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March 13, 2009

Another One, But Its Differents This Time

Let me tell u a story.a story that involve me of course n something that i cant even explain.i used to call it love addiction but in this matter in fact, i dun really think its an love addiction.apart of me always fall for someone, someone that i barely know, i suddenly fall for her n then in a week after i totally forgot bout her, ussually this love addiction happened to somebody that i barely know."white sweater girl" or "kiss me gurl", these are the example of my love addiction.mostly, it fade away bcuz these girls are not in my circle which mean im not close to them.and then, come along this girl.lets just call her "ANGEL" instead of having a slutty nickname. this girl is different from any of my love addiction girl cuz i know her for about a year now.well, i gotta say at first sight my mind set up to picturize as cute n charming- in her own way.i kinda had a fall for her but i never put it in a serious mode.but lately, after some incident i think my feeling toward her blossom. blossomly blossom.i cant stop thinking bout her, i cant stop watching her pic or vid, i even dreamt bout her, in a kinda soft porn dream but not wet tell me, is this anothe rlove addiction? i dunno.maybe i have to wait for a week to find out.but seriesly for the moment shes the one that i wanna love but i cnat risk it cuz shes in my circle.i dun wanna break to chemistry of it cuz its gonna blows everything.but my heart says i willing to risk it all? i mean look at me.i dun even up to her standard.i swear if i confess to her, this is what im gonna get, "WHAT??? ARE U SERIOUS??" pretty damn sure this is what she gonna say.what can i say, we fit perfectly as a frens.wel, most of us.without one another, i think our circle gonna fall into pieces.but yet again i ask can she accept me? well, look at me. i smoke, i drank im lazy n all the negativity of captivity is all on me.well, thats not gonna hold me back.seriesly, i still havent decide what to do.maybe i should give it some times first n see whether this is just a love addiction or true love? im a believer of true love okay, i just never found one.maybe its her.i dunno.

March 12, 2009

Angel's Home


March 10, 2009

Come Home, Angel!

Its Bout Time, Really....
I've Been Kinda Selfish Lately, Ignoring My Family, Not Ignoring All The Time But Let Just Said That Im Not Being A Team Member Lately.Its Not That I Dun Wanna To, But I've Been Kinda Busy With All My Campus Stuff..Its Crazy.Thats One Of The Reason I Hate The Most About Campus.It Take A Lot More Then It Give, It Take A Lot Of Me From My Family.I Havent Been Home Since CHY Break, Yes! Its Crazy.Im Just From Penang But Still I Spent Most Of My Time Here Rather Then Home, Its Time To Come Home Adam.Time To Be The Future A\ Man Of The Family.Take Action That Need To Be Taken n Leads The Way Cuz The First Man Of Honor Cant Do Anything, Not At All.Its A Harsh Decision But Im Apart Of It Whether I Like It Or Not. Im Not Okay With It, But Is The Path That Is Set To Me.Maybe I Like The Thing The Way It Is, But Sometimes Is To Much Even For Me To Handle.What More Can I Say, Its My Destiny n I Have To Deal With It.Man Of Honor, Huh? How Cool Does It Sound? Literally, Is Not That Great.U Have To Push Urself More, Defend The Honor, Protect The Vunerable One's, Step On To The Plate, Being The BadASS Even It Is Low Blow.Like I Say, This Is Not Want I Want, But Still I Have To Do It.
Angel Of Honor,
It Is Time,
Fly Back Where Ur Belong,
Crush The Demon Along The Way,
Fight Them All Till Ur Final Breathe,
Fly High Till Ur Wing Broke Down,
Sacrifice Ur New Happiness So That Others Can Cherish The Same,
Throw Them All Back To Damnation Where They Belong,
Yes U Can,
Believe In Urself, Chosen One!
Angel Of Honor,
Come Home Dear,
Heaven Need You Here,
All Hell Break Loose Already,
Nothing Much We Can Do Without You,
The Final Wall Is Breaking Down,
The Darkest Coalition Combination Had Break In
Thin Sword Cant Protect Sweet Home Forever,
You Are All We Have,
Our Last Barrier,
Our Only Hope,
Our Savouir,
Our Angel Of Honor.

March 9, 2009

Anjing Kurap Tak Bermaruah

Lu mmg r bro.sorry to say r, gua awai2 dah ckp kalau lu wat cmni gua akan pggl lu anjing kurap truih pasni.skrg mmg gua akan pggl lu anjing kurap.mmg itu yg sepatutnya.gua igt lu akan brubah pas apa yg dah jadik, rupa2nya gua cilap.nmpaknya mmg gua akan kalah betting ngn meor.gua kena blanja meor winston pack least after what had happened, i thought u will have some dignity left to guards on, but i guess wrong.penat letih gua menasihat, memberi petunjuk utk membimbing lu back on the rite maybe anggap benda ni simple ja, tp x bg gua.dulu time lu ngn dia lu dah tinggalkan kami, member2 lu yg kenai lu dulu sblom lu kenai dia, member2 yg lu slalu lepak time lu sblom ngn dia, tapi skrg lu ludah balik kat muka igt kami apa.anjing cam lu? sorry r kami ada dignity, bukan cam lu.takat ni ja gua akan tolong lu.pasni kalau lu ada probs lagi ngn dia tolonglah jgn carik gua, please.gua dah always put her first, not us, ur very beshfrens.u'd made ur choice so its damn clear.pasni kalau kami ignore lu, kick u out of the group dun ever ask why.i made this hanya carik kami time lu ada probs, bila lu dah happy lu g blk kat dia.pasni, kalau lu ada probs lg, lu nk mai carik kami blk? sorry.its dun work that way.suka ati lu la lu nk wat pa pasni.gua dah xkesah gua dah fed up.gua bukan marah bro, jgn salah anggap gua cuma kecewa ja ngn lu sbb lu stilll the same even after what happen.laki yg tough cam lu ble menangis menitiskan air mata sbb dia but still terhegeh2 nk g lg kat dia? cmon man, wheres ur dignity dude.please! gua seriesly xkn terkejut skrg kalau lu kaple blk ngn dia.mcm gua ckp r.gua dah kalah bet ngn meor.this is not a punishment bor, its just a life lesson u had to face after u made a wronged choice, so face it like a man.sorry, gua akan tetap pggl lu anjing kurap lepas ni.thats just the way it is aint sweet, i always say this, but remember i alway reminds other to get a helmet, obviously u dun get one, so just face it.

Sweet Taste Of Victory

ha3.ari ni dah berjaya membuktikan yg aku ni mmg pantang di cabar.saf cabar aku g blok mahsuri.skrg ni pukui 3.15am.sbg sorang yg pantang di cabar aku g r.n saf n diba can be my witness.ahaks.sorry r xsmpat nk snap pic.ahaks.stil, its worth it.diorang just bg aku sweet roll thats all.but, its priceless.ha3.sweet taste of victory, thats what that sweet roll represent.aku share "victory roll" aku ngn aimil.ha3

March 8, 2009

Idea Dari Bantal Musyuk Senget

first, after log in my UiTM ID i got so many things to write on my blog but after taht im blurred.totally blank.damn!.well, then i view all my link members to see what they after.the, i stuck in Bantal Musyuk Senget's blog.shes cool n have a very nie, shes senget siot.ahaks.dia ngaku kot.ha3.n then,i read on post entitled "KOPAK LA ABAH AKU".its an entry bout a birthday wish i got an idea.i wanna make a birthday wish too.(bapak r bday aku lg sebulan lebih kot gatai nk wat skrg.siot tol..)..okay, here it goes

+10 Catton Of Winston(stok sebulan)+
+Closet Full Of Graphic T-shirts+
+RM1 Billion Pound Sterling..RM xcukup+
+Vacation trip To Argentina+
+Becoming the Next Malaysia's Prime Minister+
+Becoming a Dean List Student+
+Loose 10 Kg+
+Less Problems Of Life To Face+
+A Cake+
+Nice Time With My Family+

can it be granted? well, i Wish I Know..

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