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December 13, 2010

The Gunners Against The Red Devils

Lama siot aku x sembang pasai bola kat blog aku ni. And satu lagi, lama dah aku xtulih dalam bahasa Ibunda aku. hahaha. okay2, sorry if kalau selama ni blog aku nampak macam bajet semacam ja asyik tulih omputih ja. Bukan pa aku kalau tulih dalam bahasa Melayu nanti ayat jadik skema len macam ja, tu aku maleh tulih bahasa Melayu.HAHAHA!

Alright, back to football. The grandest stage of all is happening tonight at Old Trafford when The Red Devils welcoming their biggest rivalry in football, Arsenal and the Big Guns to their house. A match that involved Manchester United and Arsenal always bring good stuffs together and its really fun to watch those boys fighting their asses to be on the top. Only this time, it is for the top spot. As Chelsea is dropping their ace performance, it seems like The Gunners and The Red Devils is the only available contenders for the title as champion in English football. Let face it, Chelsea draw with my favourite team Tottenham Hotspurs last night, and the biggest news is, bigger than Frank Lampard making his appearance back is that Didier Drogba miss the penalty and Heurelho Gomes magnificiently save the penalty right after he carelessly miss to punch out Drogba shot earlier which cause him the ball hitting the net. So, the only question remain is which team gonna remain on top right after the epic match tonight?

Lets check the statistic shall we? Starting with Alex Ferguson boys, Man U starting 2010/2011 campaign with 15 match without a lost and now holding the second place in the league table with a game in hand(thanks to Blackpool's field been frozen over). the players? Dimitar Berbatov which such perfect perform, eagerly to take on Gunners with his great record scoring 5 goal against Blackburn Rover a few week back. Alongside Berbatov, there's come Wayne Rooney. Nothing can be as such headline if Rooney perform well tonight and bring him back to be one of the fierce some striker in the league. He desperately need a goal to shut up all the critics if not he will still remain in shadow, so Wayne please shine tonight.

Talking about great team, The Gunners is especially one of them. Young, eager, powerful enough to be taking serious, Arsenal squad had perform very well this season an they are thrust for glory since they haven't won any silverware, any recognition trophy in the matter fact since 2005 so they want this season campaign to be something that we can be proud of. As the player of Emirates flag, no one is better to be aware of rather than French young gun, Samir Nasri. He is the player that United Defense need to be taken seriously and watch carefully. But Nasri is no Cristiano Ronaldo. Nasri is more a team player then Ronaldo. That's Arsenal. They work as a team, not finger crossing hope for one player to shine an save their asses. Lead by young and charismatic captain, Cesc Febregas, Arsenal is a squad of hungry wolves than ready to strike in pack.Watch Out, Devils! The Gunners are bringing big big artillery to you doorstep.

Once again, which team is gonna secure their spot in top of the table, we are gonna find it out tonight!

p/s- sembang nak buh post dalam bahasa Melayu last2 tulih gak dalam omputih. bajet!

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