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November 5, 2010

Malaysia Will Remain Harmony Unless Theres Politics Involvemennt

Choose any chillax places. Place where you be in when you want to relax and hang out with our friends and buddies. Mamak stalls? Coffee houses? Even street hawker stalls? There's always hemegenous kind of people mixing together having a nice quality time of chit chat and small talk. Yes, Malaysia is one of the most harmonious country where any race can sit together under the same roof and sky while not giving each other the hatred glance. taka any Premier League match at a mamak stall. You'll see various type of Manchester United fans, Malays, Indian and Chinese sitting there's together, cheering when Rooney score a goal, cursing "BODOH!" all together when the Red Devil's army miss a shot. The most precious moment yet to share is half time break. All together will shout their opinions out on the first half performance. There's will always be a sweet disputes about the club latest news but when the second half whistle is blown, all together will unite again as one. Sweet isn't it?

Well it isn't as meaningful moment of unification if there's politics talk is involve. Take the same chillax place, Mamak stall. Every minutes, every moment there's always been a politics talk in those stall. People clashes opinions on everything with politics tag line on it. Politics was and will always been the irrational mechanism of Malaysian. On top of the that, politics cause a lot of interracial disputes but the main problems is that Malaysian cannot live on without politics. Politic had and always been bread and butter of Malaysia. Imagine the harmonious lifestyle if we take politics out of the equation. Malaysia will remain strong as ever.

p/s- Congrats to the winning party at Galas and Batu Sapi. And Happy Diwali!

2 Spits On My Face:

A r i M o h a m e d said...

yes, i couldnt agree more, politics and democracy is only an agenda from the western. political leader never thinks about peoples welfare. all they want is to be on top and hold the power.

aCe+ said...

yeah. they just using the sympathy of the people's vote to get to the top. once there, its all abut themself.

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