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June 18, 2010

EveryBody Change At Some Point In Life But Not Completely

Remember any of ur childhood memories which when u thought bout it, u'll go, goddamn it, i was stupid kid back then. well, reality check back on present timeline. notice any differences between us back then n now? a lot aite? well call me liar, but still there are some of our personality or just simply stupid attitude that never ever change eversince. well, thats life. we never change completely. as for me, the stuck up bastard 6 years ago n present day me well, there still a lot of similarity between us. well if according to tv series How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby like to call this comparison is Past Us n Doppelganger Us. the catchphrase for it is "5 years ago Robin, she's cool, but doppelganger Robin, she's hell of a girl".. yes, we may have change from what we are in the past, change either toward something better or downfall straight to hell, but still there are still a part of us, stay the same. not just how we look, but our personality will never ever change completely. we are still who we are back then.the only different is maybe we grow older n maturely change but there still same thing that stay the way they are. call me pussy or whatever, but i do thing that 6 yar ago me and Dopperganger me still the same guy in the inside. i still make the same stupid mistakes like i'd done 6 years ago, and repeatedly making it eventhough i know i've growth smarter but it just how i will react on the situation n because in the past for the situation thats how i react, i cant never change the reaction for the same situation. maybe its my guts to chnage that still ebing a pussy but no matter how mature or smart i've grown, but still the same mind of me 6 years ago, control my entire action. thats just who i am. i never change completely i guess. if i do, well i'll no longer know who i am. maybe its the reason, i dont wanna change completelt. i still wanna hold tight to the old me, because it remind me of the past, the sweet innocent me who wanna explore everything n learn new stuff. but now, when i explored everything n know how fuck up this world is, it make me want more to hold on to the old me. get what im saying?

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