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April 11, 2009

Welcome To HellHole

im goin back today, bax to penang. my beloved penang.or should i say Hellhole? yeah! its seem perfect word for it. its not that i have anything against penang, no im not its just dat my life in penang is soo twisted n full of lacks n negative suprises that i have to face every single day. but yet again, its where i come from. a place that teached me how to live, teached me wrong from right, teached me how to to survive, if i can survive it, i'll be fine anywhere else.still, penang holds all my love cuz theres no better place like home, n penang is my home. i'll be fine, dun worry, i'd survive the war before, im pretty sure i'll survive this time around.thats why, i love kedah. eventhough is not my bitrhright but still i am happy here. its a perfect getaway, a perfect coolout place where i can hide n runaway from where i can mellowed myself down from any unpredictable incidents.i only hate some part of kedah, everything else, its just perfect.not so urban n not so lame.kedah rocks! btw, as i look into the calendar just now i just realized that i have another 6 days before my birthday. the Friday of 17th. wow, as for teh moment my age count is 18 years n 299 days. just another 6 days before i enter sweet 19 years old. wow! what about my future plan? plans of chnages taht i wanna make to myself.well guess what, i'll be celebrating my birthda in penang so its gonna be tough though. still, i'll try my best to make it happen.thats all. bye kedah, i'll be away for a weeks. i'll be bax. dun worry. bye saf, see you in a weeks. bye "angel.." see you in a weeks. i'll be missing you guys from penang. dun worry. ist only a week.out!

2 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

Baling kampung..
o o o balik kampung..

perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa..

aCe+ said...

rekha- xjauh pun kampus ngn umah i. setgh jam jew.ha3, tapi jarang blk

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