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October 22, 2010

Clash Of The Titans. Money VS Talent. aCe+ Football Review

Money can buy talent but can't create one. That's why in 5 years period, Arsenal still gonna be one of the top gun in BPL, but Man City if they wanna do so, they need to keep on their crazy "Spending Spree" to be able to maintain their top 4 spot.

Two different club, two different place, two different ideologies. its WengerNomic VS ManciMoney. Arsene Wenger earned a degree in economic which explained his wise spending in term of strengthen Arsenal squad. Why? Because Wenger believe in creating a strong based n foundation in the squad. Take Jack Wilshere for example. Out of nowhere talent, fresh from the academy but yet promising future. Wilshere had become Arsenal's top 11 this season whereby he still wearing his academic boot last 2 season. Thats the ideology preferred but Wenger. Thats the reason, Arsenal won't be thirst for talent in the future because they are the camp that create talent. But in the meantime, on the other side of the war, we got Roberto Mancini "uprising" squad. "Goddamn Big Spender". Yup, that's the nickname I'm giving to him. Statistic speak for itself. Boeteng, Bonatelli, D.Silva, some of the name that Mancini lured to Eastland to be apart of his "Dream Team" and yet, its pay out. Man City is the second on the league and didn't show any flaw that they are stop moving up. In just 2 term of BPL, Man City was able to do so. How? Big buck bought talent. That's how. But the remaining question is "In 5 years period, can Man City Maintain their dominance in BPL?" Yes they could, but the money have to be out and out from time to time. As the richest club in the region, yes the can do so. They can even bring Wayne "Whore"Ney to the squad. Yes, that's fact.

Well after all, its just an icing on top of sweet tooth cake for this week clash between Arsenal and Man City. But remember, Arsenal's capn quoted "One can't buy team spirit, and we got plenty". that's right, no question that Arsenal do have the team spirit, and so Man City. but if "Understanding" issue risen, Arsenal win because there no clinical doubt for their team in that perspective. For what it worth, i am rooting for Arsenal this week. I'm not a gunners fan, but i do love to watch their game because Arsenal always give a good show. Go gunners.

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