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September 25, 2010

Im Sorry

u bz..
smpai ignore i..
im sad.. very sad...
i berhadpn ngn byk sgt mslh, i realy need u ..
dekat n dekat ngn i.. but...
just dreaming..
u ade hal u,,yg perlu disettle, also same with me..

xtually i just nak perhatian dr u.. when i sad n have poblem.
near with me please my dear..
im crying while im send diz text 4 u..
but u cant noe n see it.
i try jd kuat mcm u,, tp x bley.. hmm...
ape2 pon whish me luck 4 my test tmrow.. ◄:((►

mish u damn so much..!

p/s-im so sorry okay babe. i busy sgt lately.

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