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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

June 23, 2010

Theres A Very Thin Line Between Love And Like

yup. its true. it is a very thin line between both. thanx to you my fren, i can see it clearer now. love is more like a feeling, feeling of xtra care and protective for someone we knew.a feeling of wanna be with someone and wanna hold her/him close to us. plus, its make us dont wanna be separated between each other. when we are in love, the own the world, and the world seem a lot better in our point of view. we'll be thinking about him/her every single second and we just wanna spent our goddamn second with her/him. love is also the this that sparks when we with someone. when that happen, yeah guys its in the other hand is so freaking similar with love. yeah, we like someone, it can turn to love within a minute. like is more to feeling the chemistry we share with someone.chemistry that so similar were like thinking alike. yeah i know thats its quite similar with love but its too completely different stuff. thats why its call a very thin line guys. what it worth, i dunno what im crapping about.adios!

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