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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

June 20, 2010

Another Piece Of Shit

All It Takes Is A Lil' Leap Of Faith..Facts Never Gonna Bring Cherish News..Its Only Gonna Bring Us Down..All That Wee Can Do Is Believe That We Can Somehow Bounce Back And Get Back On Our Feet..But Many Fail To Do So..Many Fall,Crash And Burn..Many Were Unable To STop The Unstoppable Doing..A Few With A Very Strong Will Will Keep On Fighting.. They Never Stop Believing.. But Still, To Have The Strength Of It,Not All Possessed.. Its Something That We Born With Not Gain..Something We All Desire And Dreamt Day And Night.. But For Some Of Us, Dream Is Just Another Fantasy..A Fantasy That Help Us Get By Through This God Forgiving Hell Holes.. Something Which We Refuse To Take For Ganted Unless It Slip Out Of Our Damn Hand.. Fantasy May Seem Childish But Believe It Or Not It Is Something That Evryone Need.. A Need To Summon The Courage.. The Courage To Fight Back.. Fight All The Misery That Take Our Ball To The Next Level..Some DO Not Know That We Are Already On The Level Of Damnation.. Thats The Clische ' About Fantasizing.. It Take Us Away From Reality.. It Take Us Away From Realisation.. Can We Fight It?..Will We Fight It?..No Can't Do Ville,Baby Doll.. Why?..Because We Are All Coward.. Too Coward To Fight..Too Chicken To Step Up..Fight, Yes That What We Need..But Can We Face The Whole Army Of Doom All By Ourself,Using Our Own Bare Hand And State Of Mind?..Yet Again, Whose There Available To Give Us A Helping When We Most Needed?..Because In This World, Its Every Man For Himself..

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