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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

February 2, 2012

Sweet Like Candy, And Yes! Pun Intended!

February 1, 2012

aCe+ Shitload #13

Kalau Hati Ini Boleh Bersuara Dah Lama Dia Suruh Aku Berhenti Berharap

aCe+ Shitload #12

I Don't Have Special Girl, But I Have Tons Of Girl "Friends"

aCe+ Shitload #11

Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword

aCe+ Shitload #10

To Have A Past, Thats Everyone, To Hold On To Your Past, Thats Sore Loser.

aCe+ Shitload #9

I'll Ripped My Heart Out If It's Meant To Keep You On My Sight

aCe+ Shitload #8

"What If" Is A Very Moronic Question To Ask Yourself

aCe+ Shitload #7

Bravery- 3 Parts Of Courage, 1 Part Of Dumb Luck, 1 Part Of Smear Stupidity

aCe+ Shitload #6

Exploitation Of Beauty. From Morale Perspective, It Is Wrong. But Hey, What's The Wrong In Making Money From Your Natural Gifts?

aCe+ Shitload #5

Sometimes We Forget, That Once We Hit Rock Bottom

aCe+ Shitload #4

I Was Young, Stupid And Juvenile. It's Nt An Excuse, Its A Reason

aCe+ Shitload #3

Money Isn't The Root Of All Evil, Dirty Money Is.

aCe+ Shitload #2

Don't Question My Heart, Question My Will.

aCe+ Shitload #1

If Hell Whats You Offer, That Through Hell I'll Meddle.

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