facebook account rite, n pimp out my frienster. wow! seem excited but im only gonna be in front of my aCepiRe for the next 7 days. wow! shits!

Cuti Oh Cuti!

maybe i should firstly thanks the deadly scary H1n1 virus.. cuz of the virus 5 or 6 UiTM campus had been closed.. since our campus is free from the virus, or maybe i should say not in time yet to be hit, but out of nowhere our campus stil have to be closed starting tomorrow for one week to standardize everything. the news just popped out yesterday n everything were being chaotic since that we have to leave campus by tommorow. everyone were busy with the plan of getting home. as for me, i got nothing to be worried about since my home is just half n hour away from my campus. penang ngn kedah jauh mana la sgt kan. i dunno how to express my feeling bout th cuti. why? cuz seriesly i dunno wat to do since im gonna be alone at home with no one to hang out but no worries something will always come up. it always do. so, as for now, im just gonna sit back n relax, enjoying the chaotic enviroment of suspension among student who r worried n rushing the way to make sure they reach their home safely n well get their home. even farah diba had gone crazy cuz her event ELC Carnival had been canceled special thanx to the suprise holiday. well guys, happy holls. gte home safe n stay safe. chow!

July 24, 2009

You Think You Know Me?

You think you know ace? think again.. you think you know Adam? think again.. you think you know me? think again.. close your eyes. imagine someone. he dress like no others. nothing special. graphic tshirt. 3/4 shorts. slippers. a lil bangle on his arm.. he said nothing special. just like "weh, hampa dok wat apa tuh?".. who come cross your mine? a dude which kinda look like anak mami? mat rempit? typical malay boy? now, open your eyes. who do you see? a malay dude, a pure chinese look. suprise? well, shame on you.. is not a new stuff to me.. cuz i got that a lot. yes, maybe is hard for you to understand by understanding this, but i am differeent. i learned that fact, each n single day, daily basis. yes, i am malay with chinese looking appearance.but yet again, try to look deep inside me. it just like what i to quo, "aku ni muka ja macam cina, tapi dalam aku pure melayu".. i dun even like chinese food or even their culture. goddamn, i dun even good in using chopstick. trust me, ajam better. know matter how hard , people will never get the "mamat-ni-cina" thought out of their head. I AM A ULTIMATE OUTSIDER. imagine this. if i wanna hit on somebody, gurl of course, first think cross their mine, "mamat ni cina la".. thats ussuallt happen with malay gurls. take the same sitaution with chinese gurl. "OMG, his not a chinese". try to imagine my possibility of sucess? yeah, its really damn low. well, its hard to be me.. its hard to be ultimate outsider. but if i wanna make friends, i dun hav e to sweat it out damnly hard. cuz its nothing to do about my appearance cuz whats matter in friendship is personality n, i love making new friends. but is damn hard for me to find a girlfriend though. u have no idea how the hardness always bring me down. but i never failed to try. but is a shame how people love to treat others by the way they look, not on how they are. so azam, there's ur answer. thats why my-sort-of-girlfriend-type-or-my-ex-girlfriend alway look so indian-ish. hana aka "My Angel", malay punjabi mixture. Nabila "My shiteru" or "lil blood angel", lagi r hitam berkilat. even Diyana kinda dark skin. Linda maybe the only one whom can be consider as normal looking appearrancely. shes really malay looking type a girl. its not that i dun like amoi-looking type of girl, but i just dun have luck on hitting them. once, i almost got one, Renee'. but this goes bad from the beginning, or maybe its bad timing. well, thats just the price i have to pay for being malay/chinese. sometimes when people said "ang xpa la ang mix, senang r nak dapat awek", i just wanna scream out u guys a damn lucky u guys look purely malay, or purely chinese. cuz a mix like me, its hard. i cant hit on purely malay looking gurl, cuz they will always think im a chinese. i cnat hit n chinese girl, cuz they will always reject a malay dude. so, if you think u know me, THINK AGAIN!!!

July 23, 2009

Leverage Point

I Aint Gonna Be Another Stepping Stone..
I Aint Gonna Be Such A Wuss No More..
I Aint Gonna Be Fragile N Let My Heart Wide Open To Be Crack..
I Aint Gonna Be Leverage Point For Someone To Mark Up Their Market..
I Aint Gonna Be Another Brick On The Wall..
Guess What,
Even A Person Like Me Bleed Inside..
Even A Guy Like Me Falls Hard..
Even A BadAss Me Hurts..
That AInt Gonna Happen No More!

July 22, 2009

Jahat? Xah!

jahat ke kalau kita wat apa2 yg kebanyakkan org len wat? ketepikan soal moral, kita cakap sola persepsi skrg ni.. jahat ke kita?

This Is Not A Rebound

If We Are Trying To Get To Closed To Someone
Doesnt Mean That We Are Trying To Rebound..
Rebound Just Work On Relation Not TMM.
Or On Admirer..
Admirer Is Not Lover.

July 21, 2009

Si Barua Yang XSedaq Diri

Life Aint All Bout Running Away..
Life Sometimes Is About Facing Ur Fear..
Life Aint All About Start New From The Beginning..
Life Sometimes Is About Patch Up From What We Left Off.
Life Aint All About Leaving Everything Behind..
Life Sometimes Is About Using Whats Worst Of Us & Make It The Best Of Any..
Life Aint All About Putting The Blame On Others While We Oneself Is Apart Of The Fault..
Life Sometimes Is About Accepting The Mistakes Like A Man With "BALLs"..
Life Aint All About Hoping For People To Fit In With Our Flaws..
Life Sometimes Is About Fitting In With THe Situation We Are In..
Life Aint All About Depending..
Life Sometimes Is About Independent..
Life Aint All About Changes..
Life Sometimes Is About Being Who You Really Are..
Life Aint All About Giving Up..
Life Sometimes Is About Chin Up..
So Then,
Stop Whining Man..
Dun Be A Wuss!!

July 20, 2009

Current Mood


help me please!

Bluff Me, But I Think Im In Hell On Earth

kedah ni mmg panas gila babi.. aku dah mandi 2 kali dah still panas n berpeluh cam ser..

If You Listen To Linkin Park Does Not Mean You Are A roXstaR

Funeral For A Friend
Jimmt Eat World
The Offspring
3 Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin
As I Lay Dying
Armor For Sleep
Billy Boy On Poison
Tokio Hotel
Hazen Street
Sick Puppies
Hawthorne Heights
Madina Lake
My Dying Bride
Papa Roach
Union Underground
Rev Theory
Story Of The Year
Avenged Sevenfold
Billy Talent
Scars On Broadway
Julian K
Relient K
Finger Eleven
Sum 41

We Make Our Own Call, Not Luck

luck come upon us, when we need the most
not when we want the most..
what matters, is the action of gaining one..
make ur choice, make a call.
then, let the luck do its charms.

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