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December 19, 2010

I Am One Pacthetic Loser

No Matter How Prepared You Are,
No Matter How Ready You Set Up Your Mind,
No Matter How String To Try To Put Your Face On,
No Matter How Cool You Try To Act On,
But No Matter What Once You Screwed Up,
Everything Starting To Fall In Line.

Yes I Did Mentally Prepared To Face The Consequences,
6 Month I Tried To Round Up My Mind Around The Facts That I Screwed Up,
But Once The Time To Face The Music,
I Failed,
Emotionally I Loose To The Dying Fact That I'm Lacking Behind,
Yes, I Know I Screwed Up.
I Deserve This Torture!
Please, Give Me More!
I'm Begging You!
Gimme More!!

p/s- If One More Person Asking Me About My Continuation Study, I'm Kill Him/Her For Sure!

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