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February 28, 2009

My Morning Sickness, WTH??

do i even have one? well i do actually but not as bad as pregnant babes but it stil count morning sickness is starting whne i open up m eyes for the first time in the morning.well, my eyes will definitely close back from the first awake.n for the second.n for the thrid too.i will only be really awake for the forth or fifth n so on.i am a lazy dude.ha3.yes!bulleyes rite on my chest.its really freakin' hard for me to wake up in the morning.well, if i manage to get up first thing first i'll look at my spot in the room.the spot where i call "Ace Place".ill make sure that my Acepire(laptop aku.acer aspire.sng pggl acepire jew) is there where it belong.then the next thing cross my mind is ciggs.ha3.well, azam penah ckp kalau org tu bangun awai2 pagi dah crk rokok tandanya dia mmg heavy dah aku dah jdk heavy smoker dah la kan.ha3.b4 i noe my habit in the morning, at nite b4 ill go to sleep ill make sure that there will be a ciggs for me in the morning.i'll saved some for ajam too because sometimes he did the same.usually i didnt smoke rite to it, ill take a bath.ops wait.i'll wake ajam first.well he will remain on his bed.he'll only gonna wake after i finih my shower.then, after im done with everything, well mostly preparing my hair, then ill enjoy the great feeling of puff.then ajam will first then join me.for this moment its ussually around 7.55am.we do not go to class eventually.we'll wait for FZ to stop by.FZ stopping by is a alert to us that its time to go to clas.then we'll all go to aimil's room.he is the laziest among us all.he alway be the last one.WTH rite, we'll fine with it.well, to be honest we all pity FZ.he always late because of us.maybe thats why adi already sick of it n he'll go to clas on his own without us.he3.well, thats the story of my routine morning.but, everything turns upside down when its holiday or only if i dun hae morning clas.if its holiday, first thing i'll do in the morning after wake up is take a leak.oh ya, b4 taking a leak i'll open my AcePire first.then, light up ciggs n do what teen do best, wasting my time.its either watched all teh tv series or surfing teh not a game amniac like ajam ok.ussually in holiday's morning i'll puff a lot more then ussually.i dunno.mabe there a DEVIL GUARDIAN in Ace Spot rite.WTH.well, thats sum up how my morning goes.again, its all turn 360 degree when i in my real room, in my real house, in penang.but later on that ok.peace out..

p/s-mummy.adam rindu mummy pny roti teluq yg slalu mummy wat kat umah tiap2 pagi.sedap gila.roti teluq dining malinja xsedap n mahai n xdak ayaq tangan mummy.xsedap.lagi satu rindu mummy pn kari.sgt2.nnt adam blk mummy masak ari ok?

8 Spits On My Face:

not my story said...

haha..adam rindu mumy..
hahaha.. anak mak ni..habis kantoi!!

DPA Dec 2007-Dec2010 said...

saf-musti r.mumy dihati.ank lakikan.musti r syg mak

not my story said...

xtahan je..hahaha..
sebenarnye adam ni anak manja..oi sume blog reader..adam ni anak manja sebenarnye..

aCe+ said...

siot u saf

not my story said...

uish ape siot..?
im telling the truth okay! haha..

aCe+ said...

ok fine! i rindu mumy i.puas?

not my story said...

chill ar babe..
i pun rindu family i.
tadi my dad call baru je kena marah kot sebab tak balik mggu ni..

aCe+ said...

ahaks.cian u...

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