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September 13, 2008

its all about da money!!!!

money makes da world go round..... isnt ist clise'?? we, the human create money, but it seems like money r da one dats control us these day, rite? its even better dats human.. people are willing to die for money better than human.. people willing to sacrifice everything eventhough their family for money, but how many of us dats willing to die for other human?? hmm.. nk jumpa yg sanggu[ mati utk family pn susah, ni nk cari yg saNggup mati utk org len?
WELL, i guess dats just a fact dat we hav to live with...

September 12, 2008

Last Thought On Final Breathe

Try to understand me that’s all I ask,
My stand and believe will never last,
Lets try some empathy, maybe its be easy,
In the end of it nobody will ever see.

I take the blame for what I’d done,
My emotion are high cost me triggers of gun,
I am an asshole, in everyone eyes,
No one understands me till the day I die.

Flash back into history, look for what you’d found,
I’m just regular kid from another silly town,
I’d buy for my cute Shorty a pink blushing gown,
But how, how I end up been shot down?

It is my fault, my mistakes and I know I’m suck!
It were never my dream to been a thug,
Never ever crossed my mind I’d deals drugs,
What can I do, I can’t afford anything, not a single buck.

Yet again, it’s my bad I should had stayed,
I should calm down and waits for Wednesday,
I shouldn’t pissed off in my very own birthday,
Last but not least, I should think like I have a bright brain.

Understand me, but it’s too late to do it right,
I been shot down, I am going to the light,
I know, the world gonna be better,
Without me, maybe there will be more laughter,
To everybody, forgive me and I’m really sorry,
Hopefully when I’m gone, you guys have a less thing to worry.



hm... dis poem is actually telling a story.. a story of a young man who had died n flash bax his entire life on his last breathe of air b4 he die.. lets just name dis guy this story micheal is THE wrong of every possible way a man could be.. he been raised to be a good person , never had a probs in his childhood life but he still ended up doing the wrong thing.. he even got a gurlfren in his hometown, when he is young.. but, he end up being drugs dealer.. at the end, Micheal ask for forgiveness..but, no one was there to hear it, except the guy dat shot him down.. dats briefly wats this poem is about..


HMMMMM.... maybe wat we can take from dis poem is, its never too late to ask for forgiveness.. eventhough no noe will hear it, at least b4 we dead, we did it.. hm.. maybe.. who noes rite? plus, we cant predict da future.. eventhough da smartest or nicest person we ever meet, their are not 4 SURE to be da same in future.. maybe they will end up just like Micheal.. others moral, hmm... maybe


no matter wat we did, if its wrong, people wont look at the bright side, they will just call it off, U R GUILTY!!!!!... only few will try to think twice.. wel, dats jsut poeple is.. we cant blame them.. we r apart of them.. sumtimes we act like dat.. making fast conclusion in some thing dat we barely noe.. hmm.. am i rite?
dats all..



Time and Time waits for no men..

well well well...
bout dis idioms?
is maybe seem nothing to sumbody but to me, it seem important. not the meaning, but the words itself sound strange n make people think..
if u look through idioms book i shall say dat the meaning dis idioms is-


but yet again, who did cared? do poeple care bout time nowadays? ask ourself.. penah x terjadik dlm idup kita, kita kata





dun lie.. dis questions is around us since we noe how to say a word, since we're small kid, n now we're young adult in just a blink of eyes, n in just a blink of eyes ur time is up n we gonna leave dis world..

and again, WHO CARES????


no one did b4, n no one does now.. its not really ur fault to be honest, ye r kita bz r kn. mana ada masa nk pikir pasai masa.. kalu kita pikir pasai masa skrg x ker dah membuang masa tuh? am i rite? is a waste of time thinking bout sumthing from da past, we can change any of it, so just deal wif it.. straight up, make ur mind clear n look forward to da future...



just think bout it.. hmm


September 11, 2008

bout me.. dis is wat i think bout myself 3 year ago..nothing has ever change

hi everybody.. i really dunno whether their will b sumone dat will preview this blog.. im just wanna say sumthing bout myself..dats all. well actualy nobody i men nobody really noe who i really am.. i alway keep my real personality under shadow.. if i realy let it all out, it will b d end of da end[trust me!!!!].. there r tooooo much anger built inside me.. i relly dun wanna let it go, bcus i dun wan 2 harm anybody.. im a really gud actor.. i can cover up my anger,sadness,guiltyness, n all other -ve side of me.. dats da reason i post the lirix of surrender-billy talent.. i which a could just "surrender" my real feeling inside me n just be who i always want to be[which is not myself].. well, who ever reds this blog i realy which u dont understand a damn thing.. i just wanna keep it in me.. plus, i hope my frens havent notice this blog..

Billy Talent

She reads a book from across the street
Waiting for someone that she'll never meet
Talk over coffee for an hour or two
She wonders why I'm always in a good mood

Killing time before she struts her stuff
She needs support and I've become the crutch
She'll never know how much she means to me
I'd play the game but I'm the referee

Every word, every thought, every sound
Every touch, every smile, every frown
All the pain we've endured until now
All the hope that I lost you have found
(Surrender) Yourself to me

Even though I know what I'm looking for
She's got a brick wall behind her door
I'd travel time and confess to her
But I'm afraid she'd shoot the messenger


I think I found a flower in a field of weeds
I think I found a flower in a field of weeds
Searching until my hands bleed
This flower don't belong to me
I think I found a flower in a field of weeds
I think I found a flower in a field of weeds
Searching until my hands bleed
This flower don't belong to me
This flower don't belong to me
Why can't she belong to me?

Every word, every thought, every sound
Every touch, every smile, every frown
All the pain we've endured until now
All the hope that I lost, you have found

Every word, every thought, every sound
Every touch, every smile, every frown
All the pain we've endured until now
All the hope that I lost you have found

I never had the nerve to ask
Has my moment come and passed?
I never had the nerve to ask
Has my moment come and passed?
I never had the nerve to ask
Has my moment come and passed?
I never had the nerve to ask

sleeping beauty or sleepy creepy??

well2.. wat a suprise.. hahaha.. 2day i learned sumthing dat i really dun bother but when it been point out its seem to bother me.. bkn nya aku xprasan benda nih tp td aku jdk mcm stunned.. terkejut, tercangak n xsangka yg benda nih real n is happenning around me.. around my frens, my family n my classmates..hmm. how should i start? hmm. first ari ni aku bgn agak lewat(as always)..7.50 a.m kot but still manage to be in BEl260 class at 8.10 a.m(true story ok n aku sempat mandi n make-up).. ma'am sharina tgh wat survey.. its actually an essay dat we supposed to essay.. wanna noe da topic.. college/university students's activities during leisure time.. of cos ada la surfing, chatting, watching muvi all dat kind of stuff..PLUS, ada sleeping.. first benda to x bother aku sempat nomel r ada masa lapang aku pn kdg2 tido(eventhough lately nih aku jarang tido ptg.. tido mlm pun kdg2 x mcm mana nk tido ptg).. ok ma'am ask to rised up our hand kalu sapa yg tido time leisure time.JENG3.. wanna noe? all girl in my BEL260 class(DPA2B) rise up thier hand n boys didnt.. ni bulan posa r xkn org nk tipu kot.. so is an honest confession lah.. aku jdk terkejut.. xsangka yg bdk2 pmpn suma suka toido.. imean cmon lah slam ni aku pny expectation at girl r always high. in my p.o.v girl should be hardworking, workaholic kinda and all that other qualities but its suprised me dat they all like to!!! its BANG my head pretty heavy.. is it true? gurl suma suka tido je.. i mean comn.. u'all suma future wife(eventhough some dun wanna to be), u should be studying or cleaning.. hm kalu boys yg angkat tgn td ramai2 aku xterkejut sgt r sebb laki suma mmg pemalas pn.. tp aku bru realise dat boys in my campus jarang tido dah skrg.. most of us just sitting around, smoking, play games, watching muvi or Tv series jarang r tido n most of us tido lambat kot. plg awai pn slalu r.. kdg2 x tido truih.. so, pelik gak r aku.then i realize ya girl do love to sleep.. aku tringat blk smester le[as, clas pa ntah ramai gak gurls ngaku yg diorng suka tido jew.. so? i dunno.. form my opinion gurl shouldnt.. well, dats all i gotta say..

sleeping beauty or sleepy creepy??

September 10, 2008

adapted from FD blog...

Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?...
+hmm yes.. except my relative? hmm still yes..+

What were you doing at 1 am?-lasnite..?
+sleep early bcuz im not feeling well last nite+

What was the reason you last cried?
+fight wif my mom+

What are you seriously wearing?
+rite now? my 2/3 short n my sleeveless t-shirt+

how are you doing tonight?
+great!!.. i feel much better+

Do you clean when you’re upset?...
+depends on da situation.. ussually i dont+

Would you ever dye your hair blue?
HELL yeah i will!!!!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
+at dis moment? hmm.. 4 i guess.. can sandal b consider as shoe? if not i only got one.. im not a shoe person+

Do you usually tell people when they hurt your feelings?
+hm.. depend on the feeling.. if guys, i'll come clean wif them , if girl depend of the girl+

What's on your mind right now?
+prison break seson 1 2 3 and 4.hahaha+

How have you felt today?
+great!! wonderful!!!+

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
+maybe.. kalau aku wat silap aku nak org maafkan aku n bg second chance so i have to do da same+

Did you cry today?
+nope.. i havent cried for 2 years now..+

Do you miss anyone?
+all my buddies in penang.. suma dah g study merata mesia.. susah nk lepak2 cm dulu.. miss Ed ngn Amir-dpa1b.. geng kita dah x sama cm dulu sejak korang xdak+

Who knows your biggest secret?

Who was the last person to hold your hand?
+My Shiteru-Nabila+

How many windows are open on your computer?
+five.. hell!!! wat kinda question is dis??+

What do you hear right now?
+aku tetap diriku-the official+

How many hours did you sleep last night?
+hmm...5 to 6 at least.. the longest sin dis whole semester+

Are you waiting for something?
+waiting for dawn+

Does anyone hate you?
+yes.. i do noe..+

Who was your last call from?
+fida.. she ask me bout meor.hahaha.she is a very concern gurlfren+

Have you ever ran away?
+too general.. from home? once.. responsibilty? used to.. not anymore.. i'd learned my lesson.. relationship? yes..+

Can you run a mile?
+of cos.. im not a pussy+

voice did you hear last?
+azam-"gua tidoq dulu bro"+

Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
+no.. im ot gay hahaha n theres no girl around me dat willing or have guts to do that. plus is ramadan+

Did you speak to your mother today?
+last week.. boys!!!+

What is the last movie you watched?
+hmm.. in cinema or in laptop? in cinema wanted i guess, laptop hellboy II-the golden army(third time)+

Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
+my mom i guess+

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
+yes.karma. whats goes up must come down+

Do you like someone?
+everyone around me..human are unique.. we are make wif different styles,character and emotion+

Has anyone disappointed you recently?
+a lot.. x mampu nk kira dah+

How late did you stay up last night and why?
12am.. the earliest in 2 month

Q & A

wats ur name?
Adam Ar-Rashid Bin Mohamad Rasdi

what ur nick?
+aCe+ a.k.a aCe+

wtas it is mean?
+bukak kamus tgk maksud dia+

fav food?
+my mum cooking.. da besh food in da world+

fav band?
+a lot.. lets just name da top 5 ok?
1)Linkin Park
2)sum 41
3)My chemical romance
4)billy talent
5)blink 182(angels and airwaves n +44)+

fav clothes line?
+A.L.I (action ladfigure inC)+

fav colour?
+black n white(y?? bcuz its opposite and clise')+

+Myself.. dun ask!!!!..ever...+

who u love da most. ur mummy or abah?
+honestly, my mummy bcuz im a son not daughter+

interest in?
+1)money 2)money 3)a lot a lot of MONEY+

dream job?
+engineer, lawyer, prime minister, king of the world, otromen batman, kluang man u name it. i used to want to be everyone+

sumthing u would like to achieve?
+a trophy of my own. i never have one+

what will u do if u noe dat u will die tommorrow?
+i dun noe...+

whos u wanna date?
+hm.. sticky one.. maybe ******..hahahaha+

unachieved dream?
+iu want to tarvel around da world.. hope its not to late+

future plan b4 turn 30?
+have a job dat will give me good paycheck dat can maek me live in a proper life, support my family, start my own kopitiam business, own a house and car them get married+

r u gay?

in realitionship?
+kinda hard to explain.. maybe yes, maybe no+

why's dat?
+cinta tidak akan wujud jika hanya bertepuk sebelah tgn.. aku k yg bertepuk 2? hm...+

p.o.v about love?
+love is subjective and unpredictitable.. love can bring u to da place dat u'll never imagine.. love will make u do sumthing stupid sometimes cross da line, but u wont cares becuz u willing to loose everything just for will make u strong n sometimes fragile.. love is not crazy, person in it is a killing machine.. it will kill u, slowly or da fastest way dat u never imagine.last but not least, LOVE is LOVE+

Who Am I

Who Am I
I am what I am
I love who ever I am

I can be sun that shine up the world
I can’t be bought and I can’t be sold
I light up everyone life when they’re in pressure cold
But sometimes I’m overheat, as far as I’ve been told

I am hard and stubborn same as solid rock
But I just don’t care as far as everyone hear my thought

Sometimes I just like Jack Bauer in TV series call 24
Because I’ve been push to do something more
Or I considered myself as Micheal Scofield in Prison Break
I’m sagacious and my intelligent is not a fake

I’m not Superman, not Dark Knight either
Sometimes I make mistakes, I’m sorry I’m not a life saver
My decision will cost something, but I’m a believer
I always put everyone else first in list, ever and ever

I’m a student as long as I breathe
For me everything is knowledge even if it just a simple kiss
I’m a lover, I love everyone around me
But sometimes love blind me and s can’t really see

I am what I am
I love who ever I am

dis poem actually had its own story.. i wrote it bcuz our BEL lecturer assign us to do a poem ... she actually already give us a poem " I am A Bird" quite a good poem.. so she wanted us to do a poem dat represent aourself with sumthing.. but instict i wrote a poem entitled who i am and she loved my class mate luv it too.. all of them vote for excellent for dis poem.. n my group aa a;ways follow wat ever i did. meor, ajam n saf, thanx guy for giving me an opportunities to write again.. dia poem is also da reason i start writing poem again.. i stopped for almost a year.. thanx guys.. hehehe

bout me

well2.. bout me? what im gonna say bout myself.. not much i guess. i not dat kind of person dat self-proclaimed myself. i always let people around me, people dat noe me(even not fully) to tell more bout it..its maybe klise' but i like it dat way.. i dun wanna people think dat im kinda person dat look high to myself(eventhough we should). yet again, yy should i care.. who cares?(one of my buddy azam fav line).. i dun give a damn about people thought.. hey, im sharing.. dats good.hahaha.. back to dat issue, im kinda person dat dun care bout wat poeple think, i just do might get me into trouble sometime but who cares..i dun..once, few month back i made dis mohawk hairstyles, almost everyone said its sucks, i just go on with it u noe y, cuz i dun give a damn.. i a straight edge kinda person..hmm.. wat else? err, for ur info, im kinda art person, i wrote poem, play, lyriC even hates letters(dats happened when im in primary skool, i'll talk bout it later)... hm.. its really not fitting with my rough personality but AGAIN, who cares?!!!!.. i love myself, n i will live it anyway i want it.hmm... my fens used to make fun of it but i dun care.. its bout my princuples of life.. i have 3 of it.. first the most important of all "English is my Passion, Malay its my liFe".. i mean in life i alway look up for english, i love studying it, n i believe it will make ur life easier n help u get trough all da probs in life but again malays cultures will alway be da stone of the road but its not gonna stop me.. sometimes in life we have to make a choice and stand and live wif it..i might bite u back in ur ass, but u just have to stand me!! i noe how its feel like.. i apart of me.. im mixture-malay chinese. dats will alway haunt me for the rest of my life, but im cool wif it.. well, my second principles its "Dont hunt what U cant Kill, Dun Kill what u Cant Have".. it means u mess wif someone that u can fight, n dun kill a chance for everyone else if u can get dat chances.. for example u try to hit a girl n she reject u, dun kills any other guys opportunities just bcuz u cant have her.. that suck!!! really really damn fucking suck!!!! hm.. ok ok.. third n my last principle is "He who laugh last, laugh loudest".. hm i dun think i have to explain dis rite. just understnd it ur self.. ok lah, i gonna continued wif my prison break.. hehe.. its wanna of my fav TV show, wanna noe what my top 1 fav? hm.. maybe next time.. ok, chow.. peace in, roX out.. so long n gudnite


I never truly love you
For God sake I know it is true
Maybe I’m really blind or stupid, but it’s the right things to do
Who cares, I jst wanna be with you
My interests in you, its never cruel
Before I go to dreamland, I will always say “I love you”

Is my feeling to you love, I always wonder?
If its worth I’ll willing to trade my soul to the soul trader
I love you so much, whenever I high or sober
Simple curiosity cross my mind whether we’re soulmate
If its true, wow! It will be great
What if it’s not, my God hope it’ll not come true what I just said

Recently speaking I don’t really know what I feel right now
So many things in my mind, sorry I’m not willing to take a bow
I love you so much before, but I’m not really sure right now
We never fight at all, no such things as sorrow
We never share things, no offer for a borrow
I’m not sure our relation is love, today maybe what about tomorrow?

I really love you my sweet lil’ blood angel
It’s not I’ve someone else, but my heart right now really fragile
I’m so sorry babe, my cute shorty, my sweet dream goodnight, my girl
So many things up in my head, my mind been twisted and twirled
Maybe it’s good for us to keep the distance not just for now but for real

I’m sorry babe, maybe we are not meant to be
Maybe someone out here for you, or maybe I’m just being silly
I want us to be like before, when I say “I love you” daily
I just don’t want to know why but that really rare lately
Maybe, maybe, maybe we should break up, really
I know this will break your heart, it hurt me too, I’m really really sorry

My sweet lil’ blood angel, I release you
Fly and go to the place you really want to
I’m insist I really do
Fly high and rip the sky in blue
Don’t worry about me, fate and faith will find me my real boo
Its just that, that boo its not you….

err... to anybody who even read dis stuff just leave cmmnt ok.. i dun really wanna talk bout what dis poem is really about.. if u really look through it maybe u'll got the idea of the poem..ok chow..hehehe..

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