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June 24, 2010

You Not Mine To Own

yeah, im totally rite man. to be frank i dont actually really believe soem of the shits writing i put in this blog. some of it , i rite just for the reason to make other thinks n if lucky they cna use it in their dialy life.but now i have to admit that i am right. the line between like and love is really fukcing thin. u can slip out easily from one side to another. yup. thats what happening to me man. i've turn the feeling of like as a frens n develop a love one. thats a bummer.big one. its all started with just a lil game we choose to play to fool others. well, that game well serve but in the end i caught feeling in between. thats suck. i dun wanna ruin our beautiful frenship by xpressing my stupid feeling. i really dont wanna to. yeah it may not sound like me, because as u all may know by know, when someone caught my eyes n heart, i directly speak n xpress my feeling straight forward. but now, with her, i dun wanna to because i know the outcome of it. its gonna get ugly n i'll ended up hurting the person i like or love the most, n mostky i'll hurt myself n feel stupid for pursuing it. please God. let this feeling slip please. i really need a break. i dun wanna destroy my precious frenship right now. beacuse once i go for it, its not only me n her caught in the net, many more will be affected by it. but yet again, like the song of escape the fate, "IF I LET IT GO, WILL THE SCAR CONTINUE TO SHOW?"

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