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April 7, 2009

Its Not Living If You Dont Have Anything To Complain About

who said being a student in institution is full of enjoyment n exciment, huh? cmon tell me. i wanna kick taht person rite on the ass. argh! tests, assignment presentation n quizs, exco's acts to handle fully pack my schedule this pass weeks. a price of a learning process, once my friends used to said. at that time, im just a silly bartender in swenz, but now i clearly understand whats the deep meaning of it considering my cirstumtances rite now. well, actually im glad though. at least im doing something rather then just hanging out n lofting in my room doing nothing. maybe im stil a newbie in this situation or maybe im just been outside of my comfort zone.well, seriesly i dunno wether i can handle it or not thats the reason i tried it out. well, as for now, its really tiring. a lot of probs occur along the way. literally. but then, i got something worth wkaing up in the morning for. does the word "angel.." ring a bell? thanks. u really cherish my world. plus, i got my buddies along the way to face this cruel life of being a student. saf, thanks babe, u help a lot along the way. azam, aimil, FZ, ijat, mini, baby, boy, awe, kuddus, ayie, n hakim. thanks dudes.

6 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

bestkan ada bestfriends..

saper ar angel nie?

nadhirah said...

Ace-memang stress jadi student..

aCe+ said...

rekha- when the time is rite, i'll post her pic okay. tgh tggu rite moment ni.he3

aCe+ said...

nadhsamuel- yup.stress sgt2. 2mggu ni suma penuh ngn assignment, quiz, presentation mua.siot tol

not my story said...

babe, chill ar.. i pun stress..
but yet, remember u got me and the rest! the angle is progressing to spread her wings for u babe!
so just relax okay? =)

aCe+ said...

saf- progessing to spreads her wing? u bet!

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