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April 7, 2009

Wait Forever

Doubtful thoughts messing around your minds
Undefined feeling crossing boarder without any signs
Maybe its love, maybe it’s like, hope it is not hates
Who knows, it is all depends on faith

Guiltiness exultant your heart right this moment,
Why should you, just be cool and act innocent
That surely suite you well, just need a little sense
Open your heart a bit, gives a chance of enlightens

Everybody wishes and everyone talks
Sometimes it made the situation a lil’ odd
They wishes the best for us, but they don’t really see
Don’t listen to them, just like me, just want me for being me

You said I am good and nice, thank you
You said that just be myself, I will do
You said I am not pushy, again thank you
You said don’t be too hopeful, yes I won’t do

Predicting the future maybe that what really frightened you
Don’t be, because I am not going to
I don’t wanna know whats gonna happen next
Just have some confident that things won’t be lax

Maybe things won’t turn up as I want to be,
I won’t blame you though, because you had warn me
It is me who wanna kept on trying,
Because the love for you, just don’t wanna die

Scared in your mind and heart, I felt it too,
About things that gonna happen and things that need to do
Just chill and relax, follow what your heart has say
If forever what it takes, then forever I’m gonna wait

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