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December 27, 2008


some babe penah tanya aku apa azam aku utk tahun depan..slamba katak aku jawap
"nope..i xdak apa2 azam utk tahun depan.."
pastu minah tu wat muka plek n usha aku smacam..and then she goes "Whatever..."ngn gaya n cara yg mmg menghina abih r..aku ckit pun xtrasa sbb well shes kinda a bitch so its do not effect/affect(aku xsure mana yg betul) me at all...well ple sgt ke kalau aku xdak azam utk tahun baru.. belambak kwn2 aku yg xdak azam tahun baru..i bet, Azam(bin Zakaria) pun xdak azam utk tahun bru..the truth is, aku penah menyimpan atau menyemai byk benih2 azam baru setiap kali tahun bru menjelma..seriesly! dulu setiap tahun aku akan wat 1o azam baru utk dicapai seblom akhir tahun..sepanjang idup aku, aku xpenah accomplish suma azam2 aku..why? maybe sbb aku ni mmg yg jenis hangat2 tahi ayam(i admit that)..sakit hati kdg2 benda2 yg ximpossible for me to achieve tp still aku xble nk achieve..its kinda sucks? well reality is. n plus as i grew older azam2 tu cuma sebagai prasyarat utk aku celebrate nu year.. tambahan, kenapa kita sma PERLU wat azam hanya tiap kali tahun baru tiba? kalau n brubah anytime kita ble wat azam kan..xpyh tggu nu year..n sumtimes we used it as an excuse.kalau nk brubah ttgu nu year? sbb tu aku dah lama retired wat2 azam tiap2 kali tahun baru ni..sbb aku taw one way or another i'll be, i should spare myself..wat pa nk susah2 pikiq azam kalau aku sendri pun xmau brubah..kan? the time will come..suma org akan brubah..mummy aku slalu ckp biaq bdk2 remaja ni enjoy dulu hidup diorang skrg(but theres a limit) sbb bila diorang makin tua mereka akan for example, time tok aku meninggal dulu ada sorang makcik ni tolong mandikan n mummy aku ckp makcik tu dulu minah caberet..n mmg negative habih r dia dulu n suma makpak zaman dulu xbg anak2 diorang berkwn ngn dia n looks how she turn out to be..dia skrg dah jdk hajjah n mengajaq bdk2 mengaji Quran..totally change..360 mummy aku slalu pegang tu..ida taw suma org ble brubah..but yes, some people dun..dah tua2 masih x sedaq diri pun, its balance..apa yg aku nk cuba sampaikan ialah manusia ble brubah tp xble dipaksa.xpayah nk brubah time nu year..sebab ia sesuatu yg menghampakan di akhir, spare urself..xpayah r wat azam tahun baru hanya sebab org len buat..kalau xmau wat azam xpyh wat..watpa n ikut org.. just be urself..some people maybe dun agree with it, so

Life Is Short..So Enjoy It TO THE MAX

im so sorry..i never meant to hurt u..but seriesly, u r overreacting.just take a breathe n cool down will ya? just trying to help but instead getting a thanks i get a angry voice throw out to my face? i will let u cool it out first then we gonna settle this ok?..
p/s-im goin bax to UiTM Kedah 2morrow

December 26, 2008

Lonely Soul On Christmas Nite

it may had saoud weird but its true..there lonely people on holiday season..i guess we can consider urself lucky because when holiday stop by, ur family are all here..having dinner together, chitchat n changing story of ourself..for now, i seems to not appreciate any of that but wait.the moment we lost it all, we gonna miss it all eventhough before this we might kinda hate it..i learned this last nite..cuz i dun celebrate christmas(literally..) so i spent my christmas nite hanged out at a beach..all by myself..just wanna calm my self out, relax n chill..out of nowhere i saw on gurl sitting on her car cried out silly but tried to covered it..i braved myself to go near her n asked her whats up babe..seriesly i said suprised me that she went all out..i thought at first shes gonna chased me away or turned her face around but intsead she shared it all.bout how lonely she is rite now bcause she have to spent her christmas nite here all alone without her family(all in sabah rite now)..all she had rite now its the receipt form CIMB bank that written "extra 20" which is her christmas present from her my mind, that should cheer up moment if its was me, but shes different..all she want is to be with her family celebrating christmas together n blah2..i she said that now she really appreciated her family cuz they are far far away rite, here we go guys..lesson of the day..go figure..

p/s-to prove myself that i wanna stay single rite now, i didnt hit on that phone no, no name, nothing..i mean cmon, rite..shes alone, vunerable,sad n so on i can catch her in just a fingertip, but i didnt just to prove my point so dun ever doubt me again okay, asshole..

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas.

i would like to wish merry christmas to all my frens..
this is malaysia n we r malaysian.we celebrates every holls..
merry christmas everybody

A Beautifool Letdown

Sorry guys..i cant make it cuz i felt asleep.i really im time ok..i promise..dun worry Kassim Mustapha wont gi anywhere, n im still in penang for the next 4 days.we can still hang, dun ever forget our plan for chinese new year, really sorry..
We, all the boys of Swenz kopitiam promised to hang out ang Kassim's at 1am..i didnt make it..i felt asleep n woke up at 4am..well, in my defense, im fucking tired okay n im not feeling so well n furthermore i already set my alarm at 1230am..

December 24, 2008


i wannna make this a entry a long time ago sine the first day he did..well, i would like to congrats Jeff Hardy for winning his first world, both Hardys, Matt and Jeff are champs again at the same time but its different this time..theyy are not holding atitle together which they good at in tag team division, the best i should say..but this time both of them are world champion..matt hardy the current ECW Champion n Jeff hardy the new crown WWE is historical..the as historical as Wrestlemania 20 when late Chris Benoit won his first World Heavyweight Championship n at the same time his best buddy, late Eddie Geurero was a WWE Champion at that time..The Hardys will be the next WWE Hall Of Fame..Team X-Treme will never die

p/ a big fans of wrestling..dun ever give the words saying that wrestling is just acting..i noe it..still, i love it..

Responsiblity Doesn't Come Easy

biar diduga lautan gelora,
biar ditiup angin taufan,
akan ku teguh pertahankan jua,
demi darah dagingku yg ku cinta.
tsunami bersidai di pesisir pantai sekalipun xkan ku undurkan diri selagi mereka tidak ku pasti selamat di sisi..janji sumpah ku ungkap kan pada ibu, akan ku tunaikan selagi mampu..kerana aku hanya seorang diri, lelaki kedua dalam keluarga selepas ayahku..jiwa raga mereka, tanggungjawab yg harus ku pikul..tanpa paksa,tanpa dendam, hanya atas nama cinta dan sayang..ya, memang aku tidak seratus peratus menyukainya namun apa dayaku..aku tiada abang..akulah abang, akulah adik lelaki..demi mereka, snaggup berkorban.dia kakakku, dia adikku..

December 22, 2008

well, u guys can say what u want but i cant help a short fuse,dirty fuss, hot tempered and all the things what similar to anger n bad emotion...well the things is, i got angry again today at work..well of whom who have or had work in a restaurant/stall/kedai mamak/kopitiam for sure gonna say the same things..its fucking busy n tiring n sometimes we just lost our tempered..i tried to control it today but it gets over my head..literally..well i got pissed n i kick the damn door in that silly kopitiam..even my boss was stunned n lost his words to say..he just let it be..after the anger-stupid-action move i just cant take it anymore..i left my bar..just let the order keep coming..i went outside the shop, light up my CIGGY n puffed..oh God thats damn good..after i finish it..i when back in with a smiling face.. everyone gave me the Is-He-Crazy-Or Smoke-A-Pot-Just-Now look..well, even after that moment my work just got more n more i managed to handle it with a happy face, thanks to a simple damaging,poisoning stuff called cigarette..really though..ciggys help me relax..i become mellow-er then before after i started say what u want, laugh ur ass out of me, ciggys is my bestie..well, one of mine..i guess i make a judgement call.wether i choose a angry son of a bitch wannabe or lung-cancer dude that have a dead wish for the next few years..i choose lung cancer this time, the reason that i can think bout is ciggys make me relax..ciggys control my anger, mellowed me down..a lot..if i chose angry SOB im gonna die anyway cuz of the anger eating me alive from the inside or get kill by somebody i pissed out, its a fair choice..i end up dead anyway so better choose the one with a, its my tagline "LIFE IS TO BE ENJOY NOT WASTED" rite? plus, who ever have other things to say im just gonna raise my middle finger n say FUCK U..what can i say, i dont break easy...

December 21, 2008


i noe..i should noe better..

"dont judge a book just by its cover"
"dont judge a thesis just by its title"
"dont make a judgement call"

but still, i made one..sorry dude..i still new with this is hard for me accept it? its might take deal with it? i takes a lot of me..god, i wish i didnt told me..god, i wish im not busy-fucking-body enough to ask u..gimme some time please..dont let this matter ruin our frenship..we had a long run..nobody, i mean nobody, go through together what we'd been through..we been to hell n i will make this out.just gimme some time..its really got into me,okay..but seriesly, thanks for being honest with me..thats ean a lot..i guess u owe me this time huh? hahaha..okay2..that all i need to say..

+my frens admit he's gay..+

repost-No Tommorow

If there is no tomorrow,
what meal will I have for the last time,
Will it be Chicken McDeluxe or any of it kind
Do I really gonna have appetite or its just dying
Will I enjoy my last meal or maybe I just gonna start crying?

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I ever change?
Can I ever be tame?
Will I keep playing game?
Will my life will ever be the same?

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I ask forgiveness for all the wrong things I done?
Or just sit down pray that all of it will just be gone
Sorry, will that be my last word on my last second
Or I just be as bastard as I am that have no U-turn

If there is no tomorrow,
I know deep inside my heart will crash
Too much pressure, some haven’t been test
So many thing aren’t achieved
Some, I take it to my grave

If there is no tomorrow,
Will the world stop spinning, people stop running
Allies stop ass-kissing, enemy stop gunning
Is that even possible?
Or the world remain as terrible

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I be afraid, will I even care?
I got nothing to lose, not much to spare
Freaking out never in my vocabulary
Knowing I won’t be able to live, that’s not really scary
But,what about everybody else, how will they feel?
The fact of knowing the world gonna end, that’s worse then gets kill
Maybe its too late but its never that easy
So, brace ourself, the day will come, we’ll see..

rite this is whats on my mind..i noe.its kinda twisted but is the thought that will alway on my mine n spare myself from doing anything stupid because if there is no tomorrow, it will be too late for me to to do what Earl(from TV Series My Name Is Earl) do best, cross the lists of wrong doing n make it rite..we all done some bad stuff in our life..better start crossing it now, because the day will come where there is no tommorow n we'll gonna regret i remember why i wrote this remind myself

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