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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

May 1, 2010


Azam ckp aku ada sifat kewanitaan dalam diri aku. ntah.aku pun xsure.well, nak kata pa, sbb dalam family aku aku ada 2 org adik bradik pompuan, akak ngn adik aku. aku sorang ja anak laki. anak tengah plak tu. so, maybe betul la kot. maybe aku dah terinfluence skit2 ngan sifat2 lembut siblings, maka skali skala secara tak langsung sifat kewanitaan tu akan terserlah tapi jangan risau, im stil straight. xmen2 r gay2.haha

April 29, 2010

The Cure Is The Main Poison But I Swallow It Anyway

Listen.For Once Just Listen,Don't Argue. Try To See What I Have To Say.Just Try To Find The Logics Of My Word. Try To Understand The Reason Not The Action.Action May Leads To The Perception Of Negativity.Reason In The Other Hand Will Give You The Whole New Perspective About The Situation.But Compared Mine With Others. I Won't Care A Bit What Others Will Say. What Matter The Most Is Us.Because This Is Our Story Not Theirs.Where Are In It, Not Them.

Can't You See The Difference? The Distance Between Our Bond? Your World Is Close To Mine But Still Somehow I Can't Reach It. You Are Mine But Not Heartly Own.Why? Is It Me Or Is It You? I Rather Not Say. Because I Don't Wanna Hurt You.I Cared Too Much To Be The Pain Deliver. I Choose To Create This Fantasy That You Live In Right Now Because Thats How I Want You To Be Not How You Suppose To Be. Yes, I Admit. Its Selfish But Tell Me Then.What Am I Suppose To Do?

I Do Remember The Time When We Were Happy.Its Not That Long Ago But It Felt Thousand Lightyear Away. I Remember How U Laugh Sincerely Not Fakely As Now. I Remember You Being So Talkative Because That's Just How You Are. I Remember How We Used To Jog Sweatyly Our Ass Off And When Our Hand Touches I Can Feel The Love. Like Im The Happiest Dude In The World. What Had Happened Then? How In Hell Did We Loose All Of It?

Im Confused Babe.Light Me Up Please.

April 28, 2010

If I Let It Go, Will The Scar Continue To Show?

You are so cute, you are so beautiful

You are the reasons that make me crawl

When I face you I felt so tall

Overwhelmed by your cuteness make me seem small

You are so beautiful, you are so cute

You are the type of non-mute

When you speak I felt overwhelmed

My knees become weak, that’s damn

I like your styles, I like your perfume’s smell

U teased my hair a lot of gels

Jokes on me make me laugh so hard

Maybe it not that good but you make it seems smart

I like your perfume’s smell, I like styles

Simple n catchy make me fragile

You are so cute, I’m not gonna lie

Make me wanna come look at you, all night

I wrote this poem out of uncertainty

Maybe it seem lame but it full of dignity

This poem is to make a point

A suggestion that our heart should be join

Because I like you a lot hope you do too

Simple say, I love you.

April 25, 2010

Love Is A Dangerous Game To Play

I dunno what the hell is ur probs but if u keep going on like this, u will loose me babe. im freaking tired with all the games, the lame excuses, the secret relation that we need to keep low under the radar, all the ignorance. u know what, im a dude. i shouldnt felt the way i am now, u r suppose to have all of this kinky feeling stuff. dun bother. from now on, im shunning u.end of story!

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