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February 23, 2009

Reality Is Nothing, Perception Is Everything

in some matter, Its Effect/Affect Me A Lot.Others Perception or assumption that people tends to create bout me, the way i live my life, my bastard-kinda attitude. i choose to ignore it sumtimes but still, i wont get out of my head.still, i think bout it n sumtimes i be careful bout my next action.i hold on tight on one thought, DONT GIFT A DAMN BOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAID! im stil trying to live that kind of attitude cuz seroiusly i dun give a damn.i just thought bout it, but still i did it no matter one can change me, only mummy tried her best but stil i stil the same person no matter how many intervention i gone through with her.yeah i change so some timeline but in the end i stil the same badass as, dun try,dun waste ur time..i am me.only adam can change himself.bare that in mind..peace out!

2 Spits On My Face:

Unknown said...

dude!!~ live ur life..
faking is for those scumbags..

dont give a big damn to wht ppl said is the best way to lead ur life..


aCe+ said...

suria muscha-yeah!! definitely! who cares rite? this is ur life.we r the one who should crave it the way we want it.thanx

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