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April 9, 2009

I Stoodstill Between Two Junction

in life, we r force, i stress this, FORCE to choose and make decision. decision that gonna effect the rest of our life. yup. i hate this part of life. i hate making choices. i hata making decision betwwen two choices. a poem in my form 4 or form 5 Road Not Taken always slip by my mind when this unpleasant situation occur. it sucks. i dun like being in this position. mostly because im afraid if the decision that i made is the wrong one. what if the decision i'll choose, im gonna regret it for the rest of myself. yes, one of the decision (JUNCTION A) offer me a great deal of opportunities. opportunities that gonna help me explore the other part of me. the part that keep me wondering whether im good at it of not. another one (JUNCTION B) , offer me nothing but happiness and no changes. for the people who noe me well, they'll know that i am a type of person that resist to changes. i like things where they r.things as i felt safe being in it.but as i promise myself, i wanna change that fact. i wanna get out of my comfort zone. exploring the world. being a better person. but, i dun aspect this big bang changes, i really dun.seriesly. i am afraid of this. yes, i admit it. but my heart wanna try it out, try to go on with the path on JUCTION A.but its gonna be a whole new world to me. can i even handle it. im not sure. but i wanna try it out though. still, i wanna choose JUNCTION B cuz i feel happy n safe in this junction. i am. but as i promise, after my birthday this year, im gonna change, become a better person. but how can i be sure that JUNCTION A gonna help me out of this matter? maybe i'll become worst, far worst then ever.who knows. i never knwo whats on JUNCTION A. at least as for JUNCTION B goes, i'd been there before. in fact, i am rite now in JUNCTION B, and i am happy. i dunno. i dunno which one to choose. i asked for some opinion on this matter. SAF, my besties, said i should go n try out JUNCTION A, the newlystart. eventhough if i chose A im gonna be far far away from SAF, but shes cool with it cuz all she want is whats best for me. Even Azam, my bro said so. he said for go it, go for A.still, i havent decided. i really dunno. like i said, i hate making choices between sucks!!!

p/s- this is not a love story though...this is a true story of my life.

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not my story said...

babe, i know its tough..
go home, discuss with person that really knows u well which is ur mom! and listen to what she's gonna say pulak k..but whatever ur decision will be after this, im still and sure gonna support u no matter what okay? =)

aCe+ said...

thanx babe. appreciated it!

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