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December 12, 2010

Hail The Villains

Any organisation, big or small, future thinking or not, will always involve in our bitchy thing, POLITICS. Like it or nor, politics is like a disease spreads through every inch of the vein which what make a organisation run. But the only thing left to question is whether politic make it smoother or make it even worse. People tense to try out and use politic as a tool to take them higher in term of achievement. Hate them, blame them, but they are the one that should be call smart, because they used any available source in which will be beneficial for career building. It may seem dirty, but yet again, is there anything pure in organisation?

Put aside the thinking of hard work in your line of work, because it doesn't really matter at this point. Try as hard as you can, you'll still going nowhere because without any influential back-up, you always reached a dead end. To be able to reach the top, you need a helping hand. A helping hand, with "strong" enough to pull you up, climbing faster then anyone else to the top of the authority. Back stabbing? its just butter and bread. You have to be cold heart enough to play the game.

One way of another, politics will get you. all you can do, is survive n don't take part. Yes, it may lead you nowhere, but you are still secure, you are still in the game, you are still surviving from any chance of being sacked. If you try to be the righteous one, believe me, you are exposing yourself. Because you can't fight it, politics is untouchable. You'll end up in the wrong side of the fight once you choose to do the right thing. Its okay, to let down your belief and principles, because in organisation, there are no rules book. Everything that happen surround you, its a judging eyes.Beware, and stay survive!

p/s- DPA, you want me to be an political science student, there you have it! I'm in the game!

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