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April 11, 2009

Im STill Happy Though

well, eventhough the nite did not turn out as i aspected but still im happy. seriesly, no hard feeling at all. at least i know sumthing, something which meaningful to me. she finally thought that i am serious about this matter.adn i can conclude dat shes gonna take me seriously after this, boleh ke? well its all depend on ready when u r babe.kitorang lepak sampai pukui 12 kat parking fudcourt. in the rain. yup, walaupun aku tgh demam2 ni stil gedik nk lepak ngn dia dlm ujan.mmg crk nahas.but, its worth it.babe, like i said before, if waiting is what it takes, then i'll wait. plus u r right at one point, we r still in the process of knowing each other. plus, theres more i need to knwo bout u, n theres more bout me that u need to be alerted.its okay babe. at least i have the chance to hold ur hand for the first time.its priceless. its damn worth it for every cold fever i had to face tomorrow.haha.thanks angel!!

p/s-saja letak gambaq ni. baru snap td tp blur.ha3

4 Spits On My Face:

Sharifah Aishah said...

wah3, going on well. wish u all the best!

aCe+ said...

sha- its far far from well, but i'll keep trying.seriesly, i wont stop trying.thanks

not my story said...

whoo.. bgs2..
i nak secret recipe ni..=D

aCe+ said...

saf- ooo, no uwont get me, im the one who gonna be treat with secret recipe

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